Anime Watch Week 6: Part 2

Anime Watch Part 2 takes on Parasyte Ep. 5, World Trigger Ep. 5, Seven Deadly Sins Ep. 5, and Fate/stay night UBW Ep. 5.

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A History of Basketball Players in Non-Basketball Games

Basketball has always occupied a unique pop culture niche that other sports have failed to achieve. Basketball players release rap albums, have designer clothing lines (or designer socks, if you’re Chandler Parsons), and their faces are plastered onto surprisingly not-terrible… Read more

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Anime Watch Week 6: Part 1

Anime Watch Part 1 breaks down Psycho-Pass 2 Ep. 5, Terra Formars Ep.7, and Gundam Reconguista in G Ep. 7!

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Laser Time – Marathon Men

There are a lot of traditions that fall upon this time of year, yet few as universally celebrated as BINGE WATCHING. From MST3K to The Twilight Zone, we’re taking a look at our favorite TV Marathons of all-time…

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