Anime Watch Week 3: Psycho-Pass 2 EP 2, Terra Formars EP 4, & Gundam Reconguista in G EP 4

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Anime Watch is now in column form! Check out the first half here, featuring Psycho Pass 2, Terra Formars, and Gundam Reconguista in G.

Psycho-Pass 2 Episode 2

Picking up right where we left off, Psycho-Pass continues its neo-Tokyo, dystopian backdrop with more mayhem, intrigue, and behind-the-scenes clamoring. Still raising more questions than answers, the pacing is still enjoyable and the characters, although still relatively unknown, carve out a presence worthy of attention.

Kitazawa, the bomber from the first episode, is under interrogation, but crime coefficient is still low and has stumped the department and still leaves them wondering about the new threat. Whomever is working behind the scenes is miles ahead of the police, and is undoubtedly going to raise some trust issues within the force. Whether or not there is indeed someone on the force working against them remains to be seen, and is purely speculation, but it wouldn’t be improbable to assume so at this point.

Also, Kogami: where is he? Is he already around, or is waiting for the finale to show back up, or is he gone forever? Psycho-Pass is a show that’s full of interesting tidbits and small touches that really help bring the world alive for casual viewers and fans alike. If you read any of the Psycho-Pass comments sections or threads, they are a hive mind of fans buzzing trying to understand everything before it’s all shown to them. I used to be like that with some series, but I seriously haven’t the time anymore, but it’s so fun to look in and watch these people interpret a show like this. Or any show, for that matter. Fandom is always an important aspect to any show, and although it can get a bit too much with some fandoms (Doctor Who, I’m looking at you) there’s something thrilling about a shows having such an ability to bring about discussion like that, it is sublime!

Psycho-Pass still has a while to go before I claim it’s as good as its predecessor, but it’s on the right track currently and will definitely have me tuning in every week; and not just because I’m obligated, I want to watch it!

Terra Formars Episode 4

The humans in the Annex mission finally get a few blows in, and finally get a bit of revenge for all that’s happened the past couple of episodes, but there are still casualties. No one really is safe and this would be a good series to place bets on: who will die this week? Most surprisingly, this was the least censored episode yet of Terra Formars, so that’s something too!

Sadly, Sheila has stepped up to be the sacrifice for the humans this week, and we get a fair amount of time with her, along with Marcos and Alex as we learn their backstories from Mexico. In a melodramatic (and I mean massively over-the-top melodrama) moment Sheila, whose throat was blasted out by one of the Terra Formars, is confessing her feelings to Shokichi. In a scene which drags for way too long, and for too little of a character, it all just feels awkward. We were introduced to her 3 episodes ago, and have only spent minor time with her; why am I supposed to suddenly care about her now? At least in Attack on Titan I was given due time with various characters to learn more about them before they were annihilated. Ugh, it’s all just so poorly directed.

On the bright side, the Terra Formars get a bit of attention too, as we learn they’re not lumbering, mindless brutes they humans think they are. They’re highly intelligent and capable of evolving at a rapid pace. Much like the humans did on Earth (undergoing genetic modification to enhance their strength), the Terra Formars have done the same with the original expedition’s crewmembers and adapted their tactics into their own bodies. It’s quite amazing how these creatures have repeatedly shown they truly are the dominant species currently and could continue to do so. The Annex members do get a few shots in and are setting up the battlefield, but if the pace keeps as it as been, they will always be a few steps behind the cockroaches.

Gundam Reconguista in G Episode 4

It’s been four episodes with Gundam Reconguista, and it seems as though this is a Gundam series in name only. I mean, I’ve only seen a handful of Gundam series, but I’ve seen enough to get a general vibe of “sameness” from each of them; Gundam Reconguista feels like an entirely new Sunrise mecha anime, but not a Gundam series. It fells closer to Eureka Seven than Gundam, but that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with it, but I’m curious of how the Gundam fans will hold Gundam Reconguista, or if they will even continue to stick with it.

This week’s episode focused on the space pirates as Klim and Aida, along with Bellri and the others board the Megafauna and regroup and/or are held hostage respectively. So we now have the separate factions who are in the series, along with their individual motives: the Capital (Bellri’s side) and the space pirates (Aida’s side). It’s still far too early to say if the two will team up against an outside force, but given how both sides have presented themselves, it seems almost positive that’s the case. Kilm is an arrogant prick, but he’s also a kind person; ditto for Aida. They have their space pirate mindsets and morals, but they’re slowly learning that the Capital have their reasons for existing and doing things the way they do too.

In fact, by the end of this episode, the Capital seem to be the ‘bad guys’ as they start the attack on the space pirates’ Megafauna mothership; despite Bellri, Noreda, and Raraiya being held hostage. We also learn more of Aida’s relationship with her captain from the premiere episode(s), as we get more and more of her backstory. And the way the story’s being told currently I like it. It’s like Lost’s earlier seasons: full of flashbacks and that not only tells a character’s story, but actually show already seen events from a different perspective. It’s quite refreshing to see this kind of directing and storytelling, but I guess that’s to be expected from the Yoshiyuki Tomino and his brilliant team. There’s still a lot to be seen with Gundam Reconguista, but it’s been a fun ride so far, let’s hope the journey remains enjoyable the rest of the cour.

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