Duke Nukem Forever: An Allegory for Middle Age

Back when I was in college, the girl I was dating happened to mention to me off-handedly that she had played Duke Nukem in her younger years. This struck me as odd, as she didn’t exactly seem the type who’d… Read more

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Cheap Popcast #34 – TNAgain

Dave, Chris, Henry, and Grimm make another surprise trip to the Impact Zone as they review what may be TNA’s final PPV, the Japan-themed Bound for Glory. Additionally, the crew chats some more about Hoodslam and the WWE’s poor buildup… Read more

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Dracula Untold Review

After multiple misfires (I’m talking about you, Wolfman and Van Helsing), Universal finally gets its monster movie formula right.

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Laser Time – Lil’ Toons

They’re all a little looney! Little being the operative word here, because we’re combing through the best/worst of teen-aged, babified, or otherwise diminutive versions of famous cartoon characters!

By C.Ant | 30