10 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast # 36 – WWFree Network

  1. It isn’t free in Canada either.
    Honestly, the network as it exists in the US is barely in Canada at all. Here it’s just an exclusive paid TV channel to one of our providers (Rogers) AND it’s $11.99 so the 9.99 chants don’t even work either.
    I suppose you still get the PPV’s for cheap but it’s not worth me switching providers for.

  2. The biggest mistake WWE did was renew TV deals in the UK and sign the network deal with Rodgers in Canada

    They tried to have their cake and eat it too and the end result two big fanbases are totally pissed off at the WWE so much so that the Network brand is badly tarnished

    1. Oh and early Survivor Series prediction

      John Cena will be sole survivor after eliminating nearly entire Authority himself and probably one of his teammates who turns on him too.

  3. hully crap! that’s some serious work put into that gif. That dancing idiots is wiggling his corny ass behind the cheap popcast logo and everything! nice!

  4. You do make the WWE network sound like a good deal, and I might give it a look if it is free. But in my entire life I have had only 2 times I remember watching pro wrestling of any variety. If it is good, maybe I’ll keep watching, but I’m never going to a bigger wrestling fan than Chris is.

  5. I enjoy the Attitude Era for exactly the reason you guys cited for why you don’t like it. The storytelling is far superior and the unimportant matches don’t drag on. There were still epics in the main event that lasted 20-40 minutes, but the undercard was fueled by stories rather than wrestling which helps keep my attention better.

    Also, I’d be surprised if the NXT Five turn out to be as big as most people believe they will. Neville can go far because he’s got the ability and the look, Zayn and Steen are probably going to bust because they don’t have the look. Finn and Hideo are questionable, but I wouldn’t be shocked if Hideo Itami is held back because of his inability to speak English. But those are just my opinions.

    Glad you pointed out Legends of Wrestling, Dave. Apparently, this is a dirtsheet rumor so take it how you will, Kevin Dunn isn’t a fan of LOW and he is the reason why they aren’t planning on making new episodes of the series.

  6. You guys should also check out, if you can, the new Lucha Underground. It’s very different. I was curious what you guys might think of this new alternative to the big bad WWE.

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