Laser Time Is Getting a (Somewhat) New Show!

Laser Time, Gametwerp Podcast

…and it won’t take up hours of your day.

Hey, Laser Timers! It’s your old editor pal Tony Wilson again. If you’ve been enjoying the various community-written articles on the site over the past few months, you’re quite welcome (and hey, send me a pitch if you have one).

So here’s the thing: I’ve been doing a video game show called the Gametwerp Podcast since February 2009. It used to be hosted over at Front Towards Gamer, but since I left there last year, it’s kind of been in limbo. On top of that, we’ve been on hiatus since November while I’ve been directing a film (that’s a whole other story).

After talking with Chris, we decided Laser Time would be a great new home for the show. Don’t worry, this isn’t affecting Vidjagame Apocalypse or the Laser Time Network in any way. This new show will simply post on Sundays and offer another 30-to-45 minutes of free entertainment. Yep, it’s certainly shorter than regular Laser Time fare.

If you up for checking out our older episodes, feel free. Be warned: go too far back, and you’ll experience some pretty horrible sound. Like any show, we’ve come a long way in our nearly six year run. I look forward to introducing you to a new show — and with it, some new voices — very soon!


14 thoughts on “Laser Time Is Getting a (Somewhat) New Show!

  1. Cool! I’ve never listened to that podcast, but more gaming-related podcasts are never a bad thing, specially if it comes on a dry day like a Sunday, I’ll definitely give it a listen 😀

  2. I’m always a little skeptical of interlopers into my podcast networks, but Dave Ruddin has worked out quite well here, so there’s hope for Tony.

  3. I only expect a Earwolf-type ending tune to every show. Something like “Presented by Laser Time Productions” and Chris yelling in the background for 2 seconds as some sort of substitute for music.

  4. I hope we get a WWF vs WCW Lasertime Podcast Nitro type feud! Just kidding Tony, Cant wait to hear this new show.

  5. Sounds pretty awesome! I’ve enjoyed hearing you as. A guest so cool cool. I’ll try to check some older episodes

  6. I’ll be honest, I haven’t listened to the show in the past, BUT, I’ll definitely check it out now that’s moving over to LT!

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