WWE 2K15 – Let’s Do This!

wwe summer

[WARNING: BAD AUDIO, GOOD PICTURE] Join Chris, Dave, Brett and Grimm as they grapple with the next-gen WWE 2K15 …

If you wanted to get a look at WWE 2K15, the create-a-wrestler mode, and quite possibly your last glimpse of CM Punk, you could do a lot worse than this stream. Apologies for the horrendous audio. We have great new equipment, but a small window of time to record.

12 thoughts on “WWE 2K15 – Let’s Do This!

  1. So reminds me of the original og xbox game RAW. It looked pretty but played bad and that seems to be the case with this game as well. Also when will former WWE superstar Valvenus get his wrestling game debut with HD 1080P towel?

  2. I’ve only noticed that Summer Rae was both a dancer and a manager during Fandango’s intro. The whole video in general was too entertaining for me to worry about sound issues. Keep the wrestling streams going guys.

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