Anime Watch Week 6: Part 1

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Anime Watch Part 1 breaks down Psycho-Pass 2 Ep. 5, Terra Formars Ep.7, and Gundam Reconguista in G Ep. 7!

Did I miss something in the weeks between Ps’ last episode and this one? They just seemed to skim over the fact they lost an officer and went on about their business. What? I mean not even a funeral or ceremony in her honor? Gah, this show, it’s a shadow of its former glory, and it’s not looking to live up to precedent it set up for itself.

That being said, this episode was actually fun to watch, despite the absurdity and almost ghastly appeal it held. No one saw the twist of the latest trending smartphone game being the trigger for the next massacre coming, and the genius of concocting that is absolutely scary to me. With every chicken the gamers were shooting it was the equivalent of a civilian in the real world. The joy they garnered, the excitement that showed, and the rush of guilt they would undoubtedly feel; all of this ran through my mind as the extermination kept going and going. Obliviousness: it’s what we as a society have become, or could become, should we get that complacent and reliant upon technology.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we should live in fear that one day we could wake up, load up Flappy Bird, and every time we fail that means a nuke somewhere around the world goes off, but go anywhere in the world, and what do you see. You see teens, parents, seniors, even kids, walking around with phones and their noses buried in them constantly looking for the latest “whatever” to keep the trends fresh and stay on top of everything. We can have every single bit of information known to man sent to us at any time, it’s scary. Okay, perhaps I’m overthinking this, and I need to sleep and put down the meds for a moment, but Psycho-Pass can still present quality entertainment, and this was a sampling of just that. I just wish the rest of this season has been up to this creativity snuff.

Terra Formars Episode 7

Terra Formars wastes no time jumping right into a new fray and battle, as Michelle Davis and Akari’s squad are safe for now, as we jump back to the Russian squad led by Sylvester Asimov. Your typical strongman, Asimov isn’t afraid of a fight, and despite losing an arm already, he’s rallying the troops and preparing for a battle.

Borrowing the powers from his M.O. Operation, he quickly regrows his arm, and like a tank, takes on several Terra Formars while the rest of his crew dishes out some deserved exertion too. Despite all of this going on, and the brutality shown, there’s still little to cheer of fear. Any and all characters (good or bad) could die at any moment, and I’ve already said at this point countless times, Terra Formars isn’t offering anything to keep me interested. Sure, it’s mildly ienticing to see what each combatants operation will give them what power, but in the end, it’s all flashy gimmicks masking a ludicrous story and pathetic setup.

We don’t care about aby of these characters, none of them are likable, and even if we start to attempt to, they die at a moment’s notice. It’s easier to just not get attached and stay safely on the sidelines and watch the battle with little investment. I’m practically rooting for the Terra Formars at this point, since they’ve really done nothing to warrant this war on Mars. They were sent there by the humans, and now they’re being hunted and captured or killed, to possibly create a cure for people back on Earth? It seems as though the humans are the real beasts in this series, and it makes me even less likely to take their side. Terra Formars only has 6 more episodes in its run, and I’ll be glad when it’s over, it’s overdue to be rid of this program.

Gundam Reconguista in G Episode 7

Ugh, another week, and I still cannot figure this show out. I want to enjoy it, I really, really, do, but it refuses to put the characters in a position for me to do so. It’s just a beautifully created world, with rich designs and ideals, but full of just questionable deliveries and intentions.

This week briefly focused on Raraiya and her piloting of the G-Self, but I still can’t figure out why Bellri’s spirits are so high and he’s still working with the Pirates. He just killed his former captain, and yet he’s right back to wanting to pilot the Gundam and fighting with the Pirates. There are murmurs of them leaving the pirates and heading back to the Capital, but more and more it seems as though they’re complacent and willing to stay with them. It continues the love/hate relationship I’m having with this series: I dig the animation and art-style, along with the creative world and ideas, but I hate the implementations and use of nearly everything created.

At least the battles are fun to watch and provide brief, pretty respites from the bland character interactions and questionable world building. Luckily the world is still growing and more and more characters are getting introduced and thrown into the fray, but if the characters from the get-go haven’t gotten figured out yet, what hope do newer faces have? Gundam Reconguista is way past the “acceptable” phase of allowing a series to become accessible, so it needs to find itself very, very soon or it will be hard to recommend it naught but hardcore Gundam fans.

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