Gametwerp Podcast #236: Brazilian Pirate U

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It’s our first episode at our new home! The Laser Time Network is run by people who work (or used to work) in the video game industry. This show is hosted by four dudes who mostly don’t. Prepare yourself.

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Mike Heyfling is @mikethehalfling

Riley Maher is @thebrain76

Ben Hudelson is @iyield2no1

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19 thoughts on “Gametwerp Podcast #236: Brazilian Pirate U

  1. Alright! Finished listening to it. It’s definitely refreshingly different from most of the other podcasts in the network, and a fun contrast to VGA. Still getting a feel from the crew, but it was a fun listen overall.

    The actual game talk was a mixed bag for me. I like that most of the crew’s gaming habits are more into playing old games, since that brings a different perspective. But there seems to be a lot of judging on games the others haven’t even touched, which always kind of annoys me.

    Also… Ben had The Force Unleashed as his GOTY. Even for the year it came out, that have should be nowhere near a GOTY mention. It’s one of the most crap games I played for the last gen.

      1. The first one was a much better game. I still didn’t think it was GREAT, but it was good enough. The second though? utter horse crap. Mediocre graphics, utterly lazy level design, repetitive enemy patterns, stiff combos, unnecessarily long boss battles, forced cameos, and a really dumb story that contrasts with the surprisingly well told story of the first one. Force Unleashed II failed in every single aspect for me.

  2. I believe you need to listen to at least 5 podcasts to get used to the hosts voices and opinions. I’ll withhold any verdict for now.

  3. I listened to the last one on the old network, and this one, and it sounds like a bunch of guys in separate places talking about games that came out a while ago as their games of 2014. I’ll listen to a few more, but it lacks the charm of the Laser Time group being in the Kitchen Studio.

    1. I’m in Maryland, Mike’s in Ontario, Ben and Riley are in Ohio. If we could physically get together, we would. But we definitely appreciate the listen!

      1. I think starting on the new network with an episode that seems to show that you guys don’t keep up-to-date on games is odd, and getting one of the Laser Time guys to guest on the first show seems like it would have been a good ploy to get into our good graces from the start. Not a bad start, but kind of low-key, especially for this network.

        1. We planned on having Chris guest, but it didn’t work out time-wise (we’re all in EST, the rest of the LT crew is in PST). Thank you for the feedback though!

  4. I find your lack of Raccoons disturbing…

    And so what I work in is tangentially related to this- Brazil has horrible super duper tariffs to import pretty much any electronics. The result is A TON of knock off competition and smuggling. It is pretty hard for any electronics company to get into the Brazilian market and make a profit. Believe me… my company has tried, it is punishing. Argentina is worse though. So Nintendo leaving is not a huge shock. Sucks for the people of Brazil though.

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