Vidjagame Apocalypse 85 – Put a Zombie On It


Continuing with this month’s horror theme, our Top 5 this week focuses on the oft-maligned practice of shoehorning zombies into games that didn’t have them initially — often with spectacular results. Then there’s some fevered discussion of The Evil Within and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, a brief dusting of New York Comic-Con news, and a look at how well you’d do — realistically speaking — in a zombie apocalypse.

Question of the Week

Have you ever dressed up as a game character for Halloween? If so, who? If not, is there one you’d like to dress up as? (Photos a plus!)



If ya haven’t checked out the Laser Time YouTube channel, here’s something swell you might’ve missed!

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33 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 85 – Put a Zombie On It

  1. Last year I went as my Pokémon Trainer from X and Y and due to the awesome Character customization it wasn’t very hard to find actual clothes that reflected my in-game trainer. And it wasn’t super crazy or obvious what I was. Although I did carry around three Pokéballs around my belt.

  2. I think in this situation it’s often advisable to ask others for input:- Given that I’m a 200lb man, carrying much of that in a carefully crafted beer-gut, Lara Croft might not be the best option – especially in her tattered crop-top look.
    That being said, Max Payne might be a good one to opt for. It’s simple and you could start the night as Young, happy Max and still look the part when you’ve devolved into a terrible drunkard in the wee, small hours.

  3. No, because in Mexico, they celebrate “Dia de los Muertos” instead, and in fact when I was younger, Halloween was frowned upon by most people as either a “pagan” holiday, or simply a shallow and commercial one.
    In fact, in our household we were raised to despise and distrust people that DID celebrate Halloween, so far as to refuse to open the door and give candy to those few kids in Uruapan (my hometown) that did go out and celebrate. I’ve grown out of that of course, and realized that Halloween is way more fun than our solemn (and boring) Mexican custom.
    I’d love to dress up as Castlevania’s Dracula eventually though! (Which might be tricky because I’m not nearly old enough to pull off the classic SotN version, and the Lords of Shadow version has now a soiled reputation thanks to an awful sequel.)

    1. Aw you didn’t like LoS2? That sucks. I liked it. The costume sounds cool though remember there are other versions of Dracula in CV. The 64 one was kinda young looking in a petticoat if I recall. Then there is a Bela Lugosi version in the first few games. So there is that. Bloodlines has….an odd Dracula….

      1. Well, haven’t played LoS2 yet, but it’s reputation alone has kinda soured the LoS franchise on most people. I still very much like the first game, and might try the sequel eventually. But going dressed as Dracula Gabriel probably won’t earn me a lot of respect as opposed to say, classic SotN Dracula 😛
        And yeah, same with the other versions of Dracula, which I know there’s a TON of, I mean, if you wanna dig deep, Soma Cruz also counts, as well as the PoR version, which also looks a lot like Bella Lugosi. Order of Ecclesia’s version is actually pretty much SotN’s but younger. Again though, those aren’t really as memorable.

  4. I’m loving the Halloween themed content, interested to see what you guys will do in the next couple of weeks.

  5. Question of the Week: When I was 8, my mom made me red overalls that I wore with a blue sweatshirt and a red ball cap that she added an “M” patch to. I also wore a fake mustache. Unlike Chris’s Mario costume, we put a fair amount of effort into it. My parents usually helped me with my costumes and they were fairly elaborate and we put a lot of effort into them. I was used to winning our church’s Halloween costume contest. However this was pre-SMB 3 and Mario was not yet a household name with most people over the age of 10. I’m guessing most of the judging panel didn’t know who Mario was at the time and so I didn’t win.

    If this counts as a video game character, I was also Dr. Egon Spengler on 2 different Halloweens. My mom made the coveralls. My dad built my proton pack, complete with a radioactive materials sticker from the chemical plant he still works at to this day. He also built me a ghost trap with a glow stick inside which doubled as a carrier for my trick or treat candy.

  6. “Some reviewers were bothered by Bayonetta 2’s sexuality.”

    By “some reviewers”, I think you mean one guy from Polygon.

    Anyway, great episode.

  7. Isn’t dressing up for halloween something that’s usually for children?

  8. god bayonetta 2 demo is amazing! cant wait for the full game.
    enjoying the halloween themes, please keep it up

    QOTW i dressed up as Little mac a few years back, i was just off holiday from mexico so i was pretty tanned, green gloves were easy to do just had to do a butt load of push ups to get the physique similar, luckily im a short guy with dark features, nobody knew who i was… so i carried around the Wii punchout game cover so i could show people

  9. Chris, your 3DS really crashes that often? it’s never happened to me once. I haven’t played any Mario Golf but I’ve been playing a ton of Smash.

  10. I once went as a football zombie from Plants vs Zombies. I was already attending a zombie bar crawl, and figured it’d be more fun to wear a costume in addition to my zombie face paint. The one major downside: When people get drunk and see you in football pads, they suddenly get this urge to tackle you.

  11. QOTW: When I was young, I wanted to go trick or treating but never had a costume ready in time, so I took a cheap gorilla mask and decided to wear it. Of course it was cold outside and my parents encouraged me to wear a jacket, and my jacket was a little red varsity jacket. So there I was wearing an animal mask, a varsity jacket, with a pair of Bugle Boy jeans and some cheap sneakers. At the time it looked like I didn’t try to be anyone, but thanks to a cult classic video game made popular just two years ago I unknowingly was dressed up as the hero from Hotline Miami. Looking back, it has blown my mind how semi-accurate it was.

    1. It’s still not worth bitching about, either you got those extra 6 characters because they were easy to program, Out you got nothing. I don’t like clones either in general, but in a game that has over 40 characters that ARE pretty distinct from each other. Complaining about the very few that are clones definitely feels whiny and self entitled.

  12. I would go to a Halloween party dressed as Captain Walker from Spec Ops: The Line, and harass people who actively weren’t enjoying themselves, informing them that they had the choice to leave whenever they wanted, or that maybe they shouldn’t even have come in the first place.

  13. I’d say that I would love to either go as Dudley from Street Fighter or Wonder Black from wonderful 101. If I were dudley, I would have to do everything in boxing gloves, I know that the joke originated from Balrog but Dudley is waaaay cooler. If I go as wonder black, I’d bring a 3DS and refuse to speak or look up from said 3DS. It’d be a lot more fun if I could get people to parade as the rest of the wonderful ones but I feel like only 3 people bought the game in my entire state.

  14. In addition to Dave’s game-name bit…
    Final Fantasy Chrissidia
    World of Hanks
    Ann Andreas
    Bret Set Radio
    aaaaaand The Grimms???

    I can’t think of anything else.

  15. Aw Tyler, I would have played Killing Floor with you, but you denied my friend request 😉

    Probably could have notified you on Twitter and I still should because Lone Survivor, the game, fucking rules. My Steam name isn’t hard to find >_>

  16. For a Superhero birthday party, I made a Link costume from Ocarina of Time. The shield was made with cardboard, duct tape, and yellow particle board for the triforce pieces. I took some foam and made a Magical sword on an existing sword from another costume prop. To finish it off, which I thought was the greatest touch, I took some styrofoam and weak piano wire, and taped it to the shield so that when I had the shield on my back, the piano wire would bounce the little styrofoam ball like Navi! But I really want to go this Halloween as Powdered Toast Man…

  17. I usually do the super hero thing but a friend of mine and his gf once went as squall and Aerith from ff7 ithey were homemade costumes but they spent weeks finishing them up. His buster sword was phenomenal. They won 2nd place at the huge contest they have at a local Halloween festival.

  18. QOTW – I’ve done a lot of sci-fi characters over the years that have become video game characters, including Indiana Jones, Neo from The Matrix, and various Star Wars/Trek characters. My best costume was from Madden 06 when I wore a football referee uniform with a blind man’s walking cane and matching dark glasses, telling everyone I was a referee for SB XL (I live in Seattle, and the Seahawks were screwed out of that game by the refs).

    If there was any one video game character I’d like to go as for Halloween, it would have to be either Master Chief, Sub-Zero, or Fix-it-Felix.

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