Tour the Studio Ghibli Musuem!


Animation/Miyazaki fans, you’re in for a real treat!

Come with us to the outskirts of Tokyo, for a walk through the gorgeous grounds of the Studio Ghibli Museum. Several of Laser Time’s hostw went through a bit of a Ghibli renaissance in 2014. Brelston made mention of it in his ultra-sincere 2014 wrap-up, Hank’s got some Miyazaki info to share, and of course I do too in video below! Sadly, we can’t show you a lot of the inside, but it’s still pretty breathtaking nonetheless. WATCH!

Obviously, this should be the first stop on any any animation fan’s itinerary when in Japan. Just be sure to PICK UP YOUR TICKETS IN ADVANCE! There are only something like 200 hundred tickets made available daily, and foreigners MAY NOT purchase tickets once in Japan. Weird, but thems the¬†rules.

studio ghibli beer
Mmmmm, Ghibli beer

And let’s be completely honest: Japan’s just a better place in general for fans of pre-Pixar cartoons. I’ll let this video explain, or you can read more here.

For more Laser Time looks at Japan, check out our look at a live monkey park and cat cafe, or head to/subscribe to our YouTube channel!






20 thoughts on “Tour the Studio Ghibli Musuem!

  1. I’ve been waiting for this since you announced it! I wish we could have seen more but I understand them wanting it to be special. That said, just looking at the website makes me pretty sure I’ll never see it even if I do make it to Japan. Once I saw the charts and spreadsheets on how to get a ticket I knew it would be an issue even if the tickets aren’t that expensive. That website is pretty atrocious, especially considering the beauty of what it represents.

  2. Of the millions of things on my list for when I go to Japan, this is in the top 5 (that is not hyperbole at all). Its been said so many times because it is true: Studio Ghibli and Miyazaki are magic makers.

    Does the Kaze no tani beer have any distinct flavors I wonder?

  3. I may be in the minority here Chris, but I prefer less edited videos. Maybe you just didn’t get that much footage and you used it all really well but I think the experience would have translated better if you’d left in more filler rather than doing so many fast cuts.

    This and the other videos feel more like advertisements for these locations rather than travel vlogs like I had expected them to be.

    1. NEWS FLASH, ya bastid: I have to make quick cuts because I’m an incoherent moron, and the gorgeous footage of the surrounding area masks my ineptitude! There’s ya peek behind the curtain, ya happy!

      PS I love you

  4. Took you long enough Antista!!! Glad to see this finally being posted!

    Man, the place looks gorgeous! It’s really a shame that given my wedding engagement, I really can’t even consider making a trip to Japan on the foreseeable future, specially knowing that this museum has an uncertain future looming over it…

    Anyway, great job and wonderful editing as always! looking forward to more! ^^

  5. Oooh, man, I’d love to try that beer. And boy, Elston sure sells it!
    Honestly, visiting the museum seems worth the trip alone – I’d love to see the animation process, as well as those hand painted scenes!

    Thanks for putting this together, Chris!

  6. Great video Chris! I know it’s a lot of work editing these but I’d love to see more video content like this from you guys!
    Keep up the good work on everything! Your podcasts are incredibly entertaining and I feel like just listening to you guys makes my life way more enjoyable.

  7. That was an interesting collection of footage there.

    It would be easy to simply let shaking blurring poorly film with scrambled audio be the video and thus like 99.999999% of all internet clips but you’ve done a great job here Chris.

    I just wish more people would watch the top 5s. Those are leagues ahead of more popular content on Youtube.

  8. All these videos are top-notch but I do wish I could have seen more of you guys actually doing stuff there.

  9. Long time creeper, first time commenter.

    Looks awesome guys, hoping to get to Japan in 2016 (fingers crossed).

    Videos have been great and informative, keep up the good work!

  10. Awesome videos, finally got round to setting up an account because of them!

    Keep up the good work, finding them very informative as I want to head there for summer 2016!

    What was the Ghibli Beer like? Any good?

  11. Working my way through my LT backlog and delighted to see the Japan videos coming through! I just moved to Hokkaido three months ago so these specials are especially funny for me. Keep up the good work! I’d like to see a gallery or something of all the swag you guys collectively grabbed while you were there (Pokemon Centre’s are dangerous places).

  12. I seriously love these travelogues- are there any more in the pipeline? I know you’ve said they don’t garner many views, but they are fantastic and very watchable.

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