Anime Watch: Psycho-Pass 2 Episode 1

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Production IG and Naoyoshi Shiotani’s (Blood-C: The Last Dark, Psycho Pass) Psycho-Pass has returned to the airwaves, and although it was explosive, it wasn’t as warm a welcome as I was expecting. Still, it hooked me in for more cop-show goodness.

Basically a re-introductory episode, Psycho Pass’ second season begins with Akane Tsunemori, now the leader of the Criminal Investigation Division’s first unit; it makes it look as though she’s a 20-year veteran when in the field. Psycho Pass was missed while off the airwaves, and it’s good to have it back–it was one of my favorites from 2012-2013.

Set in a near-futuristic Japan, every single individual is under the Sybil System that is always monitoring, watching, and informing the CID of any changes in one’s HUE. If you even think of committing a criminal or “against-the-grain” act, the Sybil System registers and reports it. Depending on the level of threatl, you could simply be arrested or killed on the spot. The first season exposed the almost lunacy of allowing the Sybil System to exist and contains an arc that was very enjoyable for me at least, but turned off a few others too. I personally enjoy nihilistic themes and showing all character motivations, good or bad. Don’t get me wrong–every now and again, I don’t mind mindless good versus bad setups, but showing me why the villain is villainous is always interesting. I may not agree with their merits, but I can at least come to understand and possibly respect them.

Gen Urobichi has always been really glorious at this kind of storytelling, and I can’t recommend his works enough, especially the aforementioned Fate/Zero or Madoka Magica (both on Netflix!). Sadly, Gen Urobichi has stepped away from the writer’s chair and into a supervisor role on Psycho-Pass‘ second season. New writer Tow Ubukata ([Le] Chevalier D’Eon, Ghost in the Shell: Arise) is no slouch, but I’m worried that Psycho-Pass will lose some of the darkness and world building its first series had. If the post-credits ending is any indication however, I think we can rest easy for now. Twists are always fun, and I can’t wait to see how they improve upon the first season.

Psycho Pass’ second season has large shoes to fill, and should provide enough entertainment for those that want a little more cerebral setup I their shows. I’m be hesitant to get excited so far, but this was a nice episode to bring us back into a world we’ve been gone so long from, and I anticipate it to be a terrific ride through its entirety. It’s currently listed at only 11 episodes this cour, but if it’s like the last season, it’ll expand to 11 more episodes in 2015. You can find it streaming at our friends at Funimation, so head there and enjoy!

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  1. Psycho-Pass is the future political correctness is condemning us to! #DemolitionMan #Duckman #BurnItAllDown2014 #BloodFart

  2. Glad to hear that it is at least decent. That gives me some hope for this season, and something to watch this season that won’t suck. Going to watch it this weekend.

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