Cheap Popcast # 37 – Thanksgiv-Sting


The WWE’s Thanksgiving tradition delivered great matches and a greater debut, so Dave, Grimm, and Tyler Wilde (in his Popcast debut) break down the Survivor Series. After Dave discusses Raw and TLC prospects, the gang reconvenes to chat about WWE’s weird mash-up themes.



8 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast # 37 – Thanksgiv-Sting

  1. Fun Fact: Damien Sandow/Mizdow was actually in the WWE during 2006 before being sent back to OVW. He was in a tag-team alongside KC James as Idol Stevens with their valet/manager Michelle McCool. The reason you probably forgot about it is because the gimmick was awful and the only thing of value to come out of it was McCool dressing as a sexy teacher.

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