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This week sees the return of Gail Simone’s Secret Six, and the debut of the new Vertigo miniseries Wolf Moon

secretsixcover1Secret Six #1 (DC Comics)

 Secret Six is back! Yes, the fan favorite series that was canceled at the start of the DC relaunch is making its New 52 debut, with a brand new team and a new status quo. Original Six writer Gail Simone is back with artist Ken Lashley, and the two deliver a debut issue that’s a good jumping on point for new readers, but may be a little confusing for Secret Six fans of old.

Much of this debut issue focuses on Thomas Blake, aka Catman. Blake’s been targeted by a mysterious group of people who are trying to kidnap him, and after almost taking the group out, Blake is eventually captured and wakes up in a room with a few other mysterious characters. These various lowlifes, thugs, and villains (which includes Strix and Black Alice) all have no idea why they are trapped in a room together. Soon, a mysterious voice appears over the loudspeaker instructing them to open a box, which contains six different masks. What is the secret that’s brought them all together? Gail Simone’s not telling right now, but she’s definitely making this book a mysterious one.

The tone for this new Secret Six is slightly different from the previous run on the book, which is kind of to be expected since the team and landscape of the DC universe is so different from when the old series was on the stands. In all honesty, I feel that being such a big fan of the original Secret Six may have caused me to not like this issue at first. It was hard for me to get that this is largely a new cast of characters, not to mention the new spin on the book kind of took me by surprise. However, I found myself getting over this by the end of the issue, which comes way too soon (a problem I had with the previous Secret Six series too).

Ken Lashley’s art is a little looser than I like, but I like the way he draws Catman (who you never see in costume, btw). Much of Lashley’s art is pretty sketchy, but that may due to the inker more than Lashley. There are some action scenes that are a little muddy and hard to decipher, but the potential is there.

Secret Six’s New 52 debut might leave fans of the old book a little confused, but it’s still an enjoyable ride. To be honest, I’m just happy to have Catman back in the DC Universe. While I’ll miss characters like Bane and Scandal Savage, there’s still a chance that they might join this new version of the team, and with Simone writing the series, I know that there’s sure to be some awesome moments in the months ahead for this crew of no names.


 Wolf Moon #1 (of 6) (Vertigo Comics)wolf_moon_1_cover_5410d5984868c0.00054050

 Ho lee crap, this book is incredible. I knew next to nothing about Wolf Moon when I first saw it on the shelf, but after flipping through the book, I knew I had to check it out. I’m glad I did, because this debut issue by Cullen Bunn and Jeremy Haun is one of the best first issues of the year, and features some of the craziest werewolf action I’ve ever seen in a comic.

Wolf Moon focuses on Dillon, a man who’s been hunting down a werewolf for years. This first issue finds Dillon following up on a new lead on the creature, but when he goes to confront the monster, disaster strikes. Cullen Bunn does an excellent job of casting Dillon in a sympathetic light, making him the kind of guy that’s pretty easy to root for. You immediately understand why he’s so driven to take this monster down, even though you don’t know all of his reasons for the why he’s so compelled to kill it. Bunn also has a pretty cool new spin on the Werewolf mythos, one that I won’t spoil here.

Speaking of the Werewolf, artist Jeremy Haun draws one of the best werewolves I’ve ever seen in comics. His creature is both physically imposing and extremely powerful. It slashes heads off with ease, slams people through car windows, and even heals from wounds. Haun’s work is astounding, and I hope people at the big two are noticing.

Wolf Moon blew me away. It’s gory, scary, and also really interesting, with a ton of moments that are tailor made for the big screen. At only six issues, this book is the perfect thing to get your werewolf fix, and who knows, maybe if it sells well enough, it’ll get bumped up to an ongoing. Cullen Bunn and Jeremy Haun are creating something really unique and exciting with Wolf Moon, and I can’t wait to see what happens in issue two.


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