The Flintstones meet the WWE exclusively on Direct-to-DVD


You better believe that’s “Vince McMagma” up there!

Regardless of how many times I flip out and become an errant ass on our podcasts, I swear I’m not a petty person. So please understand where this coming from when I say that this trailer absolutely should’ve been OUR exclusive! Look, I mean no disrespect to our buddies over at IGN. I’ve seen them do some fine wrestling coverage, but so have we, and I damn sure doubt they’ve done Hanna-Barbera the due diligence we have, and that’s saying a lot because most of us pretty much hate the fucking Flintstones. The Flintstones and WWE’s Stone Age Smackdown looks like a nightmare. But it should’ve been OUR nightmare first, consarnit!

As for the trailer itself, while I love the appearances by “John Cena-Stone” and “Daniel Bry-Rock,” Fred and Barney’s voices are a little… you know what, who in the world honestly gives a shit?

flinstones wwe smackdown


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11 thoughts on “The Flintstones meet the WWE exclusively on Direct-to-DVD

  1. Undertaker sure has been around for a long time…. Also Rock Henry the first black Flintstone character? Where is Rock Lesnar….The Rock?!

  2. If Brock Lesnar was in the film it would count as a match for him and he would be gone even longer from the WWE. I still think Stone Cold should be in this because I want to see him give the stunner to Barney. Also they should have put in Old School Wrestlers like Bruno Sammartino and Wahoo Mcdaniel. Anyway I will watch this in hopes that Fred gets hit with a bowling ball to become a wrestler like he did in every show. Looks stupid and funny.

  3. I really do wonder if there is some overlap of old school Hannah Barbara and the WWE.

    IMO the best thing they ever made was Wacky Races

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