VGMpire: Best 0f 2014 now on Bandcamp


A year ago we kicked off our Bandcamp page with a trio of commentary tracks and a winter-themed VGMpire. This time around, VGMpire returns with a look back at all our 2014 episodes and chooses a handful of the best songs. Join me, Chris and -VGMPIRE DEBUT- Mikel Reparaz as we fart around and eventually discuss game music!

As with last year, the episode is free. But for $1 (or y’know however much :3) you get a huge word doc of VGMpire notes for 2014. This goes episode by episode and acts as “commentary” for the show this year; furthermore they’re the actual notes I used to stack the show.

You can also still pick up 2013’s Wintry Mix and its 2013 notes!


And if you’re waiting for the annual “Year in Review,” well it posted this week!

6 thoughts on “VGMpire: Best 0f 2014 now on Bandcamp

  1. The title of this one confused me. I thought it was the same episode that came out two days ago. Glad to see it wasn’t though!

    Very fun recap of previous episodes. It was fun to have Mikel in the show for the first time. Please try to have him more often!

    I will never get tired of listening to simian acres. And that golden Axe 3 track is soooooo good!

  2. Hey, we do get a chance to comment on this episode! Hooray for us!

    I always wonder why Mikel and Brett don’t seem to be on very many shows that aren’t their own. I can’t believe Mikel wasn’t on an earlier VGMpire.

  3. fantastic! last years list was really great and i bought alot of music becuase of your playlist. thanks Brett, your awesome! merry christmas 🙂

  4. great episode. VGMpire is the only show I don’t delete after I listen, because some episodes I know I’m going to want to listen twice, and this was one of those. I love it when the whole gang gang gets together for these. lots of fun.

    Darks Souls 2 is definitely my GOTY too.

  5. Loved it Brett. Thanks for all the effort dude. I can’t believe I haven’t played Shovelknight now, that music is great. Same for bravely default. Was disappointed with how light you were with MK8 music. However it was a great yearly sendoff episode. You should be proud.

    Been listening all year and love every episode. Have a great new year Brett and happy holidays.

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