Agent Carter “The Iron Ceiling” Review

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How awesome is it that Agent Carter touched on the Black Widow program in this episode? Dottie’s fighting move in the last episode sure did look familiar, and now we know why. I can only hope that they go into this a bit more in the last three episodes (or maybe even in a second season!).

The Black Widow program wasn’t the only awesome thing in this episode. We got to see the Howling Commandos again! Granted, the only returning cast member was Neal McDonough as Dum Dum Dugan, but it was still great to see their comradery with Peggy — it felt as if they never lost a moment away from each other. Plus, it was funny seeing the SSR team confused with how open the Commandos were with Peggy.

Laser Time, Agent Carter, review, episode, show, Haley Atwell, ABC, Marvel, MCU

Can’t get enough Dum Dum.

One of the best things this episode did was continue to flesh out the main SSR cast, who no longer feel like clichés, but actual characters. The spotlight was on Thompson, as we learned the tragic story behind his cross. It really puts him in an entirely different light, and shows his internal struggle. His story of the surrendering soldiers was powerful, and Peggy’s reaction to it was fantastic, just like her seeing him freeze up when under fire. I really look forward to the changing dynamic between the two of them — and really, her whole office — now that she has gained more respect. It was nice to see her actually get invited for a drink after work.

Even Dooley saw this — and speaking of Dooley, he really showed he’s smarter than he first appeared to be. It’s not just a personal vendetta: he really does want to just get to the bottom of everything. He won’t just throw away logic to get Stark arrested, which appeared to be the case before this episode. It was great to see him go to Jarvis and tell him point blank that he just wants the truth. Now he’s looking into the possibility that Stark isn’t directly involved, a huge leap.

Laser Time, Agent Carter, review, episode, show, Haley Atwell, ABC, Marvel, MCU

She’s just a little girl. What could she possibly do?

This week’s episode was one of the show’s best. It provided great character moments and continued MCU connections like the Black Widow Program and the Howling Commandos. Dottie is effectively a creepy bad guy (she really has a serial killer vibe going), one I look forward to seeing face off against Peggy. I’m hoping they continue to dive into the Black Widow stuff, and I can’t wait to see how they round out the last three episodes of Season 1!

Article by contributor Russ Milheim.

One thought on “Agent Carter “The Iron Ceiling” Review

  1. This episode was definitely a huge step up compared to last week’s. And yeah, this one completely addresses my main complaint from the first episodes regarding how one dimensional the SSR agents felt at first.

    I also love seeing Marvel making fun use of Disney material by integrating it into the episode in a small, but very clever way.

    Though no one seemed to bat an eye regarding the little girl that murdered two of their guys. That was definitely weird and kind of a huge oversight.

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