Trials on Trial: Courier Crisis

In these times of economic hardship, finding a job isn’t so easy. From long evening shift work to zero hour contracts, the typical grunt work we all fall back on in times of need is less inviting. But I have… Read more

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Hatoful Boyfriend Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the wonderful world of Hatoful Boyfriend! I will be your guide to seducing an avian lover to make your heart flutter.

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John Wick Movie Review

John Wick is probably the most generic movie title since John Carter (followed closely by John Q) but don’t let that deter you. John Wick is by far my favorite action movie from the last 10 years. This film came… Read more

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LT – The Most Expensive Everything

[WARNING: CLASSIC LASER] Know the most expensive movie ever made adjusted for inflation? Does the TV show that costs the most carry the highest price tag for ads? What’s the most any idiot has paid for A DOG?! Find out… Read more

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