Cape Crisis #112 – News From The Big Apple


Henry and Chris bask in the glow of too much New York Comic Con news, trying to parse out the future of Marvel and DC, plus they talk the Flash and your answers to question of the week! Oh, and this recorded before all the DC movie news, so you’re gonna have to wait till next week to hear our thoughts on that. SORRY…


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Cape Crisis #112 Question: What New York City monument do you most associate with comics?

11 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #112 – News From The Big Apple

  1. Absolutely didn’t intend to cop Henry’s style with the Dan Harmon Facebook pic, haha. It’s just that Harmon did that pose with everyone that took at pic with him.

    Dan Harmon was sooo down-to-earth and so much fun to talk to – really got to thank you guys for turning me on to Rick and Morty and Community in the first place.

  2. I actually like the first two episodes of the flash better than the first episodes of Arrow. Of course, the site is just starting and it could go either way from here. But the foundation of it is pretty solid. Grant Gustin is pretty charming and fun as Barry Allen, and the supporting cast feels pretty solid and varied for now. And overall, it’s just fun without being too dark or too silly. The villains need fleshing out though.

    And yeah, Arrow’s gotten much better, but green arrow itself definitely feels like a coke-light version of batman. It’s the rest of the cast that has helped the show move away from the shadow of batman, and feel more like it’s own thing.

    1. Well there goes the comment I was going to leave, though I think they should have had a older, or just less baby faced actor to play Barry, but Gustin is slowly growing on me.

  3. QOTW: For some reason the ending of the 1989 unofficial Punisher film was the first thing that came to mind. Dolph Lundgren sitting semi indian style and also naked as the camera zooms towards him is still awesome imagery! Why is this film not on Blu-ray? Louis Gosset Jr in Hd would be great, Dolph’s obvious airbrushed cheek bones not so great.

  4. Nothing specific about this episode, I just wanted to chime in and thank Henry for talking up the Velvet comic book. I recently bought the first TPB and it is great (I would have preferred to get the original issues, but they are all sold out here).

    Listening to this show has got me back into comics, something that has always been an on-again, off-again kind of thing for me. I am doing something I’ve never done before: reading regular, monthly comics (the aforementioned Velvet, and Rocket Raccoon). I have always been a mini-series kind of guy, or the kind of person to catch up on a run after its done, but the idea of keeping up with a currently running monthly series sounds kind of fun to me now.

  5. As a Brit visiting New York AND as a Daredevil fan, I was very glad to find out that the Lexington area my hotel stood in was indeed the old ‘Hell’s Kitchen’.

    It also made me smile to see all the rooftop water towers from the Empire State building.

    I’d have to say what really made the connection between the comic books and actual New York for me was seeing the famous flagpoles from the Spider-man show of the 90’s. My brother used to argue that it was silly how there always seemed to be a convenient grab for Spidey whenever his ‘fluid’ ran out. I was glad to be able to confirm the viability of this scenario.

  6. The cast of the All Things Marvel Fanboy Hour don’t like the new DC shows yet love Agents of Shield!?! Good thing I was sitting down, that’s so unlike them!

    1. Sorry to bust your… entire persona? But yeah, neither of us watch Agents of Shield, and I’ve said in the past I didn’t care for the episodes I watched. Thought I said I was kinda bored by Gotham but didn’t hate Flash. Just said I didn’t love them. Any of them.

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