Vidjagame Apocalypse 89 – Too Many Creeds


The holiday game-release season is in full swing this week, with headliners that include two Assassin’s Creed games – one of which inspired a Top 5 about our favorite interquels. After that, it’s on to a discussion of AC Unity and Rogue (as well as Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Valkyria Chronicles), before moving on to Overwatch, Just Cause 3, and the best lies you’ve ever been told about games.

Question of the Week

What’s the first franchise you ever got tired of?



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27 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 89 – Too Many Creeds

  1. I can’t say I’ve gotten to a point with any franchise that I’ve truly gotten sick of it, but I did take a break from binging all of the Assassin’s Creed games after III so that I could play other games this year on my 360 and my newly acquired Xbox One Assassin’s Creed Unity Bundle. I loved all of them, but I’ll admit that although III was very fun, I felt that Connor wasn’t as likable as Ezio, and after playing five of them in a row, I did feel a little fatigued from it and wanted to experience more new things. I am excited to go back to the franchise very soon after I finish the game that I’m currently playing.

  2. First franchise I ever got tired of is Guitar Hero: I never wanted to play it to begin with. I can play an actual guitar. I play video games to simulate things I can’t do in real life. I can’t kill Nazis and zombies in real life. I can’t go kart in the Mushroom Kingdom in real life. I can get my guitar out of the closet and play it anytime I want. I never understood why you would want to play Guitar Hero. If you want to play the guitar so bad, learn to play a real guitar.

    My feelings on guitar hero culminated in a girl I dated having an original Xbox for the sole purpose of playing her Guitar Hero collection. She had no games other than Guitar Hero. I tried to play one game and I have never been more awful at any video game. I kept trying to hold it and play it like a real guitar. I could not train my brain to think of it as a cheap plastic controller and not a guitar. You can’t play guitar hero holding it like a real guitar. It does not work. I had it on one of the easiest songs at about 1/4 the normal speed but had no luck at all.

  3. so why is shitlords not a regular commentary segment offered monthly? Seriously, you guys could put one out monthly featuring all you guys lovingly tearing apart horrible horrible cinema. This has nothing to do with videogames, I’m sorry the only thing I can say to that is videogame shitlords on twitch once a week?

  4. It saddens me that a lot of people seriously couldn’t seem to get past the bad controls of Kid Icarus Uprising and actually give the game a serious chance. Yes, it’s painful to play for the first two days or so, but your hand DOES get used to it, and the actual game is actually very damn fun, varied and with so much content and stuff to do in it. A dynamic difficulty setting that encouraged you to play harder to get bigger rewards, but also punished you if you went in blindly. Tons of weapons that were legit very different from each other and changed game-play drastically, and tons of stages with excellent level design. Kid Icarus Uprising might be one of the most, if not the most underrated game in the past 5 years or so.

    Also, VGA really is at it’s funniest when Chris and Grimm are shouting at each other. They should appear together more often!

  5. The first game for me was Borderlands. I put almost 300 hours into that game and all its expansions. When the second one came out I was sick of it 5 hours in and couldn’t play it any more. Really sad because I loved the first one so much.

  6. I’m sorry, guys, but I’m done listening to episodes with tyler wilde and mike grimm (they don’t deserve to have their names capitalized). They have become toxic to this show to the point where it’s no longer fun to listen. There’s no need to poop all over consoles, anything that isn’t Dark Souls, or quite frankly anything they or any other hosts don’t care about–which VgA has become, IMO, over the past several episodes.

    Gaming is supposed to be about fun, about carving out a little bit of enjoyment in what can be a depressing and/or ball-busting life. I simply don’t want to waste time with people trying to make me feel stupid for playing the things I play.

    1. i agree its become very negative of late, arnt games about fun and enjoyment? cheer up guys and drop the sarcastic Hipster bullshit mentality if possible (no Tyler)

      1. Henry Gilberts Radioradar of Gamesradar is a fun, hilarious, generally postive podcast and kind of a breath of fresh air, i would recommend anybody of Lasertime give it a go. im sure most Lasertimers do but always good for a shout out

    2. I respectfully disagree with you, since I don’t think they are that overly negative, and In fact, I thought Grimm was way more positive than say, Chris in this episode. But you know, different views and all.

    3. Wait, is there any part in this episode that brought this on this comment only now? Because while there is the usual back and forth, I’m not getting any “this game sucks and you suck for liking it” vibe.

  7. QOTW: Street Fighter, that no matter how much I try to learn and get better, the series out paces me with new updates and rereleases. Unless I want abandon a good chunk of other genres of games outright, I can no longer be bothered to keep trying…. translation for dedicated fighting game players: “waah, I suck at it.”

  8. I love seeing Peace Walker as the podcast picture, I’m actually replaying it right now. I would have figured the Top 5 be about the “send dudes away on missions while you play” game mode that is in games like Peace Walker, Assassin Creed: Brotherhood and forward, WOW: Warlords of Dreanor, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and one more game…

    QOTW: I’ll say Need For Speed got super invested in Most Wanted, enjoyed Carbon, then immediately burnt out after an hour of Pro-Street.

  9. So il start by admitting I registered just to disagree with Chris, though i would just get that out of the way.

    So let’s start with thing 1

    I understand the sentiment Chris showed towards 5 nights at Freddy’s but there is actually some pretty intelligent design here worth considering. So FNAF is a jumps are game and while this is the easiest and arguably laziest way of doing horror it should be noted that FNAF does it very well. The way most media goes about this is by creating tension via music and what’s going on screen to give you a false expectation of when the thing is going to jump at you. The issue with this is that all the viewer/player needs to do is be constantly expecting the jumpscare and all illusion of fear dispears. What FNAF does to deal with this is create I minussia of tasks that you have to keep track of to make it so that you have to let your guard down so as to beat it. on top of this it gives each of the threats to the player clear parameters for their actions as you learn them you begin to understand the flow of the game and begin to understand that the scares do not happen at random. By the time you’ve arrived at the last night you are balancing the knowledge of the patterns of each character and the sound cues indication the movement of characters through the facility making it really fucking scary when Freddy jumps out at you because who the fuck knows how he works.

    This is why I’m please with what they’ve done with the second game. They realized that the game they’ve created is not one that creates an imposing or oppressive atmosphere and generally doesn’t stand up on the merits placed upon most modern horror games. Realizing this they did the right thing by just adding more minussia, more tasks that you have to keep track of at any given second

    Ok so thing 2

    Chris has many times mentioned that most game stories are bad. Now here’s the thing, he’s not inherently wrong about that. Most games tell their story in cutscenes that play separate from the gameplay. When you do that you limit your story telling options to what can fit in the same fictional space as what the player will be doing once that cutscene ends. Most game story is either in text or is made up of FMV cutscenes that play between gameplay. In these games I would argue that the mechanics present are designed to serve gameplay solely. The way to get great story is by creating mechanics that serve the narrative. An example of this would be papers please. The game is incredibly boring and while that could be a criticism of it one could also argue that the games mechanics aren’t there to simply create the feeling of enjoyment but are trying to create a feeling of boredom that contrasts heavily to the pretty heavy decisions the player has to make. In this way games can truly tell a story in a way that no other medium does.

    Games are an incredible narrative medium that create amount other emotions, empathy better then any other medium.

  10. QOTW: I put my QOTW in the Forum but I’ll add it here too, COD, after Modern Warfare 2 the quality started going down hill. Black Ops was ok, the story was interesting enough. But Modern Warfare 3 was a mess and I haven’t touched the series since. I also haven’t touched the multiplayer since Modern Warfare 2. I loved the Spec Ops mode, I played a ton of that with my friends. But the competitive multiplayer really started to grate on me, especially since I had played so much of Modern Warfare 1 on PC/360 and loved Hardcore mode. I hated the idea that I had to trudge through 20 levels on MW2 just to unlock my favorite mode.

  11. As usual, whenever Chris says the story in Street Fighter doesn’t matter, I must kindly invite him to eat a dick.

    And it’s not that Capcom never cared about the story of SF. It’s that Ono and the SF4 dev team don’t care about the story of SF. The people who made all of the previous SF games actually gave quite a bit of a shit. And there’s a ton of story and backstory to those games.

    The problem is simply that it never appeared in the GAMES.

    SF is in desperate need of the MK9 treatment. A game that goes back and retells the plot of the early games, with a story mode that’s actually coherent and actually SHOWS the narrative taking place.

    1. I like how a couple weeks ago, when I first saw Too Many Cooks at like 4 in the morning, I tried to imdb that shit and find out more about it and couldn’t find anything.

      And then somehow, between now and then, it turned into a huge internet meme.

  12. QoTW: Call of duty for me I stopped playing after black ops 2 and have had no desire to play another one since. Rage quitting multiplayer matches got too depressing and the solo campaigns just don’t do it for me anymore.

  13. QotW: When MK III came out, I lost interest in the franchise since it appeared Midway have caved into congress and made the Fatalities lame. While I did enjoy Shaolin Monks, I really didn’t care much for the franchise again until the MK 2011 release.

  14. There are not really any franchises that I have explicitly said “I will never pick up another copy of this again” but I think the closest thing would be Mario, since a good part of the Wii’s lifespan and early Wii U have been years where they released numerous New Super Mario Bros. games, and after the first one or two I felt it was getting over-saturated, I would like them to try another 3D Mario game, like Galaxy or 64. Also I guess a spinoff of that franchise I have gotten a bit tired of though is the Mario Party games. Ever since 3 I was slightly losing interested with each installment and when 9 came out, with the cars, I said “fuck this” and with 10 having a similar mechanic, I probably not going to get back on the Party train anytime soon.

  15. My qotw answer is resident evil. I played through the first 4 games multiple times, and unlocked all the various extra weapons/costumes. When 5 was announced my expectations were super high, but the game had started to suffer as a result of evolving into a more action focused game, without ditching some of the design limitations that had become a hallmark of the series.

    When 6 came out, I felt like the series had lost touch with what it had been, without becoming something that was good, and I didn’t finish the 3rd campaign for Chris and whoever his partner was.

    I don’t care when a series changes direction as long as it’s good, But I’m too tired of Resident Evil to go back.

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