Anime Watch: Seven Deadly Sins Episode 2

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Meliodas, Elizabeth, and Hawk continue their journey to reunite all of the Seven Deadly Sins. This week felt more like a filler episode than the last, but by the end, it continued the story, getting us to the next plot point.

Something’s not quite right as the crew stumbles among a town known for its famous ale. The town is dying every moment, and the villagers are struggling to remove a sword that is the source of their plight. The Holy Knights have made their presence known, and although Meliodas is able to help the town, he’s made the Holy Knights aware of his existence by doing so, and the battle lines are drawn.

Holy Knight Gilthunder shows his might by launching a spear from clear across the country, only for Meloidas to catch it and launch it right back him as a way of saying “I see you, I’m aware of you too, come get me.” It’s an incredible moment, and it shows how Meliodas, despite his size and temperament, is a force to be reckoned with.

The bulk of this episode was dragging a bit too much for me, but it was pertinent information, so I won’t count off too much for it. Maybe it was because I’ve read this already in the manga, perhaps because it was just poorly paced; either way, the good stuff really kicks in by the end and shows how powerful and destructive this show can (and will) get!

Seven Deadly Sins remains my go-to show for the fall season, and I eagerly await a new episode every week, especially since I’ve been reading the manga for the last month. It’s a terrific fantasy adventure full of action, over-the-top battles, and great likable characters. I truly hope the anime can portray the same small details the manga can and be a success, but I’m definitely a fan. We’re still in early world-building mode, but I can assure you, if you like crazy shonen action, Seven Deadly Sins will entice you and scratch any itch you’re having!

2 thoughts on “Anime Watch: Seven Deadly Sins Episode 2

  1. I really appreciate you doing these anime wrap-ups. They are well-written and you seriously know your stuff.

    However, would you consider condensing these entries into one or two weekly posts, a la Jonwahizzle’s Comic Reviews?

    It’s just a little over saturation in my opinion, it seems like 90% of the posts are Anime Watch, and the podcasts get buried very quickly.

    1. > “However, would you consider condensing these entries into one or two weekly posts”

      Haha, funny you should say this, I’ve actually been thinking the same thing, and this could be beneficial for a couple of reasons:

      1.) Less stress for me! Not to sound ungrateful for the feedback and comments I’ve gotten for doing this, but between this and everything I’ve got going on, I literally have only time to sleep. I have no other free time. I haven’t played a videogame that wasn’t for a site since…last Tuesday? It’s been too long 🙁

      2.) Yes, I realize these articles going up so quickly after one another can be too much and since LT only shows about 6-7 posts on the front page, I really hate to bury the more prominent.important posts.

      I’m incredibly grateful to them for allowing to even write for them, and I’d love to keep their site as accessible and as uncluttered as I could. I love these nerds and I want to do all I can to help. I’ll do my best to make this an even better setup going forward, promise! Thanks for the kind words!

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