Spider-man: Web of Shadows – Let’s Do This!

[UPDATE: YouTube archives embedded for your viewing pleasure!]

Because we’re so danged excited about Spidey heading to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we’re streaming the best Spider-man game of the decade today at 4:00PM Pacific (7:00 Eastern)

And just in case you can’t wait until Valentine’s Day…

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5 thoughts on “Spider-man: Web of Shadows – Let’s Do This!

  1. This was definitely my favourite Spidey game, even above the Spider-Man 2 game. I played through it again around 2013 or so and still thought it held up really well, especially in comparison to some of the rest of the franchise / Activision Marvel games in general

  2. Spider-Man 2 will always be my favorite (can’t beat those swing mechanics) this game is pretty good. The voice actor for parker is terrible though.

  3. Great episode; especially at the end! Maybe an adult call in show for Valentines day? Laser-LoveTime with Chris Antista.

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