Vidjagame Apocalypse 96 – 2015’s Most Anticipated


Now that we’re in a (still just) brand-new year, we’ve got 11 whole months of cool new games to look forward to, many of which will probably get bumped to next year. Best not to think negatively, though, so this week we take a look at the five games we’re most excited for this year. After that, there’s some talk about Saints Row IV: Re-Elected, Gat Out of Hell and the Resident Evil RE-master, some wild speculation about a new Indigo Prophecy, and a look at the 2015 games you’re most looking forward to.

Question of the Week

If you were to remaster a game from the previous generation and add new features, what would you add?



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30 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 96 – 2015’s Most Anticipated

  1. Too Human, only with good game-play, or at least not having to watch that “Valkyrie take you to heaven” cut scene every damn time!

  2. Let’s be real guys, every last gen game should be remastered with more full frontal male nudity.

  3. QotW: What remaster would I like? The Castlevania NES trilogy in a Mario All Stars type anthology. All 3 games would now have a save feature, of course and difficulty settings would be added since those are pretty tough games by today’s standards. The gameplay for the original and the 3rd game would be identical to the originals, but the graphics would be redone in 2.5D HD with prerendered backgrounds and the fantastic soundtrack would be redone with actual instruments rather than 8 bit chiptune. Simon’s Quest, in addition to the graphical upgrade, would have a major gameplay overhaul that includes a map and the villagers (possibly voiced) saying things that are actually helpful, rather than cryptic poorly translated lies. The more tedious puzzles such as throwing holy water everywhere to find the places you fall through the floor would also be reworked and of course the day to night transfer would just happen. No more “What a horrible night to have a curse.” Basically it would be turned into a game that could be finished without a copy of Nintendo Power.

    I would kill several people in order for this game to exist.

  4. QoTW:
    Mass effect 3 (hear me out), Fix the party member sprint animation cycle to be more than just their run animation sped up. Make the war asset screen available from a menu instead of sticking it behind a loading screen. Possibly add more legacy squad members to the selectable party roster. Add more side quests to reflect the plot threads and characters that were either dropped or hand waved away in two sentence emails, such as Kal’reegar, the accidentally evil Assari scientist and the dark energy shit that came up during Tali’s loyalty mission in 2.

    Also a boss fight, or at least a conversation with Harbinger.

    Also explain the new status quo of the post reaper galaxy a bit more.

  5. There’s a lot of undue casual racism towards polish people in the UK because they come to the UK to work so there’s a lot of the THEY TOOK OUR JOBS bullshit, but honestly in my experience they work harder than most british people i’ve worked with.

    1. BUT do the Polish desire golden urinals. Cuz nothin like Gold on Gold. And as our forefather Scrooge McDuck once said, “Work smarter, not harder”

    2. …So essentially, it’s the same story as every other time a group of foreigners have migrated in large quantities to another, more prosperous country then. The people that move into another country almost always turn out to work harder than the people native to said country.

  6. QOTW:
    I would actually go back 2 generations and bring back the game: Freedom Fighters.

    I loved playing Freedom Fighters on PS2 and PC and I think that franchise really missed out of the great cooperative multiplayer features new to the 360/PS3 era.

    I think if Freedom Fighters was revived today and used all of the cooperative multiplayer improvements from the past 10 years it would be a great franchise. Players could fight against all kinds of tyrants in the name of freedom and it doesn’t even have to be about a single conflict. There could be different settings and time periods, etc. I dunno, I just really wanted Eidos to make another one of those games.

    One thing I wanted to see a game try is a “tyrants vs rebels” online mode where one side is given the chance to set traps and resist the other side wi

  7. Sory but Zelda aint coming out this Christmas. (Que sarah mc whatever Arms of an angel song) So have you heard of the Moan4stallone feed the hungry childrens Church of last blood? They could really use that 100 dollar donation for a ps4 for streaming this holiday season. With your donation you will receive monthly updates on their progress and make a diffrence in a young Stallone fans life. JK great show as always guys and girls.

  8. Always had a feeling Michael was one of the lizard men, I’ll be talking with my collective of foil hat enthusiasts to collaborate on a way to take you down(this being after the we discuss on where the president hid the real Jim Belushi).

    As for the question of the week, Resident Evil 5 comes to mind. Additions include a repackaged version of your companion Sheva. Instead of her actual character model you instead have a cute baby lamb following you around, holding any extra guns and ammo you find laying around. This way, when Sheva fails you entirely by either wasting precious ammunition or running in front of enemies and doing absolutely nothing you can at least look at your partner and say aww at the adorable, naive little animal it truly is. Better AI would be too much to ask of Capcom so if anything this is the next best thing.

  9. To quote a wise man:

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I know for a fact that horses are stupider than shit and WILL kill themselves if you don’t take an absurd amount of precautions and adorn them in the right silly accessories so that they don’t scare themselves and fall over dead, and even then at best you can reduce the chances that they will do that, but they’re still absolutely going to. I personally guarantee you a dog will never in this life hear a bee then have a heart attack out of fear, dying. Horses only get more likely to die from a stupid reason as they get older. Oh poor ol’ Freckles, thought of ants and died. With horses, there is no such thing as a natural death at any point in existence: they’ve strictly only died from stupid shit. Saw water and passed away.

  10. Anne’s back and she’s talking about butts, this is the best!

    I’d buy a remastered Deus Ex:Human Revolution if they replaced the nonsensical boss fights from the original with ones that could be beaten different ways depending on what you had put skill points into.

  11. QotW: I would remaster Suikoden 1 and 2, adding in some awesome optional dungeons and megaboss fights (ala Weapon from ff). I would also increase custimazation of the castle, create a bioware-esque romance option, and of course i would add a shitload more backstory and sidequests revolving around the character Humphrey. Because fuck ya.

  12. In response to your question of the week, I would go back to the DS and re-master Metroid Prime: Hunters for the NEW 3DS. Rework the game to fit the new control scheme, Fix that story to be worthy of the title Metroid Prime, and leave the multiplayer the way it was… fuggin awesome!

  13. Not last gen, but I’d be chuffed with a remaster of Panzer Dragoon Saga. That’s a phenomenal game in almost every respect, but I think my jaded 28 year old mind will fail to paper over the cracks in the crappy graphics on a modern screen. Needs more graphics.

    1. I agree. I am a 30 year old and my name comes from that game! There’s few times I was sadder about a game than realizing Crimson Dragon, the successor to Panzer Dragoon, sucked.

      Last Gen: Mass Effect 1, but fix the inventory and slowdown.

  14. KUDOS for having TPP as your number one pick. Despite stiff competition from Arkham Knight and Uncharted 4 it is mine also. Firstly I am looking forward to it the way I do any Metal Gear in that I look forward to the fantastic gameplay, AI, visuals, production and oddball humour. After playing Ground Zeroes though, I’m also looking forward to playing through each mission perfectly like the way the TGS jungle demo looks.

  15. QoTW:
    I want the full Mass Effect trilogy remastered. The only thing I would change is to make ME1 run decently on consoles, it was so unplayable on xbox I bought it again on PC.

  16. For game street cred: I’d love a Binary Domain remaster that really added the extra layer of visual polish that the game very much needed.

    Because I’m a big baby who plays big baby games: Super Mario Galaxy 1/2 HD. How has this not happened yet?

  17. QoTW:
    The Mass Effect series with the weapons and abilities from third game implemented the same way in all three games. Plus the planet exploring/scanning system completely redone so it feels less like a chore and more like a mini-game or some kind of reward. no more slow scanning or driving around generic landscapes with a car that is almost not controllable.

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