Laser Time – Dead Food


Talking our favorite discontinued sugary confections (more fun than it sounds!) plus a brief chat with Rick and Morty creator, Justin Roiland…


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31 thoughts on “Laser Time – Dead Food

  1. You guys took so long to release this week’s lasertime, that I started re-listening to Talkradar all over again.

    Also, fun idea for a topic, but I’m afraid this one’s gonna fly over my head because the discontinued food I loved as a kid were stuff like Brinquitos, Zuba, Chipotle and Chorizo Fritos and other kinds of Mexican brands that I’m sure most people north of the border haven’t even heard of.

  2. For some reason I learn the most when it comes to food topics, I guess being stuck in California all my life has kinda limited my food knowledge. Def missed these wonderful voices in my head.

      1. Could he and Carolyn really keep such a thing a secret, and why would they, besides appearing on podcast they aren’t Beyonce and Jay Z. But I thought the same thing, sometimes I get their real lives confused with a soap opera.

        Also I really miss Oreo Cereal, the perfect day to start the day off wrong.

  3. Great episode! Bravo for powering through, Chris.

    My favorite discontinued food was actually pretty good. Does anybody remember PB Max?

  4. Dream eggs, these are white chocolate eggs with a white truffle filling made by Cadbury’s. They were available for a few easter holidays and then they disappeared but the memory remains.

    Having lived in California for some of my life and England for the rest, it kind of feels like lots of foods got cancelled but in reality they were just across the ocean (and now I can buy them online).

    Also feel free to mention gamergate every week.

      1. I feel incredible shame over not mentioning these, honest. In fairness to me, it had the worst name in the universe, and I think I discovered them about 45 minutes before their extinction.

  5. My brother found a Tahitian Treat can and saved it for me, since I used to annihilate that shit as a kid. I expected an unpalatable sugary mess, but it’s still pretty good. like carbonated fruit punch. why didn’t that take off?

  6. I used to love the Pokemon cereal. Well i use to love eating the Pokemon shaped marshmallow bits. There’s a petition to bring them back too, and an empty cereal box on ebay (current bid $19.99). Is Pez (and the Pez dispenser) still around?, haven’t seen one in years.

    1. Dude, this is seriously the precursor to Adult Swim’s thing.

      Ahead of its time like the Ben Stiller Show, and Parker Lewis Can’t Lose (My favorite show of all time, Saved by the Bell being a close second).

  7. I really do miss Surge. It was so quintessentially 90s, it was like drinking the Play It Loud campaign. And, man, food-related episodes always deliver on the funny.

  8. Aw man, didn’t hit up “Amazin’ Fruit.”

    There was a promotion in which you supposedly sing the entire song or some shit, and you get a free bag when you went to the movie theaters. I actually did it as a kid, and got a free bag. I have a feeling that wasn’t a real promotion…. and the dude working concessions just felt either super-impressed, or embarrassed in my stead.


    Honestly, they tasted way better than regular Gummi Bears. Green Apple was pretty good.

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