Fantasia: Music Evolved – Let’s Do This!

UPDATE: YouTube video archive embedded below!] Bet you suckas without Kinect are feeling pretty stupid now! Chris and Dave embrace one another for a playthrough of Fantasia: Music Evolved today at 5PM PACIFIC (8PM EASTERN)

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Laser Time – Monster Parties

When famous monsters get together, will the result be a graveyard smash or terrifying battle? We may never know, but we can at least write songs about it. Thankfully, many, many people did just that in the 1960s…

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Insane Novelizations of Popular Media that Somehow Exist

Film novelizations are a bizarre beast. Book-to-movie adaptations make a lot of sense–moving from the page to the screen, adding a visual element, expanding the audience to include casual moviegoers–but the reverse is conceptually questionable at best. How many people… Read more

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Let’s Rank Samus Aran’s Suits from Worst to Best!

Throughout the Metroid franchise, Samus Aran has had a knack for collecting all kinds of armor sets. Whether it’s for absorbing parasites, surviving poisonous atmospheres, or simply walking underwater, she has quite an arsenal at her disposal. But some suits… Read more

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Must-see Halloween Movies for 2014!

With fall in full swing and Halloween coming up very soon, it’s time for a list of new horror classics to get you into the Halloween mood.

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The Wacky Zonic Fun Zone! Sonic the Hedgehog

I’ve taken an odyssey of sorts: watching a charity event streaming nearly every Sonic the Hedgehog game ever. In my boredom, I have seen chunks of basically the entirety of all the Sonic series, awakening something within me. I am… Read more

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Measuring “Mature”

The “M” rating is somewhat of a badge of honor among many games, never to be confused with a “seal of quality” but, at the very least a “seal of legitimacy.” Inside, we know this game isn’t out to mess… Read more

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