Bayonetta 2 – Let’s Do This!

bayonetta ass 2

[UPDATE: YouTube video archive added below for your serious viewing pleasure!]

Bayonetta 2 is kind of the greatest game ever made, which of course, makes it perfect for a lazy Saturday live stream! Join Chris at 5PM Pacific (8PM Eastern)

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11 thoughts on “Bayonetta 2 – Let’s Do This!

  1. Thanks for streaming this game becuase I haven’t seen much publicity for it. May have to re-buy a wii u so I can play it. Dont always have to pay the house payment on the exact day its due right?

  2. mmmmm…. hot witch-ass.
    Also, I couldn’t sell Bayonetta 1 while I worked at Gamestop because people are fucking faggots. And of course, you know I don’t mean “HOMOSEXUALS.”

    Seriously, I’ll talk to any dude and say “hey, you liked Devil May Cry, right?” They all say yeah. I say this is the most awesome, but ridiculous, but BEST playing game I’ve ever had, and they’re like “meh, Dante isn’t a chick.”

  3. Platinum is my favorite dev. Such a good stream. Looks boss as fuck. I also need to incorporate “throat fucking him with his own sword” into my vocabulary.

  4. You realize you figured out how to open like the third chest, then totally forgot that all you do in this game is punch things until they explode? Need to lay off the California medicine.

  5. lol, dat gif.

    This is the one game that makes me wish I had a Wii U… But it’s not enough to make me get one.

    1. Bayonetta 2 is so goofy and beautiful. Everyone that likes games should try to play it.

      Wii U actually isn’t a bad use of time and money these days. True, there aren’t the big-famous 3rd party franchises on it, which is surprisingly refreshing. A game coming out on Wii U is kinda a big deal, since it’s probably going to be a long-developed Bayonetta / Mario Kart / Smash / Pikmin sort of thing. Not to say there’s anything wrong with Assassin’s Creed (there’s a lot wrong with Assassin’s Creed), Nintendo and Wii U games aren’t regular occurrences. They feel like they are built in a developmental vacuum away from social media and industry buzzwords.

      Then again, it all comes down to budget for games and what you’re into, and if the other games on Wii U aren’t your jam, it’s tough to justify ponying up $300-something just to play Bayonetta 2. Still always fun to watch the streams, thanks, Chris!

  6. I don’t give a shit if people think this game is over sexualized. I could watch that header GIF for fucking hours. Thanks for sharing, Chris!

    1. The game has sexUALITY. It isn’t sexIST. I can see how that might make certain people uncomfortable, and that’s okay. It’s an unusual subject to approach via a videogame.

      It’s also sexuality from a woman’s perspective, which is double-different-odd for lots of folks playing games. Bayonetta is a character on a near-perpetual girls-night out, and her idea of a night out is curb-stomping supernatural pontificators. She feels no shame in it. What self-confident protagonist would?

  7. I love Bayonetta so much I bought the special edition even though I don’t own a Wii U, and Chris not knowing how to open chests drives me up the fucking wall.

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