Vidjagame Apocalypse 94 – Our Top 10 Games of 2014


This week’s show marks our last “real” VGA for 2014, so following last year’s established tradition, we’re going out with a countdown of our 10 favorite games of the year. Which ones will make the cut? After we find out, it’s on to some new-releases talk about Elite: Dangerous, an unexpectedly heated debate sparked by Hatred news, and some of the old movies you’d like to see made into games.

Question of the Week

What was your personal Game of the Year for 2014?



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59 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 94 – Our Top 10 Games of 2014

  1. I played Castlevania 1 for the first time this year… that would be my GotY that I personally played! But for titles that came out this year, definitely Bravely Default. It takes a pretty good game to get me to really like an RPG.

  2. My GotY is Dragon Age Inquisition, I watched my sister play DAO and DA2 and they looked so boring but I gambled on this one and turns out I love it. The customization and freedom was such a relief from the same ole situation with Assassin’s Creed and Halo etc. I played as a Humanoid Dragon thing and I shipped with a mage that looked like Freddie Mercury, now that’s diversity! Also the gameplay and story were so much fun.

  3. Yay for the second annual Top 10 of the year episode! Have a good break guys, and I look forward to seeing more episodes in 2015

  4. Guys… What’s with all that weird static in the promos? I thought you got better, newer equipment? *wink wink* 😉

    Anyway, I do think amiibos are stupid, and I am rather astounded that so many people are actually very into them. But hey, if there’s one company that can get away with releasing useless peripherals and not get shit because of it, that would be Nintendo.

    And man… It wasn’t my number 1 game of the year, but I still like dark souls II a lot. Rather sad that it didn’t make the list… But I suppose that’s what happens when Grimm or Brett aren’t in the podcast 😛

  5. After listening to this episode, I’ve come to a conclusion. Tyler should never be allowed on this show again. Period. He argued that GTA isn’t an achievement in design and needs to stop spewing his garbage.

    1. But what about freedom of speech and opinion and choice? Although I take your response as a joke because it seems more like it was meant to be.

    2. Why should he be stopped? because he doesn’t think the way that you want him to? Because he said something you didn’t like? That’s a very childish, immature reaction. And furthermore, that’s what leads to actual censorship and intolerance.

      I don’t always like or agree with what Tyler says either, or with what other hosts have said sometimes. I’ve even voiced my displeasure about it. But I would never want them to actually NOT talk or stop saying what they think. They are different than me, they are allowed to have their opinions, just as I’m allowed to have mine. I wouldn’t want anyone to actually silence me from saying what I want either, and I don’t think you would.

      To quote Voltaire: “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”

    3. That seems like a drastic response… I don’t always agree with the guys but I don’t have to and I think it usually makes a more interesting podcast to have some different opinions, even if I’m strongly against them.

    4. My problem with tyler is that every episode hes on at one point there will be “yknow what grinds my gears” rant about the gaming community or commenters as we listening are the ones.

      1. I am probably the only one that understood where Tyler was coming from i think. I wrote a research paper defending Violent Video Games. They are always blamed after Mass Killings. Half way threw I kind of changed my mind. Kids and adults are playing these games and they are being affected by them. Every other case i researched involved violent video games. Anyways this is happening more and more and Tyler mentioned it but was kinda brushed off. On the other hand it also every single case involved prescription drugs, mostly anti depressants and it was the side effects that pushed them to kill.

        1. Not to mention bad parenting. I can assure you than in most of those cases those kids had shitty parents that didn’t raise them right, or didn’t pay enough attention to know something wasn’t right.

      2. Pretty sure that his gripes come more from the people that tweet at him, rather than the people that listen to this podcast or comment/visit this site.

    5. Honestly, I disagree with Tyler on this, and to be honest I’ve never really liked listening to him, but he still deserves to be on the podcast and to be heard.

      1. Im mean, wait, I agree with Tyler that you should ask questions, you should have the right to ask if something should exist. And honestly, hookers probably should just be taken out of the series already. And yeas, GTA is art but you can make a case that it’s VERY low art (im saying this as someone who likes the game). And yes, the humor and “satire” are high school, no, grade school level. And though I think the characters are interesting (Franklin especially), they are awful people, and not just in the murdering people way (Micheal doesn’t really care about anyone other then himself, Franklin thinks he’s better then almost everyone, and Trevor is basically Eric Cartman). But, uh, wait, what was I saying?
        OH right, the game still deserves to exist.

  6. I think Hatred looks absolutely vile. I really do not think it *should* exist, because in my opinion, it has absolutely no redeeming qualities other than being sick and abhorrent and is made by people who are sympathetic to white supremacist groups. Do I want to censor it, or actively try to stop it from existing? No. Censorship is more upsetting to me than the contents of Hatred.

    That being said, I also have never played a single entry in the GTA series, because the content of GTA *does* bother me. I like Rockstar’s games. GTA is a game series I would play, if I didn’t dislike the types of protagonists and the things you do in the game. I have played Bully and Red Dead and LA Noire and had an amazing time with all 3. I’m positive I would love GTA’s gameplay. I just can’t get past the type of person I’d be playing as and the things you can do in game. Despite all that, I do like Saints Row quite a bit because its silly and makes me laugh and bears no resemblance to reality.

  7. I would of enjoyed the conversation about GTA and censorship except that Tyler refused to hear anything the others had to say. He took a hard stance position far in his camp and wad unwilling to even have an actual conversation. Also, he through around the word Nazi a lot which is an insane exaggeration. Hatred is a horrible game but it’s not The Holocaust. Let’s try to maintain some perspective.

    1. I had a similar feeling. I WANT to be able to have these sorts of conversations but people like Tyler who grace “defenders” (or whatever they label people they’re trying to discredit) with such expansive dialog and insight such as “yeeaah… but… it’s bad” or “come on… it’s not art”. He SAYS he isn’t taking certain positions which he clearly is through inference, the same inference he complains about from “defenders” (because we don’t have value and wouldn’t know it). He never even responded to any point with any sort of rebuttal beyond the equivalent of “i don’t care”.

      I’m unsure as to why we have documented and well-researched ways of communicating information to people but we still put up with (or perhaps don’t notice massive generalisation and enforcement of personal values on greater culture. When i went to university, this method of emotion-based communication was heavily explored and scrutinized throughout the course and actual successful methods were eventually taught and studied. I’m equally unsure as to why or how certain people and Tyler expect others to accept mass generalisations of them whilst devaluing their interests at their core (“garbage art”) and actually believe them when they just say “no, I’m not”. Whilst Tyler had a point, only one side was interested in listening with the other generalising and insulting and that’s the saddest thing about these topics.

  8. I honestly don’t see how Hatred differs from Carmageddon, GTA, Manhunt, Soldier of Fortune and Hotline Miami. Is it because you’re fighting civilians? If so, isn’t what most people love doing in GTA?

    Look if a murder simulator is emjoyable to people, why don’t people let others play it and stop trying to censor it (or whatever THAT group wants to call it).

    It’s either the liberals wanting to censor shit for sexism amd racism or it’s the conservatives wanting to censor shit for white people or the children.

    1. Also I’ve spent all year playing HD remakes of good games or PC versions of games I missed last year, neither of which should qualify because they’re both not new games this year.

    2. I don’t like the game. I think it is in horrible taste. I think it is insensitive to many recent similar things that happened in the news. I think it is rather immature with its stupid little emo monologue in the trailer. I think it is vile and ugly.

      I don’t want it to be censored. I just dislike it very, very much.

      1. Ironically though, I feel that the main reason why we’re even having this conversation, it’s because people that dislike it are giving it WAY too much attention.

        I would have never even KNOWN about the existence of hatred if I hadn’t heard it from a Destructoid post in which the editor made his disdain of the game absolutely clear. Ditto in this case, this comment section has already exploded with comments on both sides around the issue and I guarantee there’ll be far more to come, and it’s only because it was mentioned and discussed so thoroughly in the podcast.

        So basically, if people that disliked hatred simply didn’t bother talking about it, there would have been far, FAR less knowledge about the game, and it would likely sell poorly and reach very little people. But as it is, thanks to the controversy that people who are offended by the game’s existence are making, it’s going to receive far, FAR more attention and thus, be detrimental to their cause.

        This is exactly the same thing that has happened with every single piece of media that people find offensive. If those that got offended didn’t talk about it, it’s stuff that probably would have sold really poorly. GTA likely would have never become the uber household name it is now had it not been so reported in the news the way it did due to it’s controversial bits.

        I could mention a lot more other examples… but see, if I did, I would be raising awareness to them, and I don’t want to give them that privilege.

  9. My game of the year is Valiant Hearts: The Great War.

    Partly because it was unspeakably poignant and moving, and also admittedly because I only got the new-gen consoles during the Thanksgiving/Black Friday morass, and thus haven’t played much else that’s been released and talked about this year.

    That shouldn’t cheapen how damned amazing Valiant Hearts is, though.

  10. I’m gonna go ahead and say it. Thank you guys for having the conversation that you had about “Hatred” and culture of violence. I may have not agreed with a lot of what was said, but it was still an interesting and entertaining discussion to have.

    I will point something out though. Tyler saying “Well I don’t think it’s okay for people to have an urge or thoughts of wanting to kill someone” is such a high horse stance to have, and also a very stupid one. Seems to me like Tyler thinks, or wants to think that good people should never even think much less have an urge to do bad things, but this is naive and wrong. It’s part of human nature to have those urges, and people who claim they don’t have them are just lying, either to themselves or others.

    Viewing it from a evolutionary standpoint, we come from animals, and as such still retain a lot of animalistic traits. One of those traits? an inherent leaning towards violence, or attacking or killing those we don’t like. And furthermore, just look at the fucking history of humanity. There is not a single civilization, not even a single century, in which several counts of violence and war hasn’t happened. We’re a violent species by nature, and thus we DO have an instinctual want or need for violence. Pretending that we don’t is again, either naive, stupid, or hypocritical.

    So yeah, I’m completely with Mikel on this one. Videogames ARE an useful outlet to let off steam and keep those urges at bay, and we DO have those urges, and it’s fine that we have them. What differs good men from bad men IMO, is that good men are aware of these urges, and either keep them controlled or channel them into positive behavior, whereas bad people either put no effort in controlling it, or deny that they have it until those urges build up and one day they explode, turning them into the psychopaths we hear about the news.

    1. If I could embed the “Citizen Kane clapping” gif for your comment, I would. I know people, even fucking atheists, keep on forgetting this fact, but We. Are. PRIMATES. Ascended bioloigical and bipedal organisms that have one true desire and that is to fight and conquer. We have needs, drives and urges to facilitate and utilize this violence. Should we have grown beyond that by now? Sure, but until we can make meds or biological modifications to make the entire human species avoid violence, we can’t.

      Why I support boring ass games like Hatred, since I prefer some meat to my games and/or at least either amazing gameplay or a great story in them, regardless of that, why I support games like Hatred is for the same reason I support “Salo, 120 Days of Sodom”, “A Serbian Film”, and “I Spit on Your Grave”. If games are art, then THIS CANNOT BE CENSORED! If you think they’re not, then fine that is your opinion (you’re wrong, of course, but that is your opinion).

      And make no mistake chickadees, wanting this game to not exist isn’t commerce or business, it is <<<<>>>> for the same reason what Leland Yee was trying to do, what Jack Thompson was trying to do, what Hilary Clinton was trying to do and what Tipper Gore was trying to do was considered censorship, hell Nintendo did this shit in the 90’s and that bit them in the ass real fast.

      So to quote Rockstar, “Don’t like it, don’t buy it”

      *Drops the mic*

  11. This is weird, but my number one favorite game of this year has to go to the one-two punch of Assasins Creed Freedom Cry, which in turn convinced me to go get Black Flag (so they both count as one entry because I don’t understand basic math)

    (and number two game of the year has to go to NBA 2k-whatever the fuck year, because im a shameless whore who buys every yearly copy)

  12. Excellent discussion. Even if there was a lot I disagreed with or didn’t get behind, I think the journey they took and conclusions they reached was valuable on so many levels. This group has earned the distinction of being one of the most definitive discussions on video games and its culture today – by not actively seeking the distinction at all.

  13. Regardless of my comments here and above, I just want to say that I love this site. I love Tyler Wilde (I tried to add him on Steam but was denied, boo hoo). I love the Justice of “Anis”es, Chris Antista! I love Wiki-motherfucking-Reparaz. I have even grown to tolerate Anne Lewis (just kidding, she rad). I even love my gay liberal H.e.n.e.r.e.y.G on Twitter, Henry “the sexy Mystique of Lasertime” Gilbert!

    So my QOTW for this week, and I am getting sauced since this is my “Friday of the week”, my answer is after more thought Dark Souls 2.

  14. Destiny! I have no clue why, because it is not even that great of a game, but for some reason that game has taken my life over…. That is the only game I have been playing the most of since it was released. If I had to go with a runner up though it would be The Evil Within.

  15. I would prefer to live in a world where hatred and violence can been seen at any time and place, but I can live my life without being affected by it personally. That white-supremicist or feminist extremist can talk as much as they want as long as they do not restrict other people’s rights.

  16. Man I’m so glad that that discussion was in there. I wish Henry or Grimm was in this cause I feel like it would have been a much more fleshed out discussion. I’m pretty behind Tyler stance though the whole conversation is just interesting. Everyone seems super tender about it though so I just hope we get to a point where it’s not just back and forth defensive reactions.

  17. Like most recent years, my personal GOTY is a Platinum game, this year being Bayonetta 2. It was nice to see a console game that shipped finished this year, and on top of that it focused on the most important aspect of video games, compelling gameplay. The sequel to one of my favourite games of all time surpassed all of my expectations, and to me the game is the closest to perfect a video game can be. Also stellar this year, and a close runner up for me, was Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd which also surpassed the original which I loved.

  18. Hearthstone is my personal GOTY. I have always loved the idea of card battle games but never really got into them except for Yugioh. Didn’t know what to expect really from Hearthstone but as soon as I got through the tutorial I pretty much knew this was gonna be my new time and money sink. Good, fun game.

  19. So much love for jazzpunk on vidjagame apocalypse. It wasn’t my bag, but hey that’s okay. I’ll agree with others and say Dark souls II was my game of the year. Improved on the original in almost every way (dark souls had better level design.), had thoughtful add on content and expanded upon the ingenuous multi-player of demon souls/dark souls. It’s everything a sequel should be.

  20. I actually do agree with Tyler. The arguments that so many people use to defend such graphic violence and horrible imagery always boils down to freedom of expression and speech, when really that is not the argument that should be had. Sure, they should have every right to make games as violent and as gruesome as they want, but does that really mean that that’s what they SHOULD be making, instead of something better. Back to Mikel’s Transformers analogy, even though Michael Bay has every right to make shitty Transformers movies with humping dogs and racist robots, does that mean that we should really WANT to see that or defend his decisions to put that in there? No, from a critical standpoint we should demand better, and I don’t think that Tyler, nor anyone else who argues this idea, should be dismissed as whiny bitches who are mad that games don’t tailor specifically towards them. This type of criticism is healthy and will only lead to games getting better and progressing further as an art form. Everyone complains about how the Video Game Awards are a joke and how they treat games with no reverence, but how could we be expected to do that when the target audience of these games are ignorant fuckheads who will adamantly defend stuff like this to the death? I mean absolutely no offense to Mikel or Chris when I say this because they are certainly more well-spoken and rational about this situation than your average brodude gamer.

  21. Holy shit, this was a great episode. I love it when you guys actually hit on a topic to have a huge, broad discussion about. Tyler, I may not agree with you all the time, but listening to you argue your points is fantastic.

    Also, I realize now that I’ve only played one of the games on the top ten (Shadow of Mordor, which was indeed great), because I’ve been short on time and money this year. The new year brings more free time and cash, so I’m gonna work my way through this list. Luckily, the Steam sale is gonna help me quite a bit with that.

  22. Good discussion. Personally, I don’t agree with Tyler’s position.

    I believe horrible should always be able to make horrible things for other horrible people.

    It’s a huge part of having freedom of speech is that you have to accept the good with the bad.

    I don’t LIKE any of those people, but I still believe they should have the freedom to make things for other shitbags that think the way they do.

    1. And I do completely agree with Chris that I just hate the notion of “This shouldn’t exist”, for the exact same reasons he described.

  23. Holy shit. Tyler was on fire lol. I wholeheartedly disagree with Mr. Wilde (Tyler not Oscar) and I like the guy and all, it’s a silly argument to have…At least how he posed it. I wonder maybe if he worded it differently? He seemed to have several points but voiced them in such a way that it seemed as though his main point was just lost. As if Tyler’s verbal acrobatics left his well oiled well trained thesis in the rain. Is it possible one of those various ideas he expressed in the discussion with the fellas is his grander point? Was it a devil’s advocate scenario as someone else stated? Was it trolling? Was he just too sick as he himself said thus a bad mood? Is he Andy Kaufman? Or will he be on the next episode of Fox and Friends? Is he a man or a miserable pile of secrets?

    1. Probably awhile after he started dating Anne. Now he’s all sensitive and thoughtful towards the feminine point of view.It’s also trendy to take everything Anita Sarkeesian says as gospel. Fine, you don’t like GTA V, absolutely fine point of view. But the fact that people are saying he was making an argument when he was really just standing on a whiny soap box. “Yeah, but….” He claims not to be Jack Thompson, which he’s not, but then he also says gaming culture is awful. He was obviously making the other hosts feel awkward with his whiny rant and turned this into the worst episode I’ve ever listened to. I don’t disagree with the sentiment, games need some growing up, but I cannot stand the way Tyler expresses himself. It reminds me of a 5 year old kicking at the ground repeatedly with a frown on their face when they aren’t getting what they want. Maybe on the next episode he’ll tell us all about why people shouldn’t smoke cigarettes.

      1. … Dude, don’t talk about shit you know nothing of, you only make a super asshole of yourself.

        You can disagree with Tyler all you want, most of us here already expressed we’re not entirely on board with his stuff. But making assumptions based on his personal life when again, you can’t really know about, is really, really stupid and douchey.

  24. 51 weeks spent talking about dicks, farts, and poop, then you drop the heaviest discussion any of you have recorded about anything in your last show of the year. The bar has been set, folks. Looking forward to more meaningful chats in 2015.

  25. Bayonetta 2 sounds so good, i have it but am working my way through 1 at the moment.
    also that clip from Far cry 4 pretty much sold me!

    out of curiosity, did the VGA crew talk about the state of Unity? or is the fact that anne works for ubisoft make it a non discussable issue?

  26. My GOY would be Borderlands The Pre-Sequel. I know a lot of people shit on it and said it was just more Borderlands 2, but more Borderlands 2 is never a bad thing. It had a great story and funny side missions and was no more a copy of its predecessor than COD, Far Cry 3, or Assassin’s Creed.

  27. That discussion was trash, its mostly just Tyler being a contrarian hipster, while mikel and chris have the hardest time tripping over themselves just to respond to the lamest crypto-censorship argument Ive ever heard. Its easy to avoid some “unnecessarily violent” video game that may or may not “affect peoples attitudes,” don’t spend $60 USD on the thing (pretty easy). By what Tyler suggests, an innocuous piece of multimedia will “affect someones attitude” and turn them into a bad person, that videogames are some sort of manchurian candidate program designed to turn everyone antisocial. The only question of what gamemakers “should’ be making, is whatever they feel like, theres nothing about creation where the question of “should’ should be answered, the people who worry about “should”, are conceited and shallow people who make garden variety shovelware, anyone who pontificates the notion of “should” isnt interested in creation or expression, theyre interested in sanctimonious rubbish. If someone actually cares that some dreadful looking twin stick shooter like Hatred exists, and thinks games should only adhere to standards in their small little mind, they should go get a life, there are worse games that exist, there will be worse games that will be made in the future, especially because someone thought of what “should” be in their game, and how it might “affect” people, the worlds an awful place, videogames have nothing to do with whether or not someone joins Doctors without Borders or practices acceptance and tolerance

  28. Great episode! I found the Hatred discussion to be very valuable. I don’t agree with everything Tyler said, but I do think that having discussions about violence in video games can only be a good thing that will help move the medium forward. And it’s important to have people that will spur that discussion.
    Keep up the good work guys, there’s been some great stuff from the Laser Time Network lately. I’ll try to donate sometime over the holidays. Hope everyone enjoys their break! <3

  29. I agree with Tyler in that he was thinking philosophically about games and what they portray, but he was asking a deeper question which is why do we like violent video games? Why are those the main titles we play and frequently get AAA status? I think this discussion deserves more chat from the other guests of vidjagame apocalypse.

    To that end, I’ll donate $20 for more discussion on this topic on a future episode. Yay or nay?

    1. your probably not going to find many answers, youre better off looking for what people like in media that isnt violent, one guy said GTAV was too violent for him, yet he loves Bully and Red Dead and LA Noire, all games where you play a character whos main way of manipulating their environment is through the act of violence, popular media portrays this idea of violence as a means you navigate the world in everything from the “Should this really be this violent?” GTAV to pg rated Disney movies, if youre bothered by bankrobbers shooting random pedestrians and hookers, how is it able to be compartmentalized from the stories of a man who “Redeems himself” by murdering like half the western United States, or a 15 year old who systematically commits aggravated assualt to everyone in his High School?

  30. Finally finished this one.

    Okay my GOTY is absolutely Mario Kart 8. No single game has given me so much gameplay with my friends online and the DLC cemented that as my favorite this year. I am a bit of a junkie but there is a undeniable joy to it. Yes you lose but that’s half the fun. Just play till you rage quit then pick it up tomorrow. So many incredible races. I know, it’s stupid, but it was my absolute game of the year hands down.

    END OF ANSWER(stop reading if on podcast)

    Now, regarding Tyler and the conversation they had. Let me just pull Tyler aside.

    Tyler, we know you’re bitter. We get it. Hanging with the elitist PC crowd as a full time job is taxing. Don’t become a contrarian merely because of the drivel jerks and a-holes spout online. I hate the entire #Gamergate issue. Here’s why. The only thing that can come of it is censorship. There is zero positive endgame for any gamers. Not to mention the entire discussion is stupid. It is so dumb. On both sides. Gaming is a medium with a staggering amount of experiences. Meanwhile, the feminist side of this thing has tunnel vision. They only see what makes them angry. Yeah I know it’s contrived but THESE GAMES ARE NOT MADE FOR YOU!

    They are made for the MILLIONS of gamers who do want it. There is an infinitesimal amount of female objectification in the entire game of GTA and that’s the only focus. How about the incredible voice acting, how about the elaborate fleshed out world, how about the poignant social commentary, how about the deep hollywood level plot that makes GTA what it is? Can you really ignore all that because you can get a first person hummer from a hooker and kill her if you want? That is one of a ridiculous number of things you could do with your time in this world.

    The thing is, this type of argument is why the entire #gamergate issue is dumb as fuck. if HALF only HALF of the energy people put into getting pissed about sexist or violent games was channelled into things like social inequality, poverty assistance, education, actual national equality based off something more than your sexual orientation, gender, race, or (god help us) “kin”.

    It’s divisive and it’s all just a bunch of hot shit blabbering that accomplishes nothing. If you’re so damn pissed… how about writing your congressman about it? Instead of that 15 year old jerk off in your gaming comments.

    There is no end game with the gaming controversy that’s worthwhile. It’s wasted energy that could be used to tackle meaningful social issues in our nation. If these people were as likely to FUCKING VOTE as they are to comment on the latest gaming controversy, we would have a better nation. We would have less social problems, better education, and thus a medium less likely to placate to the deep anger we all hold because our nation fucking sucks right now.

    I know, Tyler won’t actually read this. Just gotta get that off my chest. Cripes, I hate this garbage.

  31. QOTW: My GotY is definitely Bayonetta 2. I seriously haven’t had that much fun playing a single player game in years. It even comes with the first game so I can experience what I missed back in 2010. For me, everything in B2 came together: the graphical style, the colors, the awesome music, the gameplay, the attitude, and even the stupid story. It’s like Platinum Games tailor-made a game specifically for me, Suroosh. In fact, I like it so much, that I become an elitist douchebag when I find out someone doesn’t like it or doesn’t give it the credit that I think it deserves. Yeah, I’m that guy.

    Side note… I’ve been following you guys for years and will do so for all the years to come. I’ve even introduced multiple friends to the Lasertime network. With all these hours of content, I’ve heard Chris say a lot of crazy things, but for the first time ever he said something that’s made me lose a tiny bit of respect for him. In regards to Bayonetta 2 he stated, “the gameplay really isn’t all that deep…” My natural reaction was a loud, “UUUUUHHHHMMM…” I’m going to try to ignore that he said that because it’s runner up for Most Retarded Statement of the Year. However, we do share the same sentiment that the game reminds us why we love video games. And I guess that’s all that matters???

    Anyway, love you guys. Keep doing what you’re doing and don’t stop. Also, I loved that talk with Tyler. More of that stuff. Rational discussion is intriguing, entertaining, and important in moving forward.

  32. I very much enjoy this podcast, and the opinions expressed. One thing that bothered me with this episode, however, was the argument that if a woman/man who was sexually abused doesn’t like to see hookers abused in GTA V, then she/he should avoid the game entirely… As you mentioned, GTA V has many things to offer and is a very fun game. She/he should not have to avoid an entire game because they make light of a serious topic. There is nothing wrong with objecting to those actions in that game, but still want to enjoy all the other aspects of that that game. I just wanted to point that out.

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