Cape Crisis #114 – Late to the party


Henry, Chris, and Dave are finally reunited to not only discuss the killer Age of Ultron trailer, but also talk about what we’ve been reading, have Dave do his best to catch us up on The Walking Dead (the show and the comic), and then we share our fears on the world of comics. Also, because this show is freaking CURSED, we recorded this mere hours before Marvel’s insane movie news, so that will have to wait until next week. Sigh… sorry…


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Cape Crisis #114 Question: What was something you could never convince your friends was any good?

17 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #114 – Late to the party

  1. Oyo boyo, ya’ll can’t catch a break with the timing of ya’lls recordings. Oh well great stuff regardless.

  2. Man, I really do wish this could be recorded a day later during the week… Seems like this always happened. Regardless, can’t wait to listen! This show is regularly one of my favorite podcasts throughout the week; good job Hank and Chris!

  3. You guys missing the news every week has become downright comical. Next week there’ll be a Batman versus superman teaser after you record.

  4. I believe it was I who said that long ago that post Hulk transformation into banner was like Rape, especially the Nornton shower scen, almost exactly like his scene in American History X.

  5. Hopefully next week Marvel will just release a Beta Ray Bill movie for free just before CapeCrisis records to keep screwing us over.

  6. QOTW: I know im going to take some crap over this and loose all credibility but I still think Edward Nortin was a great Hulk and the movie as a whole shouldnt be shunned from the current marvel continuity. Im a huge Tim Roth fan so take that for what its worth. Gridlocked “come on!”

  7. I loved the whole world war hulk series and an a huge julk fan in general but most of my friends aren’t huge comic readers so trying convince them that a series I love is good and worth reading is always super tough. The only series I ever managed to pull people into was the walking dead… Thanks television

  8. I agree with Henry. Renee Zellwegger has clearly had some work done. Your face doesn’t change that much due to age and diet. Sandra Bullock looks exactly the same as she did twenty years ago (see Speed compared to Gravity), yet Zellwegger changes that dramatically in just a few years? Nope.

  9. Glad to finally hear your impressions of the Ulton trailer, guys (I understand the wait, the News Gods have cursed you, it’s cool). I get Brelston’s objection to Ultron’s metal lips (Bay’s Transformers movies deeply scarred all of us), but I agree with you guys and think they look fine. Spader’s voice just begs for the expression of an actual face, and seeing a motionless metal skull would just feel…weird.

  10. I can’t seem to download it from that download button…

    “The download cannot be saved because an unknown error occurred.” Eh?

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