Cape Crisis #111 – Fantastic Fourever?


Henry and Chris are one on one as Hank battles an illness and they cover the big news this week on the end (for now) of the Fantastic Four, New York Comic-Con, and much, much more…


-Pre-order and play as Harley Quinn, featuring her own unique weapons, gadgets, abilities, and FOUR Exclusive Challenge Maps.
-PlayStation owners receive exclusive Scarecrow Nightmare Pack FREE with pre-order.











Cape Crisis #111 Question: Give us an awesome suggestion for a horror comic!

16 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #111 – Fantastic Fourever?

  1. QOTW: I am only two issues into George Romeros “Empire of the Dead” comic but I am really liking it so far minus its underwhelming art design. My all time favorite horror comic would have to be Preacher, but no need to recommend it to you guys cause I know im in like company.

  2. Just give in and watch agents of SHIELD again Hank. It’s an entirely different show now, both in status quo, tone, character development, and the fact that it’s more serialized now rather than a procedural.

    Also, just 3 episodes for this second season so far, but the villains are already way cooler visually and better developed.

    1. He’s right. I HATED last season. I kinda was on board with the shift in tone after Winter Soldier. But Season 2 has been a breath of fresh air. Sir Falcon knows what hes tlaking about I assure you.

      1. Yeah, even though I never quite hated it, first season was definitely rough at first, and even I stopped tuning in regularly for a couple of months. but yeah, the whole winter soldier arc revived the series, and season 2 has kicked up a notch even more.

        What is striking to me is that the writers of this show seems to listen and be willing to adapt or change more than most shows. The most audible complaints everyone had from when the show started have been corrected for the most part. It’s still not a perfect show, but it has learned from its mistakes, and it’s on the right track for now.

      2. Agreed, and ditto Arrow (although that was still better than Agents of SHIELD in Season 1) which similarly got a lot better halfway through and Season 2 was excellent. Just started Season 3 and first episode was great.

        1. I actually had a rougher time with the first season of Arrow, specially because at first it very much felt like I was watching a poor man’s Batman. And it was riddled with clichéd dialog and overly melodramatic or pseudo inspiring quips and speeches. It got much better later though, specially with the introduction of Manu Bennett.

          My main issue with Arrow, even now, is that I feel like everyone in the main cast is great…. EXCEPT for it’s main two stars. Amell’s Oliver Quinn is a bit too bland for my tastes, overly stoic and often with a blank or pained expression in his face, even when he’s supposed to be happy or having fun he looks like that. And Cassidy’s Laurel Lance is just infuriating more often than not.

          But again, even despite that, the rest of the cast is fantastic and super fun, and the story has definitely become better and better.

  3. dont you dare die henry! your my future husband!
    i havent got a suggestion for QOTW but it twas a great show

  4. It is really a shame about all this pot smoking going around at Laser Time. Don’t expect donations if that’s what you plan on spending donated money on.

  5. QOTW: recently i got into Dynamite’s Army of darkness, just like the movie it isn’t that scary but it does have some horror elements. So far i think its on issue 2 and im loving it.
    Also congrats to Henry on losing weight, 🙂

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