The Best New Releases on Amazon – 2015 finally has some good stuff!


Dying Lights, killer Keanus, flying pigs and so very much more in our highlight of the week’s best new releases! Shop, save, support Laser Time…

Looky at all the new stuff! Yep, here’s our semi-regular breakdown of the best recently released movies, games and TV on Amazon. Not only are we trying to guide you towards what’s generally the cheapest online retailer in the universe, using our links below (or just bookmark this one!) gives us a tiny commission that helps us keep the lights on. Scroll on down for some choice comic book recommendations courtesy of Cape Crisis, as well as some of the best upcoming video game pre-order deals and freebie incentives. Happy shopping, lollipops!

Dying Light
I don’t pay attention to a lot of games during their preview stages these days, especially when something looks like Just Another Zombie Game. That’s how much I’d written off Dying Light, but hey, it had the good fortune to be one of the only true, new next-gen games coming out in January, so I gave it another look. Jesus, I’m glad I did, because “Dead Island meets Mirror’s Edge” is a pretty apt description I’ve heard bandied about. Your character’s parkour/mobility truly sets it apart from the deluge of games featuring undead slaughter, and I unabashedly loved the general gameplay of Dead Island (or basically everything in between its laughable attempt at plot, character and story.) Many of you will no doubt remember why my opinion on DI is forever tainted, but I ate that whole game up in two prolonged sittings. Thankfully, Dying Light is a lot of the good stuff from Dead Island with a much more competent coat of polish. Mikel loved the game, while Dave and I quite enjoyed it during our stream. Give it a look, will ya?

John Wick
HOLY SHIT, THIS MOVIE IS RAD! I know, I know: You saw an action movie starring Keanu Reeves, probably via what I imagine is a shitty trailer or TV spot, and you politely said “not thanks.” You’re right to be so discerning: Good For You! But it is my civic duty to tell you that this might possibly be one of the greatest unsung movies of 2014. John Wick’s a full-on B-movie throwback, beautifully shot in and around New York, and I cannot recommend it enough. I’ll undoubtedly watch it several more times this year, and politely demand a sequel while the rest of the world catches on to its greatness. Reeves plays the titular Wick, who goes on a hyper-violent kill spree, cutting through a long-standing crime family after a his dog is senselessly murdered by the boss’s dipshit son (played by the pelvicly blessed Theon Greyjoy.) The only thing I hated about the movie is that every kill is punctuated by the most post-productiony, VFX blood spatter I’ve ever seen, but every vicious thing Reeves unspools more than balances everything out to make it all worthwhile.

Porco Rosso
We’ve done a lot of gushing over Studio Ghibli stuff as of late. We frequented a month-long Ghibli movie marathon, Brett recommended it as one of the highlights of his year, and be jealous, we all stopped by the Studio Ghibli Museum in Tokyo, Japan somewhat recently. So having seen a ton of Miyazaki animation this year, Porco Rosso reclaimed the throne as my absolute favorite. Sure, it’s a gorgeous love song to the Italy, World War II aviation and the pristine beauty of the Adriatic Sea, but more than anything for me, it’s tone is one of the most unique of any animated film I’ve ever seen. The lavishly animated plane porn is accompanied considerably more humor than any Ghibli fan is probably used to. It feels like a classic Hollywood comedy (starring a flying pig) and literally tastes to me like one of the most “adult” animated films Ghibli has ever produced. In addition to all the Miyazaki whimsy and heart we’ve all grown accustomed to, there’s also a heaving helping of genuine laughs. Seriously, watch this and get smacked with the sudden realization why most of us only care about cartoons animated by Pixar nowadays! Also making their Ghibli Blu-ray debut this week, Pom Poko and Tales from Earthsea!

Saints Row IV: Re-Elected & Gat Out of Hell
I’ve almost had it up to here *points at balls* with slightly-enhanced last-gen releases, but you gotta hand it to Deep Silver, who’s making (re)buying Saints Row look pretty damned worthwhile. If you don’t already own Saints Row IV, nor its accompanying DLC, it’s already a helluva deal since it’s all contained in one remastered package. Better still, it comes with the all-new Gat Out of Hell addition. Mikel wasn’t totally blown away by the upgrade, but I’d still like to give it a shoutout for being one of the most reasonably priced (less than $40 for e’rything) comprehensive rereleases coming to PS4s and Xbones this year.

I haven’t seen this movie, but I’ll bet most people who did didn’t actually pay for it. I only mention that because I heard Fury brought up infinitely more in conversations and articles surrounding that wonderful Sony hack than anything remotely resembling an opinion on the actual movie. However, what I did hear was actually pretty positive, and yeah, I think it’s high time we get another good WWII movie now that the ceaseless wave of them stemming back to the late 90s has died down to one or two a year. I’ve never been a huge fan of the directing work of David Ayer, but hey comic nerds, watching it could give you a little ammo towards your eventual preconception on how good/bad his Suicide Squad movie is gonna be in 2016.

Book of Life
I missed this entirely, but you can still find plenty of Spanish-language promotional materials haunting the Mission district of my fair city. And in case ya haven’t heard, Vidjagame Apocalypse recently did an entire episode on games featuring Mexican folklore, based on the recently released Grim Fandango. And when Dave and I streamed it, the chat was filled with high praise for Book of Life. Something about the film (America is none too kind to most everything with an “ethnic” flavor) had me pegging it as a box office bomb, but thankfully, it not only looks to have performed rather well, it’s got incredibly positive word-of-mouth that just keeps on coming. That’s something you can’t say for a lot of other animated movies released in 2014.

Game of Thrones – The Lost Lords
Man, the second episode of TellTale’s Game of Thrones truly snuck the fuck up on me! TellTale games are about the only I load up and play the instant they come out, and even while I was incredibly weary about extended stories from the Double-R Martin-verse, this game is actually more compelling and a lot less meandering than the last few Song of Fire and Ice books upon which they’re based! I streamed the first episode a while back, and shit, still need to finish it. You can purchase the game digitally for PS4 on Amazon, but just so you know, one of the simplest ways to support your pals at Laser Time is to buy PSN points via our links. Saves you a little money, helps us out!







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12 thoughts on “The Best New Releases on Amazon – 2015 finally has some good stuff!

    1. Respectfully disagree. I actually found it to be one of the worst movies I watched in 2014.

      But hey, I’m obviously in the minority here.

      1. One of these days you’re going to join us over here in the ‘john wall is awesome’ camp, i’ll have a warm blanket ready

          1. *Wick, sorry.
            John Wall is also awesome, just for far less violent reasons.

  1. I’m marking it; we’ve hit a Telltale saturation point again. People have already forgotten that the Game of Thrones game happened, and for good reason. The gameplay is uninspired copy paste, the story is a great way to put yourself to sleep, and it no longer has the unique merit of being a good licensed game. It is the Wallace and Grommit of this generation of TT games, and anyone who thinks that Minecraft: Story Mode will be anything other than their final step in receding back into irrelevance is a complete and total tool.

  2. Book of life was the best animated film of 2014. I loved Lego movie but Book of life is slightly better. My reasons are of the spoiler nature so I will not go into detail. Just watch it and see if you agree. I have a videophile bluray review up in the forums for it, John Wick (Chris and I share the same sentiments,) Fury and Dracula untold.

  3. I have a weird reaction to the Disney releases of the Ghibli movies. I love that they’re being released and I buy them to support their release (through your links of course), but the treatment they get compared to the Japanese releases are just horrible. I now own 2 copies of Mononoke, and the JP version is stunning, and I can’t recommend the Spirited Away JP version enough. Damn they good on blu ray too.

    BTW. Totoro is one of my favorite movies of all time. I watched it as a kid when it came out on a clamshelled VHS with a big ol’ Fox label on it that we bought beat the hell up and used from a local video store tape sale, because in the 80’s that’s the only way to buy movies. Crazy, and dumb distribution. But that one has sentimental power for me, my mom loved to watch it with me.

  4. Seconding the love for Porco Rosso, I go back and forth between that and Princess Mononoke for my favorite Ghibli film. But they could not have picked two worse movies to release along side it.

  5. JOHN WICK!!! It was a nice surprise along with being the second best action film of last year, with Raid 2 being the first.

    Also, I guess I should check out the movies that David Ayer directed due to his involvement with Suicide Squad. While I haven’t seen Fury, Sabotage, or End of Watch, I did see Harsh Times and Street Kings (starring John Wick himself). We just have to wait and see what Ayer brings to Suicide Squad.

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