Laser Time – Marathon Men


There are a lot of traditions that fall upon this time of year, yet few as universally celebrated as BINGE WATCHING. From MST3K to The Twilight Zone, we’re taking a look at our favorite TV Marathons of all-time…


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19 thoughts on “Laser Time – Marathon Men

      1. I really disagree there… seasons 4-6 have a lot of the best episodes in the series, and even 7 has its moments. But it goes without saying that 8&9 can be avoided.

  1. I used to love watching the “Twilight Zone marathon” on Thanksgiving because at the time it was the only way I could watch it. Well I could of but I didnt want the 400 vhs tape collection that was available at the time and dvds were not around yet, so it was always special when it was on tv. But with it on Netflix, Hulu and bluray, it just doesnt hold the same place in my heart that it used to. Not sure what to look forward to now? Any suggestions? Shield marathon maybee jk.

  2. A couple of years ago for Christmas my brother got the Twilight Zone complete series on DVD and I finally got around to watching most of it this year. Back in June and early July I binge watched the shit out of the first 3 seasons or so. It really is a hell of a show and great for the way TV is consumed nowadays. Like Chris has often mentioned, I’d love a new anthology style series in a similar style.

  3. Ha you Americans your Thanks Givings, I chuckle every year. Out side of that I usually had some anime/series marathon that I’d do every Christmas break, which is becoming less and less do able.

  4. On the subject of black and white marathons, for most of my life growing up, one of our local stations would do a Three Stooges marathon every New Years Eve. I think it might have even been the aforementioned WPIX.

    Not sure if they still do it, but they did it every year for as long as I could remember.

  5. The only way I saw many of the James Bond movies starring someone other than Connery was during the Spike TV marathons that used to dominate the holidays.

    I avoid binge watching all other shows because it is probably not healthy to do so. The last time I watched more than two episodes at a time was catching up on Arrow season 1 (which… was a mistake, I really couldn’t tell you what happened episodes 10-20, why the hell do we have 24 episodes a year?).

    Last show that I watched two episodes consecutively? Peaky Blinders… is pretty good.

  6. The biggest problem with marathons on TV is that you get to see the same awful commercials over and over and over every single episode.

    I’d be interested in Henry doing a show about gay attributes, or stereotypes. He frequently says things that fit into gay stereotypes, like gay guys liking Soap, and I’d like to hear why he thinks gay men seem to like shows about women, or are written by women, and such. Maybe we’d get some feedback from gay listeners telling us how whatever Henry said was wrong, and whether stereotypes are completely offbase, or mostly true, or what.

  7. I try to catch the Twilight Zone marathon every year. Rod Serling has such an iconic voice, and damn near every episode of that show has been ripped off and made into a movie.

  8. I was off work a few weeks ago and binge watched 3 seasons of bobs burgers while i was deliriously ill, my brain was fried. Also am i the only one who binge listens to laser time? I’l sometimes just pick a random LT episode and play the next 3 from there in a row while i’m playing something online

  9. Off topic, but I wanted to tell Chris that his constantly talking about Mario Golf made me want to pick up that title when I got my 3DS this week. I am now addicted. I *must* beat Mario to become champion of the forest course.

    Thanks for the recommendation.

  10. Having recently gotten Netflix, I can say that any TV show I watch will be marathon-ed(?). So far the longest being a 4 season, 45 – 50 minute, 24 episode run show run. I think its safe to say I’ve got my moneys worth from that show alone (compared to DVD costs).

  11. Chris’s dream about searching for channels and shows on cable is a reality: when I moved several months ago, Comcast set me up with their new-ish “X1” cable box. You just start typing the name of the channel or show that you want using the alphanumeric keys and it gives you suggestions. It’s so nice not having to learn channel numbers anymore, especially with having a kid who watches a variety of stuff on various channels.

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