The Top 5 Least Scary Games based on Classic Horror Movies!


Back in the day when consoles still had licensed movie games, some of our favorite horror films made the jump into playability! But do they hold up? Rarely!

Want more esoteric Vidjagame Top 5s?! How ’bout some Tiny Toons, Mario Kart Clones, Child Endangerment Games, and even more over on Laser Time’s YouTube channel!

6 thoughts on “The Top 5 Least Scary Games based on Classic Horror Movies!

  1. You guys are building a nice collection of videos in there. I know short gaming-related lists are the big draw in youtube but have you thought of making some videos related to cartoons, movies, comics etc? Even if they’re top 5 videos as well? You know, just building Cape Crisis, Cheap Popcast and Laser Time’s presence in the channel. Then again, I know people will probably flock more to the channel if they see more gaming videos and ignore the rest, which is unfortunate, but well, there you go, just a suggestion. Maybe start with movie-related stuff and then branch out the videos?

  2. My favorite video so far brotha, loved all the cheasy Jason 3D footage(you can see the strings) lol What I found equally funny is the blood and gore in Halloween a game I did not know exsisted till now. Hope this video does well and your voice overs are rivaling Game trailers for best in the industry.

  3. This and the tiny toons top fives where really good. I know they take a lot of work but I would love to see you do these more often.

    PD: A quick question, what’s the song at 5:55? I can’t remember where it’s from or how it’s called and it is driving me crazy.

  4. excellent video Chris, loved all the clips you showed of the other movies, good job and hey Dream warriors is my fav too, gotta love a film where pattricia arquette gets her head smashed into a television

  5. Another cool video Chris, it seems the videos you make are very specific to the point of obscurity (i think thats the word), and that what makes them interesting to me ( that and your the one who made it). keep them coming.

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