Marvel Live Event reveals Phase 3 films! Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Infinity War and more


Release dates, official logos, and all-new new heroes confirmed! Also DOUBLE AVENGERS/THANOOOOOOOS!??!

The live Marvel event talking place right now (as of this writing) in LA at the El Capitan theater has just revealed it’s full slate of movies heading all the way into 2019. We’ll keep you updated on the news to come, but take a look below at Marvel’s slate of films for the next FIVE YEARS!

[UPDATE 2: One kind scoundrel managed to film the best part of the presentation, including the brief teaser for Infinity Wars. Marvel nerds, the audience reaction will give you goosebumps.]

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May 6, 2016
-Directed by The Russo Brothers

captain america civil war official logo laser. time

November 4th, 2016
-Directed by Scott Derrickson (Sinister, The Exorcism of Emily Rose)


May 5, 2017
-Release Date has changed


July 28, 2017
-Takes place immediately following Avengers 2


Nov 3, 2017
-Teased at the end of Age of Ultron. Chadwick Boseman confirmed as Black Panther.


July 6, 2018
-Carol Danvers CONFIRMED. Trapped between two realms, earth and outer space.


November 2, 2018
Will introduce “dozens of new characters”
Might feature Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver


May 4, 2018
-Officially split into two films, Part 2 released in May 3rd, 2019


HOLY SHIT! This has all be announced in the last 30 minutes, I’ll do my best to update you on any further details.




Marvel’s Official Phase Three Timeline

marvel phase three official timeline laser time

25 thoughts on “Marvel Live Event reveals Phase 3 films! Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Infinity War and more

  1. So fucking hyped. I love Ms Marvel and she’s getting her own movie. Black Panther is awesome. A confirmed thor finale. Cap 3 being the Civil War (my question is will it continue after or be a one movie thing?) then you got Dr. Strange (with a Cumberbatch confirmation pending), and Inhumans (I honestly don’t know much but I’m still stoked!). Oh and the finale of Avengers being split into two I’m fine with. It will give everyone screen time and allow for it to be as epic as it needs to be. I can already imagine how much of a huge cliffhanger they’re going to leave it at.

    It’s hard to breathe.

    Curious where else we will see Hulk in these movies. He’s been popular enough to warrant a supporting role in a movie but I guess we will see what happens to him after Avengers 2.

    Also curious about Antman’s placement. It is phase 3 right so it is in that phase WITH those movies announced. My guess on them leaving it off is it already had everything official while the others didn’t.

    Now the task is making sure I stay alive long enough to see all these ANND the new Star Wars movies. Time to drink the blood of a virgin to make sure that happens.

    1. If a character dies in Avengers 2 I think I have an idea I haven’t seen anybody else throw out, Black Widow.

  2. Forever crying about this news holy crap I’m excited. This is pretty much everything I want from the M.C.U. minus Spider-Man

  3. i hope you guys didn’t go and record this weeks cape crisis before this announcement like with what happened with last weeks avengers leak.

    Can’t wait to hear you guys geek out about these announcements. It helps me find out what comics I should be reading.

  4. So… secretly this means that Disney has decided Star Wars will no longer appear in May. Get ready for Star Wars every December.

  5. Really excited for Black Panther and Doctor Strange!!!!!! Funny no one mentioned Sharlto Copley for the role of Doctor Strange. Guy was awesome in A team, District 9, Malificent and Elysium. He is naturaly strange so there you go!

  6. So the “They’re not Mutants they’re Inhumans ;)” theory is looking more likely then. Also CAROL DANVERS THANK YOU!! Everything I wanted really except a Black Widow solo film…

  7. Buuuuh! I’m so stuffed full of comics goodness for the next decade.
    somebody hand me some sweatpants, I’m gonna make it to dessert!

    seriously. at least it ends on a proper note eh?

    I’m most excited for doctor strange, black panther and captain marvel.

  8. This is just pretty much the best line up anyone could have hoped for. Now I just need to be extra carful and not die before 2019.

    I wonder if we will see Rhodey in the Captain Marvel film.

  9. I seem to be the odd man out, but I kinda wish they would have kept all this to themselves, and not just spill it all out at once in what honestly feels like a direct response to DC’s Movie line up reveal from just a few days ago.

    I mean, sure, all of this is exciting news, but being hit with all of it at once I feel also spreads thin the amount of excitement one can give each announcement as opposed to getting them individually. I mean The Inhumans and Black Panther reveals could have been exciting on their own, but to me they kinda fade into the background when compared to bombshells like Civil War, Infinity War or Captain Marvel.

    1. You have a point, 2018 is a long long way off.

      But the event was certainly planned out far in advance, you don’t get RDJ on stage for a reactionary reveal.

      1. Hm, that’s true, RDJ wouldn’t be someone you could just call and say. “Hey man, yeah, I need you to appear at an announcement in a week, that’s cool right?”

    2. Agreed, but at the same time if anyone had any doubt that competition isn’t good for fans – there you go! Now that Marvel and DC are properly going at each other in movie-land each one has to up their game.

      Also note: Justice League Part 2 and Avengers Infinity War Part 2 are currently out WITHIN A MONTH of each other. That’s crazy. And one will move. Probably Justice League, to March.

  10. I’m simultaneously super stoked about all these movies coming out (especially Infinity War!), but also bummed that I will be 39 years old when the last movie comes out. THE TIME, IT FLIES…

  11. Huuuurnngh…too much… Marvel…

    Seriously though, between this and the Ultron trailer, I feel like I’ve been hit with too much all at once. They could’ve paced these anouncements out a bit. Everyone’s still talking about the Ultron trailer too.

    Really hoping Black Panther gets a fantastic movie. He’s easily one of Marvel’s very best and its time the mainstream public knew it.

  12. Still no she hulk or black widow movie
    is it too much to ask? well 2019 is still a while away anything can happen in that time

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