Laser Time – Monster Parties


When famous monsters get together, will the result be a graveyard smash or terrifying battle? We may never know, but we can at least write songs about it. Thankfully, many, many people did just that in the 1960s…


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Did you enjoy our Laser Time’s Lil’ Toons episode last week?

Well, then you should totally watch Chris play through Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose and a ton of other undiscovered beauty on the Laser Time YouTube Channel

30 thoughts on “Laser Time – Monster Parties

  1. I do love me some Monster Mash, but the rest of these made me cringe, hard.

    Also, fuck the Witch Doctor, I can’t stand that song.

      1. Heh, fair enough. And despite me not liking them a lot to say, listen to them on their own, they make for a very fun an entertaining show XD

        It also helps listening to Brett’s constant groans of pain 😛

  2. Id have to recommend Dj Figure and his dubstep remixes of classic horror movie monsters. Is it hipster music? God yes, but for halloween parties, his music is perfect. I recomend the following tracks: Evil dead, Chucky inspired ade due damballa (original) and the phantom. He mixes in original clips of the dialogue in with his music. We are all guilty of a little drunken drumstepping tom foolery dancing on Halloween.

    1. Figure starts every song with a cool sample set to a great beat, then after enjoying yourself for about 40 seconds he pollutes your ears with some of the most unlistenable dubstep I’ve ever heard. he’s the biggest tease every time I work on Halloween party music.

      “hey, what’s Figure been up to… oh Beetlejuice! this is kinda coo…”
      “well shit”.

      1. Lmao you are correct and the three songs I recomended are his least offensive tracks. He did produce some standard dubstep music for the Halloween horror nights at universal studios for their monster mash up maze and it was actually fun. His worst track has got to be the ones where he mixes hip hop with lyrics about a scary movie then adds in the dialogue from said scary movie only to reuin it with as you put it so well “Wob wob wob nyaaaaaa!”

  3. Was a little disappointed in this one.

    When I saw the topic, thought it was going to be monster collections from all media(Castlevania, Van Hellsing, L.X.G, Hotel Transylvania, etc.), instead it was just music.

  4. if you guys want a Gangnam Stule-free version of Spooky Scary Skeletons, look up the Tombstone Remix. great little dance tune

  5. I remember hearing Nightmare on My Street a lot on the radio, around the same time they played Istanbul (Not Constantinople) a lot. Then grunge came along, and all that less serious music went away. I was surprised it took so long for the guys to mention Nightmare, when they mentioned the Fresh Prince earlier in the show.

  6. Oh lord, the monster rap!

    That had me in giving stitches! I don’t care if Bobby Picket is a one trick pony, he’s a hoot! XD

    1. I was preparing myself the whole episode and it never happened. I’m still surprised by how much there was in the first place.

  7. This episode was magical. Great job.

    Minor nitpick as a Misfits fan: there was actually a different version of the Monster Mash recorded in ’99 with Graves

    I know Graves isn’t Danzig, but I’m a fan of both singers honestly, and that version is obviously better than the one played in the show. I’m also a huge fan of “Famous Monsters” which is a yearly staple of my October.

  8. I’m surprised nothing was said about referencing Frankenstein as apposed to his creation. I noticed it in at least 2 songs that were played and it really annoys me.

    1. Its become cliche to correct people on it, mostly because no one cares.
      But the monster has no real name, and since he is a creation of Frankenstein, his name could just be Frankenstein as well as opposed to saying frankensteins monster or the broad term of monster every time or the unpopular term homunculus.
      Mary Shelley liked to think his name adam but I find that a bit on the nose.

  9. This was a great episode! I love when you guys listen to the worst music in the world and make fun of it. Keep up the great episodes Chris.

  10. Why didn’t you guys tell me you wanted to record a Yom Kippur novelty song!? This whole time I’ve been sitting on one, and now we have to wait to next year to release it!
    – – – – – –
    I was heading home from synagogue, late one night
    When I came upon a deli lit up with lights
    It was the biggest party that I ever saw
    To mark the end of the days of awe.

    But you can’t eat, because it’s Yom Kippur
    It’s Yom Kippur, just like in days of yore
    It’s Yom Kippur, the day to atone some more
    It’s Yom Kippur, what you feel guilty for

    The deli was filled with famous Jews
    Woody Allen had on his dancing shoes
    Jonah Hill was getting down, Mila Kunis too
    Natalie Portman rapped in Hebrew.

    Rosh Hashana had past, it was a new year
    It was time for the party to get into gear
    Goldberg was there, and Rashida Jones
    plus two sets of brothers: Marx and Coen

    But you can’t eat, because it’s Yom Kippur
    It’s Yom Kippur, just like in days of yore
    It’s Yom Kippur, the day to atone some more
    It’s Yom Kippur, what you feel guilty for

    It was past sundown, the end of our fast,
    Gene Simmons was ready to eat at last
    He went to the counter, took out a dish and said
    “Whatever happened to my gefilte fish?”

    But you can’t eat, because it’s Yom Kippur
    It’s Yom Kippur, just like in days of yore
    It’s Yom Kippur, the day to atone some more
    It’s Yom Kippur, what you feel guilty for

  11. So, I unabashedly love “Monster Mash”. I love Halloween, and “Monster Mash” is one of, like, 10 songs that are about it. I always kinda wondered why people never wrote more Halloween songs, and now I come to learn that they totally did, they’re just ALL HORRIBLE RIPOFFS OF “MONSTER MASH”. Goddamn, this was a fantastic episode, especially because Brett just wasn’t having it.

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