Anime Watch Week 11: Part 2

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Parasyte wastes no time moving along from arc to arc, and introducing new characters, enriching its world, and providing new plot points week in and week out. Will the series implode from its density, or can Shinichi’s life eventually return to normalcy?

Parasyte Episode 11

Shedding the memory of Hideo and focusing on returning to a more normal existence, Shinichi spends time with Murano, possibly trying to get closer with her, but must also tend with Kana. Unfortunately for Shinichi, Kana has some thoughts she needs to share with Shinichi is regards as to what kind of relationship she’s ready for with him. The introduction to this episode, post credits, involved what could only be interpreted as a wet dream, with Kana surrounded my monstrosities, only for Shinichi to come in, atop a white stallion no less, and rescue her. As ludicrous as that may sound, I loved the music played during the scene, it’s proving that this soundtrack will be glorious upon its release; Ken Arai will be a composer I keep my eye on.

On the other side of the spectrum, since we still have an entire cour left before Parasyte is over, we have a gang of parasites gathering and planning something. Not much is known at this time, but they present one of theirs with a test to see how long they can last without taking more than three attacks. It’s a glorious, but brief, action sequence that shows just how capable these things are. Not to mention the sheer fact they can apparently rally humans just as well as, well, humans for their unknown cause. It looks as though they want to change the “system” from the inside, and are looking to do some political upheaval. This show, even after so many weeks and episodes, never ceases to amaze me in its captivating setup. I eagerly anticipate the first cour’s finale next week, and how it sets up the second cour.

World Trigger Episode 10

I should stop praising World Trigger as it seems every time I do, Toei animation follows it up with another lackluster, bloated episode. The content in this episode could have been told in ten minutes, rather than twenty-one, but hey, at least we didn’t have to wait twelve minutes for an OP song; only seven!

Jin invited Osamu, Yuma, and Chika to his division of Border’s headquarters, and we get to meet his team, the Tamakoma Branch. The chief, Takumi Rindō heads everything up while Shiori Usami and Yōtarō Rindō (Takumi’s son) provide “comic relief”. Only three characters were introduced, and honestly aside from learning their roles, or lack thereof, and the final storytelling near the end, nothing happened. Yuma and Yōtarō have a small rivalry, and Shiori shows them where they’ll be sleeping while staying with Tamakoma, but mostly it was a filler episode padding out the story. 10 episodes into the series, and we have filler already? That’s never a god sign, and seeing as how the series doesn’t even have 100 chapters yet, who knows what else this story will throw into the mix to pad itself out? (After writing this, Toei has confirmed this series will be 50 episodes, final count, YIKES!)

All that being said, the backstory of Yuma’s father and pre-Japan days, and hopefully sets up a fully-flashbacked episode next time. It was brief and not enough answers yet, but it was just intriguing enough to get me excited to tune in. Well, that plus the fact it’s the final episode of the season, so I can finally drop World Trigger! It’s a shame how poorly paced this show is, and that the good-to-great portions have been so minimal, because when the show is good, it’s good! These moments are just way too few and way to far between to make this show worthwhile. If Toei plan to make this a long-running show ala One Piece, there will be a lot of fillers and padding to come, count on it!

Seven Deadly Sins Episode 11

The Byzel Tournament moves along, once again, leading us into the finals of Diane and Meliodas. This arc shows why I adore Seven Deadly Sins so much: over-the-top action, genuine characters, and still a pace that begs you to keep tuning in to see more. There’s hardly a dull moment, and everything’s presented so well, that you’re never too overwhelmed. Perhaps that’s to say it’s rather formulaic or simple-minded, but even if that’s the case, Seven Deadly Sins is a series that’s so well executed that I don’t mind it.

Ordinarily I’d pass up on silly shonen tropes and ideas that have been done to death, but Seven Deadly Sins walks that line so well, and adds new gimmicks to them, that they’re implementation are forgivable. Just like reading through the manga which is full of familiar setups and notions, the anime handles these very well and makes it a truly fun ride. Watching Ban and Meliodas absolutely destroy one another, pulling no punches, in a tournament that either they or Diane will win, (but simply to fight), is glorious and incredible. It’s zany, their powers are over-the-top, but it’s never too silly to make you groan and turn away in disgust.

I can take zany and silly, but when shows like One Piece and Bleach insist on interrupting battles with needless jokes and “DONG” moments, I cringe every time. That’s not to say Seven Deadly Sins isn’t free from these annoying anecdotes, but they’re usually few and far enough between that I can forgive it. If this quality resumes for the (what I imagine are) planned 24 episodes, Seven Deadly Sins will go down as an instant classic for me; right up there with shows like Hunter x Hunter or Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.

Fate/stay Night UBW Episode 10

Ten episodes strong and Fate/stay night has yet to let me down. This is truly a wonderful series that, while a bit headstrong and not great at filling in some of answers raised, still provides enough entertainment and context to explain it as best it can. This is a series made for fans, but also to make new fans; and it’s working on me like a charm. Perhaps I’ll end up checking out the visual novel(s) eventually…

Shirō and Rin waste no time, nor take any breaks in chasing down Caster, and along with her confrontation, we discover who the fifth (and so far, most dangerous) Master is: “Ol’ Dead-Eyes”, er, I mean Kuzuki Souichirou. It was already expected he would have some hand in the Holy Grail War when he was introduced long, long ago, but he’s shown that he is not to be taken lightly by anyone. He single-handedly, even with magic-imbued hands, took out Saber as if she was typical action anime fodder. Which begs me to ask: who ever claimed Saber as the strongest Servant? If my memory serves, Rin wished for Saber during her summoning, and was disappointed with Archer’s arrival because she wanted the “strongest Servant”. Maybe they’re playing up Kuzuki’s strength and Saber will come back, as most protagonists do, and destroy him. A hated trope of mine, by the way, as why does it seem only heroes and heroines get trained and ready for round two, whereas the bad guys only get cocky and thus lose? Such an outdated ideal, it needs to change!

Also, Shirō’s sudden ability to summon Archer’s swords, a few might be upset or confused by this, as I know I was. It’s rushed in the anime, to save time, but I’ve been reassured that he’s not some spectacular summoner, but that Shirō has been training to do so. As you can tell, it drained him pretty quickly, and it’s not likely something he has a huge handle on just yet, but it could have been explained a bit better through context or dialogue. *PHEW* If that weren’t enough, to lead us into the finale, we finally learn of the blonde-haired foreigner’s existence too, as he’s a Servant, and under Shinji’s mastery. Not total mastery, I imagine, but enough to get him where he needs to be, then will likely kill Shinji and get him out of the way. Rumor has it that the finale for Fate/stay night will run an hour, but I haven’t confirmed yet if next week’s will be it, or it episode 12 will air alongside episode 11 as a back-to-back pairing. Either way, it’s coming to an end before its break until spring 2015, but it’s been a fantastic ride so far. Let’s hope it’s an explosive set up to leave us wanting more next year.

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  1. Unlimited Blade Works did indeed conclude its cour with a 44 minute finale. As for Parasyte, you’ll be getting that finale after a wonderful break that I had to suffer through last week.


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