Laser List: 4 Needlessly Terrifying Mascots

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Food, clothing, medicine, even video games — no one is safe from these horrors!

Laser List is a biweekly video series here on Laser Time. Feel free to suggest any–and we mean any–topic you’d like to see us cover. Keep on listing in the free world!

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8 thoughts on “Laser List: 4 Needlessly Terrifying Mascots

  1. Awesome! Though you did forget the most terrifying SPORTS MASCOT OF ALL TIME!!!!!! in the former Pierre the Pelican, he was so terrifying they had to redesign him because children would run away from him: Really freaking creepy.

    1. You bastard, I had just forgotten about the NOP mascot.
      Now i won’t be able to sleep for another 3 weeks.

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