4 More Must-see Halloween Movies for 2014!

halloween, movie, laser time

The nights are getting colder, the leaves are changing, and you’re wanting to curl up under the blankets and get a little spooked. Tis the season for scares, and this year is no different, so here are some personal picks I believe you may want to check out this fall.


halloween, movie, laser time

From creator Kevin Smith comes this odd, somewhat spoof on Human Centipede, with a little Island of Dr. Moreau thrown in for good displeasure. The story follows podcast host Wallace Bryton, played by Justin Long, on a trip to Canada to interview a dismembered kid after a viral video incident. After arriving, he finds the kid is gone but takes interest in a man promising a free night’s stay and an interesting story to tell. Wallace becomes intrigued and accepts the offer, unfortunately for him.

Dracula Untold

halloween, movie, laser time

In this new take on the Dracula tale starring Luke Evans, we find renowned Vlad the Impaler has now found peace and giving up his skewering ways of war past. Vlad is investigating mysterious disappearances of people, including Turkish soldiers, around his land near a looming and ominous mountains peak. This draws the attention of the sultan of Turkey, an old acquaintance of Vlad’s, and we learn that years prior, the old sultan demanded Vlad’s father give him boys to serve in his army, including Vlad himself. Now the new sultan is demanding the same offering. Vlad refuses to give his son up or ask the same of his people, and vows to find a way to protect them from impending Turkish invasion. He heads for the mountain, intending to strike a deal with a monster. This movie is especially notable, as it will launch the Universal cinematic monster universe.


halloween, movie, laser time

Wolves follows Lucas Till as Cayden Richards. Like many other teens, Cayden’s going through some tough changes; after some uncontrollable violent outbursts, he hits the road and wanders, not caring about much of anything…until of course, he meets a mysterious eccentric who tells him of a town where he’ll find all the answers he needs about his past, such as his murdered parents. Also starring Jason Momoa as a big bad wolf, Wolves looks to be an extreme and kick-ass version of Teen Wolf with a little Lost Boys flare. Most assuredly there will be fangs, claws, and gore, with a chance of mild shedding.

The Babadook

halloween, movie, laser time

Finally, we have The Babadook. The movie begins with Amelia, a stressed single mother struggling to care for her son Samuel, an excessively excited and ill-behaved child. One day Samuel finds what appears to be a children’s pop-up book titled “Mister Babadook.” The book depicts a creature, the babadook, entering the home of a mother and child, scaring them. The mother then kills the child and hangs herself whilst the babadook grasps the home in its claws. Amelia, now thoroughly creeped out, finds that the last pages are blank. Afterward, strange phenomena starts to plague her; odd noises and strange happenings and what appears to be the babadook itself follow her.

Happy watching, and think twice before turning out the light!

Article by contributor Cody Stovall.

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  1. I enjoyed Tusk and glad to see it get some love on the site. Its conception from a coversation among friends and (spoileer) Johny Depp make it worth a watch and supporting. Great picks Sir!

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