Terminator: Genisys trailer looks like confusing fan fiction


The future is set in stone but the past has yet to be written? Starring an Asian Robert Patrick?!

As briefly discussed in our look at the Star Wars teaser, there is an art to making a successful trailer, and our first look at Terminator: Genisys is a great example of that. Notice how I didn’t say it was satisfying, but hey, at least now I’m baffled enough to be intrigued! Look, I have no idea what’s going on in this trailer, and I sincerely doubt that has all that much to do with not remembering a single second of Terminator: Salvation. It’s hard to fault a Terminator movie for playing wicked with its timeline. That’s been a series hallmark since T2 (whose marketing I was equally confused by as a young lad) but I have no idea what events set in motion a T-800-raised Sarah Connor saving a time-travelin’ Kyle Reese, but to quote one of the best onscreen villains of the last ten years:


The latest Terminator always looked like a superfluous disaster, but now it’s at least one I’ll have a hard time avoiding. Kudos? It’s difficult to tell how this ties into the series thus far, but you can bet it’ll do probably do it’s best to ignore the events of the highly underrated Terminator 3 (stopping the “inevitable” Judgement Day would appear to be the plot Genisys, but I could be wrong.) My buddy Shane Patterson compared whatever the fuck is going on in the trailer to the events of Back to the Future II, and I agree, but the big ass reversal reminds more of the ridiculous switcharoo at the end of Star Trek Into Darkness. Would anybody really get all that mad if Terminator started hoping dimensions at this point? Why am I still writing?! Here’s the goddamned trailer.

Obviously, I’m a tad irked by somebody having the balls to changing James Cameron’s original Terminator canon, but with everyone on the web losing their shit over comic book movies, it really doesn’t get anymore comic booky than altering origins by way of time travel to continue telling a story. And it leads me to believe people like me, who write unnecessarily long nonsense about ceaseless commercially-released nonsense, may still have a job post Judgement Day! I may die penniless, but at least my child can follow in my footsteps with a job writing articles like “The Confusing Timeline of the Terminator Series.” But be honest with me… does this plot exist written solely to explain Schwarzenegger’s age? You can tell me, I’m gonna see it anyway. I can’t not see this. I am part of the problem.


Hope somebody gets that. Hope nobody remembers The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Wait, is this the second Game of Thrones cast member to play Sarah Connor?!

11 thoughts on “Terminator: Genisys trailer looks like confusing fan fiction

  1. It’s been almost two decades since I saw Terminator 2, and I haven’t really seen the other films. So it’s hard for me to feel much either way about this. Also, Daeneris Targaryen looks weird without her blond hair.

    If nothing else though, now I feel compelled to watch the first three movies, so that I can at least know what the hell is being changed.

  2. Grew up on the Terminator films and was one of a handful of people to enjoy Salvation (Batman fights machines, come on!), this looks fairly interesting to me. Totally spot on calling it a fanfic though. I hope the playing with the timeline stuff wasn’t just window dressing and dropped as a plot within 5 minutes.

    After reading comments at various sites, I just wish the rest of nerddom wasn’t so knee jerky about new stuff. This could be another Dredd or Robocop reboot that surprises people.

    Oh also, Terminator 3 was turrible, the future leader of humanity shouldn’t get locked in a dog cage by a bumbling vet tech.

  3. Man, people are going apeshit over this as if this movie is already the worst thing to happen to cinema. Not that that didn’t happen with the Jurassic World teaser, but at least that one had reasons for being badly received: poorly edited, bad lines and weird plot point that were already leaked and should only be unveiled at or near the movie’s premiere. But this teaser? This was pretty damn decent. Here’s hoping for a Days of Future Past-type quality release.

  4. Looks much better than part three and Salvation (enjoyed both) so im on board. Only thing im bumed is they clearly have a T-1000 but sadly its not Robert Patrick. If this film has him as well it could be the Terminator film we all want and deserve!

  5. The trailer looks promising, I’m definitely interested, certainly looks better than 3. I really liked salvation and even the Sarah Conner Chronicles before it got cancelled.

  6. I love love love Terminator and Terminator 2, hell I even like T3 a lot, and I’ve gotta admit I’m actually really excited for this movie. Salvation was really damn disappointing and boring to me, and while the plot of this movie and the fact that it’s rewriting the first two films is bizarre to a point, I feel like this could be a nice return to form. I’ll definitely be there opening night to check it out either way

  7. okay see this makes sense to me.
    like Shane said, it’s BTTF2 rules
    because the way I see it, if you change something in the past you move forward with a new time line. all events from that point change and if they send someone back from that timeline and change events in THAT timelines present or past, it just further spins off into new future timelines.
    you can’t change the past, it’s already happened, if you change something it’s a new event a new reality. plain and simple.
    two versions of you CAN occupy the same space at the same time (obviously not literally the same space, but side by side) because each of them is a different person now that you’re both experiencing the affects of time travel. your past self is forever changed because of the meeting and would go off into a future unlike your original self and experience, because he met you he is no longer you.

    also… I like the CG old Arnold they put in there. fun.

  8. F U TAKE MY MONEY!!!!

    lots of history with these movies as I’m sure we all share. Terminator was my first rated R picture as a kid. Probably why I still have a hard on for Linda Hamilton.. I enjoy anything time travely dispite a movies quality…(within reason) none of the terminator movies are unwatchable in my opinion.
    So this will be a theater outing for me.

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