The CG Peanuts movie trailer is outstanding


Right after Avengers 2, the big screen adventures of Charlie Brown and Snoopy might be my most anticipated movie of 2015…

I don’t hate this. I don’t hate this A LOT! And that’s especially impressive once you consider that retrofitting classic cartoon characters with 3D computery is one of the biggest ingredients for Internet Rage, and I’m not just talking about me personally. Look, I never thought I’d see the day when I’d be complementing the studio known for pinching out Ice Age sequels either, but not only have they remained true to Charles Schulz’s original simplistic scriblings, they’ve also chosen a beautifully unique new style that looks as warm and fuzzy as Linus’ blanket!

I fucking love this. And if you’re like me and consider Peanuts sacrosanctly synonymous with the Holidays, this trailer will soothe you like a hot cup of blowjobs. Even better, while this claims to be a trailer, and unlike the previous and equally awesome teaser, today’s video is a helluva lot more like a short film starring the Red Baron. Once again, it’s like Christmas came early for me. The only real issue I have with this film in the first place is the title. Schulz himself hated the title Peanuts (as do I), and in case you didn’t know that this is actually the FIFTH theatrical Peanuts movie, and it’s the first ever to not use “Charlie Brown” in the title. Speaking of which, the first movie, A Boy Named Charlie Brown, just popped up on Hulu. So let’s all pause for a moment and be thankful that we live in an age where I can just embed the entire movie in a post.

If you’re under 25 I honestly can’t imagine you’ll sit through that film, but I love it. I’m a massive Peanuts fan, and perhaps you heard us talk about it on one of our shows lately (I wanna say it was Cape Crisis where it’d be much more appropriate, but I think it was actually Vidjagame Apocalypse. Apologies!) but the adventures of Charlie Brown and his tormentors-I MEAN “FRIENDS,” makes for some of the most brutally melancholy exploits in modern entertainment. I’ll never understand how Schulz’s aggressively depressing portrayal of life’s futility and passive cruelty has been so embraced by pop culture, let alone how it’s special brand of comedy has come to be interpreted as cute, but hey, it’s still around and that’s pretty cool. Here’s one of my all-time favorite ultra-depressing Charlie Brown clips. Just let the sadness wash over you…

9 thoughts on “The CG Peanuts movie trailer is outstanding

  1. I think it’s a little early to get excited about this. The trailer looks fine but it could easily still be terrible. Will have to keep my eye on this one.

  2. Im a sucker for Christmas and Peanuts so this is the perfect storm of my two favorite things. Hope this comes to America and not just Germany? Jk jk

  3. Between this and that new Spongebob movie, I think we might be entering into a new age where CG animated movies based on traditionally animated cartoons actually don’t suck.

  4. This looks fun! Peanuts is one of those things I remember loving watching when I was a kid, but then lost track of it, and while I remember it fondly and kinda want to watch stuff from it, I haven’t really found the right time or place. Maybe this new film will help with that (:

    And sadly, I can’t watch that Hulu movie that was posted ):

  5. That’s a readlly cool art style I don’t think I’ve ever seen in CG before, actually looks like a cartoon. Also Die PEANUTS, this German trailer is so threatening.

    Also, also poor BladedFalcon does anything work in your country? I feel for you man.

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