Cape Crisis #118 – Holidays With The Community


It’s our last regular episode of the year, and Henry, Chris, and Dave have much to talk about before 2014 is all over. This time they cover the Spidey-related fallout of the Sony hack, talk about their favorite comics in 2014, and then indulge in an extra-large dose of community Q&A! Happy holidays one and all…


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Cape Crisis #118 Question: What was your favorite book in 2014

20 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #118 – Holidays With The Community

  1. Merry Christmas and a kick-ass new year for all the lasertime crew, and the community as well! ^^

    I know I’m probably not super popular, but still, this is a cool site and with several cool people, and I hope you guys have some awesome downtime and holiday breaks! 😀

      1. Well, the hosts seem to tolerate me but not necessarily like me. And I know several people here are annoyed by my attitude and opinions.

        But hey, thanks for the vote of confidence, it’s nice to know you’re also appreciated ^^

        And yeah, moan4stallone is the best commenter in the site IMO. His sense of humor fits the spirit of this network like a glove.

        1. I remember you only posting as an asshole, and you seem to have turned things around for the most part, so you’re proof that the Internet can learn.

          1. Well, there you go, I was never actively trying to come across as an asshole, and yet I still did, which tells you of my poor social skills and also how ornery I can get. I can be very opinionated, and I realized that the way I went about saying my opinion before was too aggressive, so yeah, I’ve been trying to get better in that respect.

            Anyway, thanks for the honest opinion, and also letting me know that I have changed successfully, let’s me know I’m on the right track on being a decent Internet dweller ^^

      2. May have to change my name like prince and be the artist formerly known as Moan4stallone! Love this community and it is by far the realest entertainment network available. Feels like the beginning stages of Apple before they blew up. I foresee big things for this empire in the coming months. Happy holidays to all and to all hey yo Adrian!

        1. I believe The Artist formerly known as Keeper XIII may have already stolen your idea 😉

          And if I may be so selfish… I hope they don’t? XD I mean, i want them to be successful enough to want to keep doing these shows for a while still, but an explosion in popularity could change things in a way that might not be so pleasant. One of the reasons why I like this place is because it’s small and it’s easy to know everyone else and engage with each other. Again though, selfish desire, if the guys were to cut a big break, I’d be pretty happy for them ^^

          And yeah, Happy Holidays to you too man! cheers!

  2. Yay for a final 2014 edition of Cape Crisis! Have a good break y’all. I plan on using some of my much needed break to catch up on some (old) comics and I’m curious to see what you guys get up to yourselves.

  3. Chris, you should really give Agents of Shield a second chance. Skip to episode 12 of the first season if you want, and you’ll still be able to follow most of what happens after. And trust me, it gets so much better from then on. And everything in season 2 so far has been fantastic.

    Also, third season of arrow sans the two latest episodes has been rather crappy, unfortunate since season 2 was pretty good, but again, the last two episodes were a big bump in quality, so hopefully it’ll get better in its second half next year. (And their take of captain boomerang was fucking awesome, which is commendable since that’s such a lame concept for a character.)

    The flash has been pretty good overall, a much better show than arrow back when arrow started. My only hang up is the whole romantic hullabaloo going on. But it seems that’s unavoidable in a CW show.

    1. Definitely agree that Chris & the gang should try Agents of SHIELD and Arrow, though I haven’t watched Flash really yet. I enjoyed SHIELD from the start but at that halfway point in season 1 it got legitimately great, and season 2 is fucking fantastic so far. Plus it seems to be setting up cool shit for the MCU, and we’ve got the upcoming Age of Ultron tie-in. As for Arrow, to me it’s basically the first two Nolan Batman movies without David Goyer trying to ruin it and in a lot of ways (even as a Marvel Zombie) it’s better than Agents of SHIELD 90% of the time. I think dismissing either of them at this point is unfair and means you’d be missing out on some cool things.

        1. Yeah, though again, be prepared to endure the first 10-15 episodes of not a terrible show, but one that feels a bit safe and disposable up to that point. Those episodes CAN be skipped if you don’t feel like you have the time/patience for them, though if you watch them, it’ll definitely pay off more for you later on.

          Agents of SHIELD is perhaps one of the shows with the biggest changes in structure I’ve ever seen. The first 2/3 of the first season feel very much like a procedural with just a bit of continuity, but the last third and the entirety of the second season is a serialized series that constantly keeps challenging the status quo.

    2. Agreed all round. The Flash is currently JUST over Arrow as my favourite (non-Game of Thrones) show on right now, and the last two episodes of both shows really raised the stakes. The proper-yet-still-mysterious introduction of Reverse-Flash (who’s basically Flash’s Joker if you don’t read the comics) was brilliant, and Ra’s Al Ghul was a huge kick up the ass for Arrow. I especially loved how the showrunners seemed to admit they’d been dragging their feet with the season so far and so just have the League of Assassins show up and go “look, stop fucking around and get on with it”. Season 2 of Arrow though was all gold.

      Agents of SHIELD also agree, it’s been hugely entertaining. Although the DC fanboy in me did come out in the last episode, where everyone was losing their shit about Skye turning into a Z-list superhero no-one’s ever heard of – and on the other channel The Flash, one of the most famous superheroes in the world, is fighting his main villain in almost a mini-movie. Quite a divide. Both were still very good, fortunately.

      1. All caught up with Flash, surprised how much I like it. First ep was OK but a little too CW-y if that makes any sense… but as it rolls onward everything clicks pretty well. And yeah like you said, while it’s frankly amazing SHIELD is pulling Inhumans into the show, at the end of the day all the characters involved are minor while Flash ALREADY has Reverse Flash in the mix – AND he’s done very well.

        Gotham I quit, Arrow haven’t checked out and Constantine… well I meant to watch it 😛

        1. Yeah… I wasn’t sold on Gotham’s premise, and the lukewarm reviews make me think that I am losing nothing by not watching it.

          Constantine is something I was more interested in. I’m an anomaly in that I unironically like the Keanu Reeves film, but this look good too. Right now, I’m mainly waiting to see if it will actually survive for more than a season. I don’t like watching a show only to find out that a year later it’s being pulled off the air.

          1. I’m a little behind on Constantine but I was really pleased with the first few episodes of it, I could see it making good competition with the other comic shows if it gets the chance to continue on.

            Oh and Gotham is utter garbage, couldn’t stand the first few episodes and friends have sent around clips of later ones that seem even worse. It’s like Smallville at it’s worst times 10.

  4. Oh great more anti-Christian talk, we get it you hate Christians, but how about before you point out the flaws in SOME Christians how about you look at some awful Atheist like Hitler and Stalin. Also you wouldn’t DARE talk hate speak towards Judaism or Islam(The Torah is basically the Old Testament) because YOU’RE COWARDS and you know it wouldn’t be tolerated! You guys are every bit as annoying and self righteous as the Christians you insult and stereotype.

    1. I think calling them cowards is a little unfair. Maybe all the anti-Christian talk is as bad as the zealots (personally wouldn’t go so far as to say that) but I think it’s about Christians because these guys had to grow up in Christian environments and were brought into it unwillingly by their parents. And that way it’s a backlash to something they’ve had to put up with their whole lives, especially growing up where they have, and they personally probably haven’t had to deal with a lot of assholes from other religions. “Hating” on Jews or Muslims wouldn’t be something they’d do because they have no personal reason to, whereas Christians have pissed them off plenty in their lives.

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