Anime Watch Week 5: Parasyte EP 4, World Trigger EP 4, Seven Deadly Sins EP 4, & Fate/stay night UBW EP 4

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Anime Watch’s second half covers Parasyte, World Trigger, Seven Deadly Sins, and Fate/stay Night UBW!

Parastye – the maxim – Episode 4

Finally a breather episode from Parasyte, but the rest won’t be too long, as Reiko is closing in on Shinichi at his home. In addition, the real focus of this episode is Shinichi growing, and his parents (specifically his mother) seeing that growth and change occur, unable to do anything about it. It’s a rather touching episode full of reminiscing flashbacks and character development. But let’s back up, what of Mr. A from last week’s cliffhanger?

The episode kicks off right where it ended, with Mr. A, Migi, and Shinichi ready to do battle, and with their plan in action, they’re able to land a disgustingly tactical blow upon Mr. A. As blood pours from his abdomen, through the table leg’s makeshift spout, I literally uttered “my god” at the amount of blood spewing forth. Knowing he’s done for, Mr. A retreats to find a new host, only to find Rukio fleeing from a window and blowing the room she escaped from exploding behind her, with Mr. A seemingly destroyed. Now, in my 15 years of watching anime, I never say a character is dead until I see a corpse. There are exceptions to the rule, but most anime watchers know that just like Goku in DBZ never not being the strongest character in any arc, unless you see a lifeless body (or another officially confirms it) after something that should kill them, you assume they’re still alive.

Mr. A’s unknown fate aside, several months pass by and Rukio also learns that she’s unable to continue her façade as well, since the school has learned of her pregnancy. Furthermore, Shinichi feels he must defeat her too, as she’s just like Mr. A: cold, callous, and capable of wiping out the human race. It’s interesting to note that Shinichi hesitated when Migi advised that he should finish off Mr. A, but Shinichi refused, because he didn’t want to commit murder. I wonder what’s happened in the short span of time that changed his mind towards Rukio’s existence. With their battle looming, Shinichi’s parents leave for a trip to finish out the episode, and I can only hope they will be safe on their journey, and return home safely too. They’re really terrific characters and hard to dislike. Shinichi’s mother especially; when Shinichi yells at her for privacy, you can see her heart break as she’s learning more and more of his loss of innocence. It’s an incredibly well done climax to the episode, and shows that Parasyte isn’t all about bloody, brutal action and can have sentiment.

Seven Deadly Sins Episode 5

Picking up immediately where we left off, Meliodas is still in bed from the poison, and the Weird Fangs are closing in on their position. But he’s not down for long, and the journey quickly resumes with some ground-shaking action, character development, and bad-assery abound!

Seven Deadly Sins is still in that hazy world for me where it’s a good action show, and fun to watch and read, but it’s not bringing anything new to the genre, and won’t wow those of us who have seen similar series. I know that sounds bad, but I still talk the series up every week, right? Well, it’s because it’s still a great production, regardless of continuous tropes and clichés it brings to the table, it’s still entertaining and reminds me that you can enjoy an anime on a base level, but still get a good story and action out of it.

My biggest gripe with the climactic battle this episode? The villain, Ruin of the Weird Fangs, showed us, the viewer, the secret to his attack instantly. He didn’t have Diane or Meliodas attack one another unexpectedly, leaving us to wonder why. No, he immediately started explaining what he was doing, eliminating any real intrigue or interest to his character. The battle between Meilodas and Diane was still very fun to watch, there’s still more to come, but it’s moments like that that take me out and remind me I’m not of the typical demographic for a series like this. Seven Deadly Sins is still moving at a fair pace, but the series really gets good very, very soon, so be sure to stick with it as it continues to build and bring a terrific cast of characters to the series!

World Trigger Episode 4

Slowly but surely more and more of World Trigger’s environment is becoming together, albeit it at plodding pace. This week focused on Osamu’s newfound, undeserved popularity. Ai Kitora really took the brunt of the episode, and introduces a rivalry mechanic for Osamu; but that has me really wondering: who’s the main characters in this series, Osamu or Kuga?

All of the preview videos and promotional art showcased Kuga front and center, but nearly every episode has focused on Osamu, with Kuga playing hero, but sticking to the background mostly. He’s more of a mentor and savior than actually an “in-your-face” protagonist” I was expecting thanks to the previews. Despite having only a handful of characters so far, with a few more thrown into the mix this episode, World Trigger seems to lack any focus or really any end goal. Border really seems like the only thing that the kids in this town have to look forward too, and nothing much else; what a miserable existence to look forward to if you ask me. If I recall correctly, World Trigger is set for a 24-episode, two-cour run, so the pacing seems about right for the series, but unless it picks up before the season ends, I doubt I’ll be returning to it afterward.

While watching this episode, I was thinking back to all of the Shonen Jump series I used to read and watch, and only a few of them actually pulled me in from the get-go: Dragonball Z, Naruto, and Death Note. Death Note is really the only one recommendable thanks to its relatively brief length and story, since Naruto and Dragonball Z have 800+ episodes between both (with Naruto still going until at most early 2016). Their other series that have been deemed “popular” such as One Piece and Bleach always took me a few volumes (not chapters, VOLUMES) to get into their stories, and One Piece I still can’t stand. I know Shonen Jump series are made for a younger age group, but you needn’t make your stories so basic and boring that you turn some readers away, do you?
World Trigger is still a slog to get through, and there’s very little to continue saying every week, without being more and more negative, but this needs to improve, and fast!

Fate/stay night Episode 4

Shirō’s harem grows, his body recovers, and we get to catch a breath as the Holy Grail War is still underway, but the players are preparing for another round. Meanwhile, Ufotable are still working their magic with the Fate/stay night budget, as the series is as pretty as ever, even if there is little to no action this episode.

Never a wasted moment, Fate/stay night likes to explain itself while never taking too long to do so. Shirō is a template for us, and as he sits down to breakfast with Saber, she teaches him (therefore us) more rules and intricacies of the Holy Grail War. The reason they go by their class names rather than their real names is to prevent a weakness from becoming known by the other Servants. Should a Servant’s identity or Noble Phantasm (class-specific trait) be known, it could present a severe disadvantage for the Servant, and practically deem them unworthy of fighting. It’s a matter of pride and strength for the Servants, and Saber feels Shirō is incapable of presenting her identity from getting out.

On the Rin side of things, she’s a regular investigator, as she’s taken up to discerning what’s causing the gas leaks and deaths in town. She’s certain it’s the work of another Servant, and come next episode we should learn of their identity, and get some glorious action thrown in too! Fate/stay night has been stellar for every single episode in its run, and for me, that’s a rarity. I’m hoping it truly stands up and remains this way, but I’ve been burnt in the past, and I’m not hedging all my bets on Fate/stay night remaining golden throughout its entire run, but I’m hoping it can become an instant classic by the end of its run in 2015.

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