Cape Crisis #123 – Superman Has Flare

Henry and Chris team up for a discussion about a dozen plus new comics, as well as talking up meeting famous people, seeing standup comedy, loving squirrels, dealing with some sad stuff, watching the Daredevil, and exploring the four comics… Read more

Agent Carter “The Iron Ceiling” Review

How awesome is it that Agent Carter touched on the Black Widow program in this episode? Dottie’s fighting move in the last episode sure did look familiar, and now we know why. I can only hope that they go into… Read more

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Vidjagame Apocalypse 98 – Wretch Comedy

Not a lot of comedy sketches get their own video games, and after hearing about the mostly terrible entries in this week’s Top 5, you’ll understand why. With that safely out of the way, it’s on to some chatter about… Read more

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