Cape Crisis #122 – Venture A Guess


Henry, Chris, and our dear friend Anne Lewis get together this week to talk about a superhero-free week of reading, reactions to the Fantastic Four trailer, and then we have a very special PSA about why every comic book fan should be watching The Venture Bros. All that, plus your answers to last week’s question of the week, and much more!


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Cape Crisis #122 Question: What are your #FourComics?

27 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #122 – Venture A Guess

  1. YAY FOR ANNE! Also pretty interested to hear your thoughts on the FANT4STIC trailer, though judging by Chris’ article I’m probably going to have a different opinion than you guys. But as always, I for one don’t mind the movie talk or tangents.

  2. Holy **** that Gargantua 2 Special…

    It’s like they set out to squeeze every character in the series into one hour.

    If that had been the Series Finale, I don’t think I would have minded. They ended up making all the protagonists AND antagonists that you like have a sort of happy ending(those that survived anyway).

    I have no doubt that they’ll immediately tear it all to pieces in Season 6, because that’s what they do.

    1. Let’s see, Venture Bros. comic parody characters you missed off the top of my head:

      Radical Left = Two-Face
      Dr. Entmann = Ant-man
      Otto Aquarious = Namor or Aquaman
      Mr. Monday = Calendar Man

      And Molotov always seemed like she was intended to be a parody of Black Widow. Although I guess she might just be a parody of Russian spy femme fatales in general.

    1. Not entirely.

      They don’t actually have, like, a discussion of the episode. But things get mentioned offhand while talking about other things about the series.

  3. You guys kept saying “That would be too silly” in regards to Fantastic Four, if you’re afraid to be silly and ridiculous then you shouldn’t be making a Fantastic Four movie, silly is what the FF is all about. The fact that they want this to be “gritty and real” defeats it’s own purpose. They’re wasting the license, this is like making a “funny” Punisher movie.

    1. Yeah, I would have thought by now that Guardians of the Galaxy proved that you can dive head first into the most ridiculous, abstract, cosmic shit, and people will still love it as long as it’s good.

      There’s no reason to “dial back” the Fantastic Four. You should be going the other way with it.

      1. It just seems like typical Fox crap at this point. They’ve wasted every licence they had, and now they’re gonna do an even shittier version of FF. At least the last series tried to be like the comics to some extent. The tone was right – just the writing and direction were bad. Plus most of the casting was beyond stupid, but at least they had Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis. The reboot has basically nothing going for it…

  4. Henry, as a fellow Chris Evans fan; I 100 percent recommend to you Cellular and London. He is great in both and both coincidently star Jason Statham as well.

    1. I agree, Chris Evans is the only good actor to come out of those terrible Fantastic Four movies.

      I 100% disagree with Henry on Jessica Alba, I have seen her work. A good actress she is not.

  5. It’s unfair that you’re not allowed to dislike the new Ghostbuster’s movie, much like you can’t not like Marvel making the Norse God of Thunder a woman(she’s not Thor, “Thor” is an individual not a title) I hate this idea because I think all Bill Murray movies that aren’t GHD or LsoH are overrated and I HATE the cast. Kate McKinnon is great but Melissa McCarthy is best in small doses and can be terrible, Kristin Wig is kinda funny but not a lead and Leslie Jones isn’t funny on SNL. If this was Nasim Pedrad, Jenny Slate and Vanessa Bryer or Abby Elliot or Cecilia Strong I’d be ok. However when you say “I don’t like the path of the new Ghostbusters movie” people just call you sexist and don’t listen to you constructive criticism and that’s really lame. I also feel like some people are overcompensating their praise to show how liberal they are or because they’re afraid of looking like bigots. Surely no one can be this excited about a Melissa McCarthy lead movie considering Mike and Molly, The Heat ,Identity Theft and Tammy right?

    1. I see where you’re coming from, the Paul Feig crew is lame, if they went with women from the Earwolf podcast network like Tig Notaro, June Diane Rapheal, Kulap Aukerman etc. If they went with the ladies of Children’s Hospital that’d be cool but the cast they choose is kinda lame.

    2. I concur. It’s not a great cast, and the idea of something just being a gender swap is pretty unoriginal and not that interesting in general anyway, and anyone saying disliking this is equivalent to being sexist is being ridiculous.

      1. Far more concerning than the cast is who is writing this movie? Both of those movies have a deep love of the supernatural from Dan Ankryod, that is part of the reason those movies work, they actually have scary and crazy momments. Though I am not suggesting he write it without Ramis around to balance it out.
        The cast could be fine though, as long as the script isn’t just Jokes with Ghosts.

  6. On the topic of Saga treading water later on or will it deliver in the end. I had those same thoughts while following Y: The Last Man as it came out. In the end, Y’s finale delivered because of good writing/art and the Vaughn trademark of great character moments. The same can be said for the conclusion of his other larger original series Ex Machina. Also, both Y and Ex Machina had roughly 50 issues so I would probably expect a similar length. Confident fingers crossed.

  7. I get the impression people who are pissed about the Fantastic 4 movie don’t even care about the Fantastic 4, the thing is that Fantastic 4 has most of the good villains, Doom, Galactus, and Annihilus. Being one of those people I’m super okay with letting this movie burn to the ground even if its okay. Yes I’m an asshole, I know.

  8. Going to date myself but back in 2000 or 2001; I was an extra in a MTV Rock and Jock special and the live bands were Kid Rock with Joe C and POD. Little did I know, the tappings are all staged and the bands play the same song multiple times and mtv crew memebers would randomly pull people from the crowd if they weren’t “Excited enough” on camera. The tapping took 12 hours for a 1 hour show. Long story short: Kid Rock and Joe C came out to the crowd between shootings and were extremely nice and made all of us forget we signed our lifes away for a chance encounter with a “Famous” person. Only notable stars I can remember were Jerry Oconnel, Shannon Elizabeth and Jamie Presley. Wu Tang’s Method man was a total butthole and refused to sign any autographs, take pictures or even aknoledge fans who waved at him. No worries, ODB was always my favorite member of the “Wu nation!”

  9. That Fantastic 4 trailer was, frankly, amazing. The problem is, as Henry pointed out, you can make a good trailer out of anything. The leaked information just reveals too much bad stuff for me to get excited. And, moreover, I just can’t get behind the grimdark tone. You wouldn’t make a Punisher movie filled with rainbows and pastel colors, and you shouldn’t make a dark and moody movie called “The Fantastic 4”. Hey, maybe it’ll surprise me, but I just can’t be bothered to get excited when there are so many other cool movies to get hype for this year.

    Also, I’m really glad you put that Venture Bros segment together, Chris. It’s one of my favorite shows of all time.

  10. If they are afraid of making Fantastic 4 look “silly” then they shouldn’t be making a Fantastic 4 movie. Comic books in general require viewers to suspend disbelief over “silly” things.

    Couldn’t care less about Ghostbusters and swapping the genders does not interest me. I would have perhaps been interested in a co-ed modernized Ghostbusters.

    Haven’t watched Venture Bros in years, but I loved what I saw of it. I think the long breaks between seasons drained my interest and sometimes shows become too self-referential and I can’t keep up.

    I’m so glad you read this and mentioned this. Naoki Urasawa is AMAZEEEENG!
    his style is so great!
    I’ve been reading the HELL out of his current story Billy Bat, and it is CRAZY GOOD!
    the Walt Disney, Carl Barks, Don Rosa relationship analogue is so interesting.

  12. Another great show. I don’t mond movies changing things up. If I wanted the source material I stick with that. I don’t mind seeing things changed. Also listening to this Venture Bros talk makes me want to watch it again. I’ll have to pick up the dvds.

  13. Really glad to see Anne back. All the Venture Bros. talk convinced me to give the show a second chance (enjoying it so far) but you did overlook Molotov Cocktease as a Black Widow reference.

  14. On the Ghostbusters talk – this article by Nathan Rabin really echoes both Chris and Henry’s opinions.

    Quote from the article –
    “There’s an unmistakable element of generational chauvinism to these complaints as well. I want my son, who is now just under four months old, to watch and love Ghostbusters the way I did when I was eight years old. But I’m also excited about him growing up with a Ghostbusters franchise where women are front and center in heroic, central roles, rather than limited to supporting roles as secretaries and love interests inhabited by demons at key moments. Old isn’t necessarily good, just as new isn’t necessarily bad.”

    A link to the article –

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