2 thoughts on “VGMpire – Remembering Romance

  1. As a fan of the East Asian History genre, Dynasty Warriors, and sweeping orchestral themes I quite enjoyed this episode. Now Brett, if it takes me recording the entire episode for you I will in order for you to finally recognize the music in Crash Bandicoot.

  2. Didn’t see anyone else mention this, but Yoko Kanno is a super influential composer from Japan. I cannot recommend her work on the soundtrack for the anime Cowboy Bebop” enough. It is quite possibly the best, most eclectic OST of all time. And I don’t put that lightly. Do yourself a favor and listen to any of the songs from it, but if you love jazz you’ll really enjoy the songs “Tank!” and “Clutch.”

    Kanno has also wrote blues pieces, heavy metal, country, pop, literally anything you can think of in just about any language you can think of. She is that amazing. So yea, her name carries a bit of weight, and rightfully so.

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