Anime Watch Week 3: Parasyte EP 2, World Trigger EP3, Seven Deadly Sins EP 3, & Fate/stay night UBW EP 3

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It’s the second half of the Anime Watch column, featuring Parasyte, World Trigger, Seven Deadly Sin 3, and Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works!

Parasyte Episode 2

Is this show real, like, seriously? A brutal alien-invasion show based around a high school kid whose right hand has become sentient via a parasite, and is now having to fight other invaders? This can’t be real, right? Oh, it’s an anime? Right, it’s Japanese, and something that would never ever ever fly in America as an original program, gotcha!

Parasyte continues being ridiculous in the best ways, and keeping me smiling through all of its ludicrousness. It’s not Terra Formars crazy, but it’s close. Shinichi still hasn’t fully grasped the concept of the parasite in his hand, no called “Migi” (meaning right), but he’s trying his best to do so. He’s essentially adopted an ‘I’m in this, I may as well go with it’ attitude and it is not quite working for me. I mean, we’re only onto the second episode of the series, and he’s just so suddenly accepted his fate. On the other hand (no pun intended), the anime would be an abridged, faster telling of the story, so to that aspect, I can forgive it.

Of course, Shinichi and Satomi’s relationship grows; even as it seems that Satomi is aware something’s off about Shinichi. Does she know someone else acting a bit different, a family member perhaps? I’m truly hoping that it doesn’t take Satomi’ death or something like that for Shinichi to realize his true power, and they can make it through unscathed, but my anime knowledge is telling me that she wull die or be involved in a near-death experience to show Shinichi’s growth.

Additionally, it looks as though we’re getting a principal antagonist, if not two in the form of two Parastye-invaded humans who share a nude embrace at the end of the episode. Are they breeding Parasyte babies? Building an army? Perhaps just looking for some nasty sex? Time will tell, but they will certainly be a couple of faces to look out for as the story rolls on. Parasyte is a good watch so far, well worth your time, and I can only hope all the good I’ve heard about the manga over the years converts into a stellar anime series classic.

World Trigger Episode 3

Why, why, why did I decide to cover this series…and then refuse to drop any shows I’ve decided to cover for Laser Time? I would have dropped this already, unfortunately, I’ve committed myself to seeing it through the season, but it’s getting harder and harder to care as the series goes on. There’s nothing to enjoy about World Trigger, and there hasn’t been anything to care about since the premiere.

In most popular Shonen Jump shows there’s at least a minor portion of it I can respect and find admirable; there’s nothing like that in World Trigger yet. Apparently I’m not the only one either as a lot of fans and newcomers are of the same mindset. Toei Animation haven’t done anything to help World Trigger “wow” anyone, and although a few of the SJ series do take some time to get going and good, World Trigger, has yet to do so and I’m starting to fear it won’t ever get there.

This week focused on Osamu and gave us more insight into the Border squad that keeps showing up too late to lend a hand, but their roles will likely get larger as the story goes on. At this pacing however, I’m not sure I can bring myself to care if they ever even get any attention. World Trigger has just been so poorly handled, that I doubt too many will be sticking with it, and only fans will remain through the entire season. Perhaps the story gets incredibly strong (I mean, there’s obviously some reason it’s a popular manga in Japan) but currently it’s a drain to watch week in and week out. Every week just has me lowering my standards more and more.

Seven Deadly Sins Episode 3

Seven Deadly Sins continues to be one of the series this season I continue to look forward to, but the main issue I have with it? I’ve already read everything the mangaka has written that there’s little to be surprised by when the anime airs them. Luckily, between juggling all of the anime and manga I’m reading (and my low memory retention) I forget some things, so the surprises still happen. They’re just not as memorable as the first time I read them.

Seven Deadly Sins is full of surprises mind you, but new characters and twists happen pretty frequently, so there’s always something happening and pushing the story forward. This week focused on finding the second of the Seven Deadly Sins: the Sin of Envy, Diane. The Giant of the group (literally), Diane is an astounding height and power, and proves it upon her reuniting with Meliodas. We also get the first confrontation (of many, trust me) with Holy Knight Gilthunder, along with a massive amount of backstory. We learn who the Sins allegedly killed, along with a glimpse of the full team (with the other 5 conveniently disguised).

This was an impressive episode, more than last week’s, and did a great job of showing, once again, the power of the groups involved. The Sins are very likable and the Holy Knights have their reasons for their actions too. The battleground will only grow more and more and get even more action-packed, so be sure to stick with it as the series continues, it’s only going to get more epic, I guarantee it!

Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works Episode 3

“When the Curtain Goes Up” was the title of this episode of Fate/stay night, and it really is damned fitting for all that was covered here. Shirō and Rin discuss more of the Holy Grail War, trying to help him understand everything that he’s about to get into. Although Rin does a nice job of doing so, she takes Shirō to the Holy Grail War’s overseer and we meet Kirei Kotomine and the game gets even better after their little talk.

Kirei drops a whole bucket of Holy Grail War knowledge on Shirō that cements his commitment, but also raises a few questions about the War itself. Most of them are reasonable questions and queries: must the Masters die? What happens if you touch the Grail without killing all the competitors? What happens if the ‘wrong’ Master wins? All al met with bleak responses from Kirei and although they somewhat disturb Shirō, they in fact help him make his decision to participate in the War. This episode was particularly all talk, no action, but it’s okay, every now and again, we need a break from the action, and as well as this was handled, despite the lines and lines and lines of dialogue thrown at us, it was necessary and required to set the stage. And don’t worry, next week looks to add a bevy of action to make up for it as the Berserker class has made its appearance.

Confession time: this is precisely where I left off with the initial 2006 Studio Deen adaptation, so everything from here on in will be brand new and (hopefully) entertaining for me. The first time I tried watching this series, I was just turned from the characters designs, the ‘comedy’, and the overall pacing. The second time I simply had to drop it due to not having the time for it, and upon hearing there was a remake incoming; I figured I’d just wait for it, so here we are. Along with Seven Deadly Sins this season, this show is my most hotly anticipated series to watch. Every week, I get giddy knowing there’s a new episode premiering and I get to spend more time in the world. I can’t wait to see more of the Masters, Servants, and everything elseFate/stay night UBW has to tell!

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