Christmas in Japan [Laser Japan Time!]


Kicking off our stupid awesome video guide to Japan, take a look at how much better they are at celebrating Christmas.

You heard our How to Japan podcast yet? Golly, I hope ya liked it. Obviously, our hope was that it’d satisfy the curiosity of our fellow Japanophiles and possibly offer some slighty informative tips for those considering taking a trip there. That said, my biggest fear is that it may come off as self indulgent due to the super-sized length. So if you hated that episode… you might hate this slightly less! In honor of that special time of year, our inaugural video look at Japan focuses on just how much bigger, better and more badass the Japanese do Christmas. And you know what? I think I do prefer fried chicken to turkey.

This has like two more days of relevance, so I strongly encourage you watch soon. If Christmas isn’t your thing, fear not! We’ve got several more Laser Japan Time videos in the pipeline, so if Christmas ain’t your thing, stay tuned for looks at the Ghibli Museum, Tokyo Disneyland, Monkey Parks, Cat Cafes and more! Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

14 thoughts on “Christmas in Japan [Laser Japan Time!]

  1. If you aren’t in the kitchen studio, is this the living room workshop?

    Can’t wait for the rest of the videos chris, that was a very nicely produced piece. You might want to slow down a bit though.

  2. Nice job, Chris, I can’t wait to see everything else you shot!

    Not sure if I’ll make a trip to Japan in my life time, but watching the LT crew do it all makes me just as happy.

    1. I think you just made the perfect tagline for National lampoons: Lasertime Vacation. Randy Quaid’s gotta be a cheap get.

  3. Man, I’m always super impressed at how well you edit these videos man, super good!

    And very fascinating! Japanese really know how to decorate in style, and heh, those KFC adverts XD

    These videos are too good, it’s an injustice that they don’t get more views! ):

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