Laser Time – Derrick Duo


What do Captain America: Winter Soldier and Workaholics have in common? Why, that’d be our very special guests DC Pierson and Dominic Dierkes! Two of the guys from Derrick Comedy join us for a discussion on writing, internet comedy, the Spike Video Game Awards and much, much more.


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Closing Song: “Slow Burn” by Girls Who Care, aka dotflist! The guy behind those amazing TV show theme remakes? He’s got an album of all those jams OUT NOW! Pay Whatcha Want!





20 thoughts on “Laser Time – Derrick Duo

      1. Going to definitly put your new sponsor to the test. Jordanian back hair is up there with adamantium, on the scale of indestructible. Great episode guys!

  1. I love Derrick Comedy! If you’re listening and don’t own Mystery Team do yourself a favor and click that amazon link!

  2. Sounds like a really cool episode! I’ll happily give this a listen. Always cool to see some guests pop up.

  3. shows you what kind of entertainment climate we’re living in that I know DC almost exclusively from his podcast appearances. I’ll have to check out they’re old stuff

  4. i dont really know these guys but it was a fun episode, could tell how much Chris an d henery loved them.
    amazing song at the end

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