Cheap Popcast # 41 – Royally Screwed Up


Dave, Henry, Brett, and Grimm talk about the soaring highs and depressing lows of this year’s Royal Rumble before running through the always-awful Pay-Per-View theme songs. Chris also stops by to talk about the snowed-in Raw and Fast Lane’s potential.



24 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast # 41 – Royally Screwed Up

  1. Man I was so hyped to hear a non Internet opinion about the rumble then Henry decides to channel the Internet the whole podcast. Ugh.

  2. I don’t know if you guys have the time or desire for it, but I’d be really interested in a CheaPopcast episode where you all get together to watch an older PPV and then discuss it on the podcast. You can listen to OSW Review or Attitude Era Podcast to get an idea of the format if necessary.

    With the Network there are so many options for landmark shows and it could be especially interesting to see how guys like Brett, who was mainly into WCW, or Chris, who never really watched wrestling, feel about some of the Attitude Era classics.

    Give it a thought and keep up the good work.

  3. I’m surprised you guys aren’t more familiar with that Ticking Bomb song, since it was also used in trailers for Battlefield 4 and for Gotham.

    Basically, if you guys do a podcast about a subject, Ticking Bomb has been a trailer for something in it.

  4. I’m glad you mentioned just how good the triple threat match was. So good in fact its almost tragic that it is currently getting overshadowed by the backlash.

    I wonder if there would be as many cancel threats if the show ended with that match instead.

  5. Wait, ya’ll are Nikke Bella guys? Paige is easily the hottest Diva ever even moreso than Lita. FTR Stacy Keibler doesn’t quite count she’s more of a model than wrestler…also speaking of good looking wrestler Seth Rollins is quite the dreamboat aswell.

  6. I just wanted to add my support for making an episode based on a classic PPV. Professional wrestling seems to have this double burden of being something easily dismissible and yet also possessing a deep history and terminology that can seem impenetrable to outsiders. I was not a wrestling fan before I listened to Cheap Popcast and I particularly love the early episodes where the panelists discuss past wrestlers, feuds, and trends of the 1980’s and 90’s. I’d still classify myself as a casual fan but there’s nothing better than having super fans guide you through a piece of culture. Great work Dave.

  7. There’s been alot of grown ass men(and SOME women) seriously crying about a fake sport, I’ll just say this everything I’ve heard about JohnCena makes him sound like a great guy. Roman Reigns seems decent as well everyone is acting WAY to mean to those guys, also aren’t heels supposed to be hated?

    1. I can’t speak for anyone else, but John Cena seems like a really nice guy to me. I just can’t stand his character. Roman Reigns is another deal entirely, where he’s just not ready yet for the spot he’s been given. 2 or 3 years on down the line, maybe he will be, but he shouldn’t be pushed to this level yet for the same reason you didn’t have The Rock headlining Wrestlemania in 1997. There are far too many other people on the roster that are more deserving right now, like Bryan and Rollins.

    2. I’m sure they’re nice guys, but I don’t think anyone is suggesting otherwise (except the particularly dumb brand of smarks, but who cares about them). Them being nice guys doesn’t suddenly make them watchable characters or good wrestlers.

      And they aren’t even heels. John Cena is the top face, and Roman is being prepped to be the next John Cena, a spot he is absolutely not ready for

  8. Reigns being pushed to the moon is something i absolutely dont want to see. Unless they literally shoot him onto the moon like Willzyx.

  9. Since I am from Philadelphia and old enough to have been there for ECW and even got to go into the locker room since I worked with one of the wrestler’s cousin and brother, I feel I should at least defend the fans since I was one of them at the Rumble.

    The response is more a Northeast region response than just Philadelphia. I bet the same response would have happened in NY, Baltimore or Boston, including shitting on the woman’s match since it was the 4th lackluster tag match in a row, including the pre-show match and had nothing to do with the fact they were women to most of the fans. Paige and Natty were over in the building.

    ECW will always have a place in our hearts since those guys busted their asses for very little in the beginning (and the end) and grew into the 3rd largest company during the boom, so we have a feeling of pride similar to the sports teams around here.

    The elimination of Bryan almost sent a hush through the building probably like the Undertaker losing at mania. As soon as it happened, we all looked at each other and said shit, guess Reigns is winning, so it really took the steam out of the building.

    I am thankful I got to see that Championship 3-way and the Rock, so all in all, I went home happy.

    Thanks for the great show and I will keep looking forward to the next one.

  10. Here are a few points that I have.

    So lets think about two things when it comes to Daniel Bryan. First off do you want to put the title on him so soon after coming off of IR? There is always the chance that he could reagrivate that injury, and have to drop the title after a month again. Next do you want to put him in the ring with a guy who is only doing German Suplexs and Snap Suplex? Do you want Daniel Bryan taking those kind of bumps so soon after coming back to WWE? I say give him the Title at Summer Slam if he is in good health.

    As for Brock Lesnar, I still have a hard time buying the Beast who is unstoppable because well he Got KO/TKO his last two fights in the UFC? Plus why would a UFC guy not do more ground and pound?

    Now I heard you guys talk about squash matches/jobbers matches/enhancement matches. I feel they are good for introducing new talent to bigger audiences and should be used instead of hey go beat adam rose or xavier woods. I don’t want the rostered talent to always have to do the J.O.B. to the new guys because if they always lose why keep them around?

    Lets talk about our poster boys John Cena and Roman Reigns. Cena just needs a better finisher than a Standing Fireman’s Carry. As for Roman Reigns he needs to be put on house shows and work on cutting promos live, plus they should just feed him a line or two and tell him to figure it out. This way he can grow in confidence, plus house shows don’t count. Also I know he still needs some moves but he did add the Tilt-a-Whirl Slam and a Modified STO which I wish he would do more. I still think he needs a decent submission like a Modified Chicken Wing.

    The last thing is people just needed to take time to think about and absorb what just happened before they just whine piss and moan.

  11. How about we don’t insinuate everyone in Philly is racist and sexist.

    PS Is something wrong with the comments? This comment got posted in another podcast for some reason.

  12. If you guys think that song was bad, I distinctly remember Metallica’s St. Anger being the song of a ruthless agression era ppv. That is a well you guys should go back to some time. I bet the early aughts have a shit ton of terrible metal music you guys can compare and see which sucks the most.

    1. HAHAHAHA. Okay, I just checked and 2003 is an absolute murder’s row of awful.

      Just look at it:

      Royal Rumble 2003 Falling Apart TRUSTcompany
      No Way Out 2003 Bring Me To Life EvanEsance
      Wrestlemania 19 Toe to Toe and Crack Addict Limp Bizkit
      Backlash 2003 Remedy COLD
      Bad Blood 2003 Headstorm Trapt
      Vengeance 2003 Price to Play Staind
      Summerslam 2003 St. Anger Metallica
      Unforgiven 2003 Enemy Sevendust
      No Mercy 2003 Today Is The Day Dope
      Survivor Series 2003 Build a Bridge Limp Bizkit

      Wrestlemania having not just one but two Limp Bizkit songs as its theme is the perfect microcosm for 2003.

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