Laser Time – The Best Movies of 2014


Wringing out the very last drop of holiday spirit with a look at our favorite flicks from the year that was! What was your favorite movie of 2014?


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42 thoughts on “Laser Time – The Best Movies of 2014

  1. YAY! Lasertime is back! 😀

    My top 5 are:

    1.- Captain America: Winter Soldier
    2.- The Raid 2
    3.- Locke
    4.- The Wind Rises
    5.- Fury

    I feel like Cap was great in almost every sense, but The Raid 2 absolutely floored me with it’s masterfully done and brutal action sequences.

    One film that I watched almost by accident, but blew me away was Locke, with Tom Hardy. It helped that I knew nothing about it going in. It showcased just how awesome of an actor Hardy is, and tells a very good, logical, repeatable and tense story with relatively very little.

    The Wind Rises is just great, Miyazaki’s most contemplative work so far. And Fury has to be the best WWII movie I’ve seen in the last decade.

      1. I didn’t think it was that awful, but I certainly came out of it with a feeling of “well, glad that’s over and done with.” Which is never really a good sign.

        I did think the action scenes were pretty cool looking, if ludicrous. But yeah, the plot and characters are stretched so thin it’s hard to really care about them. There’s a lot of beats and moments that are ripped wholesale from the original trilogy, and good lord that fucking Grima Wormtongue ripoff was the worst, and it was baffling to me how many fucking scenes were dedicated to that annoying, worthless character.

  2. Laser Time!
    1. Grand Budapest Hotel
    2. John Wick
    3. Edge of LIVE DIE REPEAT
    4. Guardians of the Galaxy
    5. Gone Girl
    6. Nightcrawler
    7. The Captain of America
    8. Top Five
    9. Fury
    10. The Wind Rises (To be kicked out on its ass after I see Selma this week)

      1. Great list Sir, but no Expendables three love? Just kidding. Fury also has one of the best movie scores of the year alongside Valiant Hearts. If your into scores.

    1. Really pissed at myself for forgetting Grand Budapest Hotel. I was ready to wash my hands of Wes Anderson and he absolutely produced one of the funniest movies of the year, to say the fucking least.

  3. If it wasn’t for me getting around to watching The Grand Budapest Hotel on Christmas, I would have ended the year with Live, Die, Repeat; formerly known as Edge of Tomorrow as my favourite moving picture of the year. And good thing I changed my pick, too, because the world has already forgotten EoT despite its excellence especially as an adaptation.

    Aside from that, I have to ask, was I the only person who didn’t like The Winter Solider? It felt like a made-for-TV movie for a majority of its runtime particularly in the second act and I don’t think that anything regarding the plot or action held any weight.

    I’d also like to say that everything in Interstellar was absolute fucking dogshit except for the fact that it was filmed very near where I currently live, the water planet portion and it’s soundtrack.

    1. YES Edge of Tomorrow was fantastic. Can’t recall if we talked about it or not… I wasn’t prepared to talk about every movie I’d seen in 2014, just what I saw over the break. But yeah that was superb, Apes was good (not great, ‘first’ was better) and Budapest was also lovely.

      1. You didnt.
        If anything I felt Edge was underrated.
        I loved Apes and Budapest and
        Ill throw Nightcrawler in there.

        1. Don’t want to be the hipster, but you really should read the original Edge of Tomorrow Novel. Leaving aside the better name All You Need is Kill, it is just a really good sci fi book. Plus, the manga that was drawn by the artist of Death Note (Obata Takeshi) looks just great. You get a LOT of gore in the manga that really makes you feel despair that isn’t the same in the movie. The manga is only 16 chapters too.

  4. In Hobbit’s defense, the battle of the five armies is like 2 pages in the book because the entire book is told purely from Bibo’s perspective, and Bilbo gets knocked out pretty much immediately.

    Then he wakes up later and everyone is just like “Oh hey, all this stuff happened and all these characters died while you were out.”

    Which is, frankly, kinda horse-shit writing.

    The movies of course, don’t limit their perspective to just Bilbo. So you actually get to, you know, SEE all the important stuff happening.

    Overall, I thought it was fine. I thought the entire trilogy was fine. I like that they added the stuff from the appendixes, as it adds a lot of perspective to the events of the book.

    The problem is, they didn’t do it right. Gandalf starts off the events of the book knowing that the Necromancer is Sauron, and all of the Hobbit is just Gandalf playing chessmaster to take down both Smaug and Sauron.

    By having Gandalf unraveling the mystery during the events of the Hobbit instead, it makes him seem much less clever and competent than the appendixes portray him.

    Obviously, the Kili/Tauriel love story is still the worst part. I also don’t see the point of creating a character from scratch, then having her romantically linked to a character that’s going to die is, if you aren’t also going to kill off that character.

    1. Also, I think it was a huge missed opportunity to have all 3 of the Elven Ring wearers fighting Sauron and not having them use them.

    2. I dont think its the books fault, I think its the director.
      If your fight choreography and plot pacing is so bad it makes me wish michael bay directed then theres a problem.

      The fact that the end of the last film is the start of this one, just the tip of the iceberg of flaws right from the start.

      Just so many unnecessary flaws and bullshit.
      The only film i saw this year that I regret seeing in theaters
      And I saw spiderman and transformers!

      Even of the 3 its bad, just bad.
      Compared to the Star Wars Prequels its bad.

      1. Nope, it’s not nearly that bad, you’re overreacting.

        Again, it’s bad, definitely, but at least had fun and gigantic action set pieces, ASM2 can’t claim even that.

        I will say though, the hobbit trilogy does commit some of the sins the star wars prequels committed. Unnecessary backstory that undermines the characters in the future, (the Legolas of the first trilogy makes no sense based on what we know of the hobbit’s legolas) and utterly baffling “comic relief” characters.

        Alfrid is most definitely as annoying and infuriating as Jar Jar Binks. A character that has no point, no true importance in the plot, and you constantly question why isn’t he fucking killed from the start.

  5. Oddly enough it was Interstellar, I kinda wanted to hate it going in but man I loved it! It was the exact opposite feeling I had after X-Men DotFP which is my biggest disappointment, Brian Singer just doesn’t get the X-Men as a team.

  6. My Top Ten are

    1) Guardians of the Galaxy (obviously)
    2) The Wolf of Wall Street (Technically 2013 but it came out in Australia at the end of January)
    3) Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    4) The Lego Movie
    5) X-men: DOFP
    6) Gone Girl
    7) 22 Jump Street
    8) Grand Budapest Hotel
    9) Big Hero 6
    10) Bad Neighbours (What the movie was titled in Australia to avoid confusion with the tv soap)

    The list will probably change once Into the Woods and Birdman come out in the next week.
    I also need to see Boyhood, Interstellar and Dawn of the Planet of The Apes
    As much as I liked the new spider-man movie, it didn’t place high enough to get on here.

  7. My favourite movie of 2014 is definitely Captain America: Winter Soldier, with Dawn OF THE Planet OF THE Apes in a close second.

    And yay to have LT back in 2015! Here’s to another great year of podcasting, guys!

  8. Birdman is seriously great, saw it the other night, I was glued. original, funny as hell, awesome performances. it’s exactly as good as every says.

  9. Really great episodes. Glad you covered a number of films that already came and went by the end of the year.

    I do agree with couple of assessments of Marvel this year with Winter Soldier being the better film but Guardians being the better popcorn watch, overall great nonetheless.

    Dawn of the Planet of the Apes was the best blockbuster for me though.

    I have however yet to see a number of others, particularly any of the Oscar buzz films, although have yet to premier in the UK. So next time you complain getting a Marvel film being released a week or two before in North America, everyone else has to wait nearly months and months before most films throughout the year.

  10. DAMNIT GUYS! I was writing an article on (my) top 10 movies of 2014!

    Oh well, guess I’ll try to be quicker next year.

    1. I don’t see why you can’t still do it. This wasn’t an official list from them. And in fact, most of the episode isn’t really about the best movies of 2014.

      So if it matters at all, I’d like to see what you come up with 😀

  11. It was a good year for movies! I’d say my favorites were:

    Only Lovers Left Alive
    Guardians of the Galaxy
    Captain America: Winter Soldier

    I really want to count Gravity, since I saw it in January, but it’s a 2013 movie. Still great!

  12. Lots of great movies this year. Interstellar, Guardians, Gone Girl, Nightcrawler, The Raid 2, Begin Again are some of the stand outs for me this year. Undoubtedly, my #1 favorite movie of this year, and quite possibly of next year as well, is Birdman!

  13. I feel like I didn’t see enough movies this year, but here’s my top 10 anyways.

    10. Bad Words (Jason Bateman has directorial chops)
    9. Guardians of The Galaxy
    8. Big Eyes (Tim Burton breaks away from his stylistic crutch and is better for it, Christoph Waltz does a solid Tommy Wiseau impression)
    7. The Imitation Game
    6. The LEGO Movie (Most visually fun to watch movie of the year, hard to believe it wasn’t just a cheap cash in)
    5. (This spot is reserved for Inherent Vice, once I see it)
    4. The Grand Budapest Hotel
    3. Obvious Child (Jenny Slate is fucking awesome people)
    2. Boyhood (the fact that it’s filmed could’ve just been a gimmick, but it’s done so well)
    1. They Came Together (funniest movie of the year, nothing else comes even close, David Wain kills it again)
    -1. A Talking Cat?!? (Bought it for $5 from Wal Mart, finally watched it this year)

    Movies that I want to see and will probably be in my top 10: Top Five (ha!), Skeleton Twins, Gone Girl, Muppets Most Wanted, Foxcatcher, 22 Jump Street, Whiplash

  14. I don’t even think I’ve seen ten movies this year. But I’ll try.

    1. Guardians of the Galaxy
    2. Uh…………..
    3. Oh shit Lego Movie came out this year. That’s up there.
    4. Frozen was last year………
    5. How Train Your Dragon 2
    6. The Grand Budapest Hotel.
    7. I really just signed in to tell Chris I love the work he and the whole lasertime team does. I’m a thirty year old, father of two, and your podcast help me get through the commute and shitty work day.
    8. Keep your head up Chris.Sorry I’m not a bigger part of the community, but I’ve been here since the beginning. Don’t get to down.
    9. Maybe start a paetron?
    10. Scooby Doo, Mystery Incorporated. Its actually the best Scooby Doo thing I’ve ever seen. (Although not a movie, its all my kids watch.)

  15. I really saw very few new movies this year. I think the Grand Budapest Hotel was absolutely amazing, as far as completely strait comedies it was an amazing movie. The Woodie Allan Magic in the Moonlight was a pretty nice romance. I watched it in the theaters with my grandmother. No better way to watch Woodie Allan than with your Grandma, I guarantee.

    Though Movie of the Year is Naruto: The Last. If you have to question this; go read all 700 chapters, watch at least three of the spin off movies, and come tell me that that movie means nothing.

    1. I think you’ve also perfectly explained why that Naruto film will be impenetrable for most people that are not obsessed with Naruto. That amount of content that is needed to go trough is INSANE.

      At the same time though, I totally understand the appeal of continuity, and if that film manages to reward those who kept up with the property all these years, then good for the creators and the fans. Just don’t expect many who aren’t fans already to want to go trough with all of that XD

  16. My top ten (have some catching up to do):
    -The Grand Budapest Hotel
    -The Raid 2
    -Gone Girl
    -Under the Skin
    -The Lego Movie
    -Why Don’t You Play in Hell?
    -Guardians of the Galaxy
    -Jodorowsky’s Dune

  17. Didn’t see much this year, most of the great stuff everyone seems to be mentioning only comes out this money so I haven’t see Birdman or anything like that yet. I did see Inherent Vice when they did a special screening over here in London during November some time and I think it might be one of my favourite films. Don’t know, but that film is kind of special and weird in how strung out and great it is. The other one is Grand Budapest Hotel, and that was just — it was nice to a see a nice film in the cinema again. I feel like I don’t see many nice films but this was one of them and I loved it. Only complaints I’d have about either of them is how distractingly beautiful they are to look at, felt myself drifting away during Inherent Vice to just look at things rather than hear them.

    1. *month

      and I forgot about Gone Girl, but I don’t know if I enjoyed that. Kind of mixed up about whether or not I liked it.

  18. Henry is 100% wrong about Harry Potter, there is not enough going on to justify two fucking movies, go back and watch Harry Potter 7 part 1, I’ll wait while you go and sleep for 3.5 hours BECAUSE NOTHING FUCKING HAPPENS!!!!!! THEY WANDER AROUND IN THE FUCKING WOODS FOR TWO HOURS DOING NOTHING!!!!!!

    It is just a cash grab by Warner Bros because they did not have another franchise set up at the time and now it has lead to this garbage bullshit of every book series having a two part movie finale with a first movie that is ALWAYS SUPERFLUOUS! Why? Because nothing can happen in the first movie other than setup for the HUGE CLIMAX in the second movie, oh besides a bullshit cliffhanger. See: Twilight, Hunger Games, Divergent, The Hobbit, and… Infinity War (maybe) and let me just go ahead and add on Star Wars Episode IX and IX part 2, because you know they are going to. Its stupid and we all need to agree to NOT WATCH part 1 of a story we already know, because nothing interesting will ever happen in that movie. Vote with your dollar. Everyone cool with that?

    1. For as much as I agree with how much I hate this two-part trend, I still believe that Harry Potter was warranted. Part 1 had a hell of a lot more going on than just walking through the woods. And Part 2 was a hell of a lot more than just a giant action scene. Regardless of their intentions, they were still able to make each of those two movies feel like their own individual three-act structure movies that stood on their own, which is the thing that the copycats with Hobbit and Hunger Games don’t understand. Understandable that you didn’t like the movie and I hate that it started this awful trend, but I still think that in that specific instance, it felt justified.

  19. I’ve seen a lot of movies this year (like every other year) and there were a lot to like this year. In no order:

    Interstellar – One of my favorite film this year.

    Birdman – Michael Keaton was awesome, the one-take shot was awesome, and the drum score was awesome.

    Locke/The Drop – Two excellent films that star Tom Hardy, who gives a great performance in each film.

    The Raid 2/John Wick – A lesson on how to make an action movie.

    22 Jump Street, They Came Together, The Interview – 3 very funny comedy films. 22 JS is how you make a comedy sequel, TCT was probably David Wain best film, and The Interview is what I expected and wanted after last year’s hilarious This is the End.

    The Grand Budapest Hotel – One of Wes Anderson’s best.

    The Lego Movie/How to Train Your Dragon 2 – Can’t decide which animated films is better so I’ll pick both as my favorites.

    Finding Fanny – An English-speaking Indian film. Google it.

    Also: Boyhood, Gone Girl, Blue Ruin, Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Snowpiercer, Rosewater, Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men:DOFP, Godzilla.

    Want to see but haven’t: Foxcatcher, Selma, Inherent Vice.

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