Anime Watch: Week 4 Parasyte EP 3, Seven Deadly Sins EP 4, & Fate/stay night UBW EP 4

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It’s the second half of the weekly Anime Watch Column! This half is all about Parasyte, Seven Deadly Sins, and Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works!

Parasyte Episode 4

Parasyte continues its reign of being an entertaining anime and series every week once again, as we are introduced to another Parasyte-inflicted human, Reiko Tamura. Naturally, it has to be more complicated than that, and she also functions as his teacher, but isn’t as bloodthirsty as her partner, “A”. What does Reiko want with Shinichi, and where will she stand on the fight between him and A?

Reiko oozes bloodlust, but is surprisingly kind and treats Shinichi with care, as she understands his condition and although she seems to have a better standing of the situation, she too wants a full understanding of what’s going on. She could have killed Shinichi (and every other human in her way) in a second, but she refuses, as she wants something more; something that she can’t quite grasp yet. Perhaps she wants a merger of the two species, perhaps she wants to return to her former self, or perhaps it’s a ploy ot get as much information from Migi, then kill he and Shinichi in one fell swoop. Despite her unknown intentions, I expect her to come to Shinichi’s aid during next week’s fight with A, since though Shinichi is smart, he’s not equipped to handle someone of his caliber, and neither is Migi.

This will likely lead to a training sequence, with Migi and Shinichi taking on more Parasyte’s, growing and learning more about them as they grow and fight. Gosh, I’m really tempted to start reading the manga, as I’ve heard nothing but great things about it, but where am I supposed to find the time to do so? Regardless, I’m still immensely enjoying Parasyte, and look forward to its zaniness and action every week. As per usual, you can head to Parasyte’s Crunchyroll page to view every episode.

Seven Deadly Sins Episode 4

Seven Deadly Sins Episode 4
Gosh, I started reading Seven Deadly Sins’ manga about a month ago, and thanks to a horrid, short-term memory, I couldn’t tell you what happened all that well. I can tell you I enjoyed it and it was addicting and pushed me to keep reading, but it’s a vague recollection. Last week I talked about how I didn’t recall much, but I’m certain it will get less cloudy as the weeks roll on, but this was another “refresher” episode of Seven Deadly Sins.

Not let that throw you off, this show is still terrific and a fun watch, with some stellar music too, but I’ll talk more about that later. This week the trio of Elizabeth, Meliodas, and Diane (and sure, Hawk too) journey onward to find the remaining Sins, particularly the Sin of Greed, Ban. He’s being held in Baste Dungeon, under the watch of the Weird Fangs. This batch of baddies/knights is masked, weaponized, and looking for a fight; even though they’re aware they really stand no chance against the Sins. They use underhanded, although respectable, tactics to weaken the Sins, but I wouldn’t count our heroes out for too long. I mean, it’s a 24-episode count show; obviously they come out on top, duh!

The Weird Fangs are going to make the next couple of week’s episodes a lot of fun to watch, and if I recall correctly (don’t quote me on this), they really help show the true powers of the various Sins. It should make for a stellar show of powers, tactics, and complete obliteration of the Weird Fangs. *SPOILERS* the bad guys lose! Before I end this wrap-up, I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about the terrific Hiroyuki Sawano (Attack on Titan, Kill La Kill) soundtrack. This was the week, for whatever reason, stood out to me that I could and will listen to plenty of songs from this OST even when I’m not watching the show. Seven Deadly Sins remains one of my most anticipated weekly shows and it’s going to have to take a drastic turn to get me to stop watching.

Fate/stay night UBW Episode 4

Can someone explain to me where Ufotable is getting their budget for Fate/stay night? I mean, they’re a reputable company, but this was anime film level of detail and animation this week! I’m certainly no anime expert, but from what I’ve learned, read, and heard over the years, anime is a tight-budgeted temptress, but Ufotable is seemingly saying “lol, budget, fuck that” with Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works.

Of course, that’s not to say that Fate/stay night is a perfect show, as the CG tends to stand out more than I’d actually like it to, it’s still glorious to see it in motion, and this week was full of (near) non-stop action. Berserker went berserk, while Saber sabered, and Archer archer-ed(?)… Pretty sure I just made up a new word there, but this was an all-out war between the three servants. Even the masters got involved too. Had the bit with Kirei not have been in there, mainly to help expand the characters and world, this episode would have been full of so much adrenaline, that it would be the equivalent of watching “Red Bull: the anime”!

Looking over threads and other reddit links, it seems as though this episode offered a bit of divisiveness between F/sn fans, as a bit was changed for this adaptation. Apparently the Rin and Illya fight, along with a few of the Rin and Shirou scenes were anime only insertions. Does this take away from the source material for you? Having no prior knowledge, I think it worked to the benefit of the entire episode. It gave us enough of a break but just enough so that it wasn’t too much that distracted and took us out of the moment. I’ve adored Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works since its initial premiere, and unless the production takes a drastic turn in the next few episodes, this series could easily become one of the most outstanding programs this season, if not ever. I’m hedging my bets that Uftoable used a quite a lot of their budget on this episode (partly why the series will be split over two non-consecutive seasons) but if they can keep bringing this level of detail and action, more power to them! Watch Fate/stay night, anime nerds, I implore you to, and head to Crunchyroll for all of the episodes.

4 thoughts on “Anime Watch: Week 4 Parasyte EP 3, Seven Deadly Sins EP 4, & Fate/stay night UBW EP 4

  1. I would bet the reason for the high budget with Fate is just how popular the whole franchise is in total. Fate is one of those guaranteed sellers in Japan, and when the new VN comes out, Fate/Hollow Ataraxia, you can safely bet they will make a lot of money. That and Ufotable has always had high production values.

    1. F/ha has been out for nearly eight years now. Do you mean the English translation? Because the folks who were doing that have been slacking.

  2. I can’t stop with Parasyte. I want to, it’s slow going. But maaaan, it’s so weird and different. I like it I think lol.

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