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From all of us at Laser Time, please accept this full-length Gremlins commentary as our humble Christmas gift to you…


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2014 kinda sucked in more ways than I care to mention. But let’s try! We lost Robin Williams tragically. Cops killed kids. Cop Killers killed Cops. GamerGate embarrassed us all (no matter what side you’re on, BTW.) Bill Cosby impressions became a lot less fun. The Pirate Bay went down. Something tragic probably also happened in a third world country. It was truly a watershed year for awfulness, and yeah, a couple of guys who work on Laser Time had a bit of an unexpected career switch. But you guys supported us and we wanted to thank all of you with this humble gift of one of our premium movie commentaries we swore would never be released again. Just one year ago, we released our full-length commentary for the greatest , most demented Christmas movie ever made: Fucking Gremlins. And your support literally fed me. I cannot thank you enough, but this is my last minute attempt to try.

NOTE: We’ve been told that since our spirits are high and our knowledge is deep in this commentary, and it may come the closest of any of them to loosely resembling an actual podcast. I honestly do not recommend that at all. Gremlins is not only a wonderfully violent live-cartoon, it nods its head repeatedly to some of the finest cartoons ever made while killing people comedically all the while. Watch that shit. With us. And better yet, use our Amazon links if you feel like buying it.
-This Gremlins commentary has never been available for sale, however, you can still purchase other “Christmasy” commentaries for Home Alone wand Batman Returns on our Bandcamp page at  any time. Oh, and we’ve also got a new new VGMpire Best of 2014 episode there too. Pay what you want!
-There’s a slight chance we might have to remove this later next week if our hosting gets full, so grab it soon even if you don’t plan on listening right away.

Again, thank you all. Here’s to a better 2015.

15 thoughts on “LT – Gremlins Movie Commentary

  1. bought the pack back when it came out. I’d shit my shit if you guys did a Gremlins 2 commentary one day. package that with Short Circuit 2, and you’ve wrapped up all the flicks I feel like only I loved as a kid (and still to this day).

    1. Short Circuit 2 would legit! Loved to hear their thoughts durring the amazing “I need a hero” scene. Still gets me hyped before I hit the gym.

    2. I’d love for Henry to be on that one and be rightfully shouted down for his absolutely incorrect opinions on that film (<3 you Hank).

  2. Haha believe it or not when I bought the best of 2014 vgmpire yesterday I was sad that I never got around to buying the pack with gremlins in when it came out… now to buy batman returns to complete my LT movie commentary collection 😀 thanks Chris, merry x-mas!

  3. You’re certainly right about the third world country tragedies Chris. In Mexico, 43 students disappeared under very suspicious circumstances, with witnesses assuring that it was policemen that took them. They haven’t been found since and they are most certainly dead by now, sadly.

    But the worst thing about this is that it has created a political conflict fueled by the incident but in which neither side really cares about the incident itself, and it’s being used only as a power play. You know, that’s how politicians roll! And if course, most people are lapping it all up, making sit worse.

    … Merry Christmas! 😀

  4. Somehow, I stupidly missed this when it was out last year. I recently purchased the two other commentaries that went with this and I was bummed I couldn’t get Gremlins(my own fault). Now my commentary collection is complete thank you Chris and Lasertime!

  5. My 2014 was a bit of a roller coaster, and that’s not counting all the happening around the world.
    A lot of positives, a lot of negatives – that’s how it goes, I guess!

    However, throughout it all, I’ve always had the entertaining and informative voices at the LaserTime Network to keep me company! Thank you all for being apart of my life since 2008, Merry Christmas!

  6. “Ill torture you more in the morning” and “Yeah we just did a bunch of pcp!” Great commentary, had me laughing, learning and agreeing. “A cell phone would of saved the day.” Thanks for releasing this.

  7. yaaaaaaay!
    this originally came out when I was unemployed, so I’m happy to see it under my internets christmas tree.
    also, the way Brett says it, it sounds like you guys were planning on making these available all year long? that would have been super cool.

  8. I missed this pack when it came out. I’ve waited so long, hoping that you would let me buy this track.
    I’ll be making a decent donation when I get back from dinner.
    Much love.

  9. Henry’s disdain for Gremlins 2 is insane. I’m not the sort of person who makes list of favorite things, but Gremlins 2 would probably be in my top 5 favorite movies.

    I’m surprised none of the guys knew what Hemo the Magnificent was. It was directed by Frank Capra, who made It’s a Wonderful Life, and wasn’t just a filmstrip or industrial film, I remember seeing it in school in the 80’s and it’s stuck with me all my life.

  10. Woo! Free commentary!

    I hope it syncs up to the Special Edition version, because that’s the only one I could find with Pirate Bay down.

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